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Monday, August 24, 2009

Neophyte's Embrace

I could feel her hand upon me, her soft fingers draping across me gently touching my flesh. I could feel the sensation of the goosebumps raging across my flesh. I had always liked Ellen, ever since the day that she moved in, casting a spell on me. However I had never made a move, I never knew how she would react to my advances, I didn't want to risk losing her.

But here we were, both of us dressed in our pajamas lying on the lounge bathed in the iridescent glow of late night television. I had snuggled up her, my head resting upon her chest, I could hear her faint heartbeat. A rhythmic beat within my ear. My leg on top of hers. My hand resting comfortably on her stomach.

I just lay there, soaking her in. I could feel her energy ebbing through my body. I forgot about the television, my mind being distracted with thoughts of fancy. I could feel the urge rising, the desire building. I tried to distract myself from it but no matter what I did I just could not tear my mind away from the fantasy that was playing in my head. I could feel my pussy resting against her thigh. I could feel myself getting wet.

I took a deep, quiet breath as I noticed that my breathing had quickened. The urge was rising to rapidly, I couldn't fight it anymore. Gently I pressed my pussy against her thigh. It felt so good. She hadn't responded. I felt relieved as I lay there trying to get control of myself, trying to fight back the lustful desire.

I closed my eyes, trying to block out the thoughts, trying to stop the flashes of images, images of our naked bodies entwined as we moaned with passion. I felt Ellen's chest rise and fall as she took a deep breath.

I opened my eyes as I realized that my fingers where slowly tracing circles upon her stomach. I stopped straight away and felt my heart skip a beat, I hadn't meant too, it had just happened. I lay there for a moment, frozen, wondering what her reaction would be, but nothing came. I wondered if perhaps, she hadn't noticed, or perhaps she had enjoyed it and wanted more.

I gently bit upon my lip as I pondered for the briefest of moments. The urge within me making me press myself against her thigh softly once more as I rubbed my palm across her stomach. I heard her breath quiver. I smiled, I wondered if perhaps she had enjoyed the feeling.

I slowly tilted my head, looking up at her. Our eyes met and locked. I gazed into them deeply, searching for an answer. I could swear that I could see a cloud of lust floating upon her sky blue eyes, but I was unsure if I was merely seeing a reflection of my own lustful desires.

My question was soon answered. I felt her hand upon my chin, her finger felt electric, my heart was beating so rapidly as she pulled me towards her waiting lips. The moment seemed to last an eternity, the anticipation building within me, it was becoming overwhelming.

As our lips met it was like a glorious union. I felt a wave of passion wash through my body spreading joy to every fiber of my being. My lips buzzing as I kissed her, tasted her tongue upon mine in a kiss divine. Once more I pressed my pussy against her thigh, harder this time, pleasure rolling through my hips. My hand slipping beneath her shirt. Ellen's hands rubbing along my hip.

I moaned as I gently massaged her breast beneath my hand. She broke away from our kiss, her head falling back, I kissed at her flesh, just beneath her jawline, then once more further down her neck, a shiver ran down her spine and she moaned once more. My lips fell upon the nape of her neck. Her body shuddered with delight as I kissed her flesh. My hand moving down her body as I slowly ground back and forth against her thigh.

I slipped my hand beneath her panties. I could feel her pussy. My fingers resting upon her lips. I heard her breath quiver. I could feel her heat pulsating through my hand. I slid my finger across her clitoris. My heart pounding harder and harder withing my chest as I lifted her shirt with my free hand, exposing her breasts to my lips.

Ellen moaned as my lips pressed against the supple flesh of her breasts. My finger sliding back and forth across her clitoris. My own pussy pressing against her thigh. I shifted my position. Kissing down across her stomach. Her moans getting louder with each kiss as I neared her wet pussy. My own heart beating harder and harder with the thought of tasting her.

I was almost there, I could smell her sweet aroma, I could hear her quickened and uneven breaths, I knew that her heart had to be beating faster than mine was, the though of my lips upon her pussy giving me butterflies.

I stopped for a moment, my lips hovering above her lustful pussy, her scent driving me wild. I leaned down, slowly my lips pressed against hers, her soft flesh pressing against my lips, her pleasured moan ringing in my ears. I felt my hips buzzing as I kissed her, my tongue flicking upon her clitoris as I slid a finger inside of her. I could not believe how wet she was. Her pleasured cries making me wetter.

I slid my finger back and forth within her, pressing against her g spot then releasing, my heart pounding as I sucked upon her, my pussy tingling. I slid my hand beneath my panties. My finger sliding across my lips, finding my clitoris. I moaned as I pleasured myself.

My body caught in rapture, the more the pleasure rose the harder I sucked upon Ellen's clitoris, the more that my tongue flicked, the faster that my fingers moved. Her constant scream of Euphoria ringing in my ears. I could feel myself rushing towards orgasm just like her. My continual moans running through her hips.

I could feel my tightening, my muscles quivering as my flesh began to burn. Harder and harder I pressed against her g spot. My heart beating faster and faster as I screamed. I felt her pussy tighten upon my finger, her muscles spasming as the orgasm overtook her. I myself was in the throes of passion, my body being consumed by an all powerful orgasm. Our bodies embracing sweet release.

I climbed on to her, her chest heaving as she gasped for air. I lay upon her. My body pressed against hers. I could feel my pussy resting against her thigh, my thigh resting against her pussy. I looked into her eyes a twinkle of delight glanced back. I smiled as I leaned in and kissed her. The movement making me grind softly against her thigh. A shiver of after pleasure running through my body.

Ellen rubbed her hands long my back pulling me closer as she rubbed her pussy along my thigh. I moaned. It felt so good. My mouth widening as we both rocked back and forth, sensations of delight racing through our bodies as we once more raced towards the orgasmic bliss that awaited us. My heart was beating faster and faster as I pressed my pussy harder and harder against her thigh. A loud scream escaping my mouth, Ellen screamed too, as once more we came. Divine rapture overtaking us as we plunged into heavenly bliss. The orgasm tearing through our bodies in ways that words could not describe.

I collapsed onto her. My head resting once more upon her heaving chest. I could hear her racing heartbeat. I smiled as I lay there upon her, once more soaking up her presence, contentment flooding my body. Ellen had never been with a woman before, this was her Neophyte's embrace.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Three Times Lucky

She smiled as she looked into his eyes, her hands upon his belt. She saw the twinkle in his eye, it made her smile just that little bit more. As she stepped towards him he stepped back, his belt coming undone his pants falling to the ground. She took one more step forward, he took another back but had no room left to move and fell to the bed.

She climbed on top of him, flashing a seductive smile as she ran her fingernail across his chest, slowly working her way down towards his groin. She gripped his boxers and slid them from his body, revealing his hard, erect cock. She wrapped her hand around his shaft, she felt him throb within her grip.

Slowly she wrapped her lips around his head, her tongue slowly tracing circles. His fingers running through her hair. He let out a long pleasured moan as she swallowed him, taking him deeper and deeper into her throat. Gently fondling his balls with her fingers as she slowly slid her mouth back up his pulsating shaft. A quick flick of her tongue across his knob before plunging back down taking him deeper and deeper.

Up and down her head moved as she sucked upon him, faster and faster, her fingers teasing upon his balls. More and more she sucked. She felt him swell within her mouth, felt the veins throbbing, she felt his balls tighten as they prepared for sweet release. She heard his loud moans, she knew that he was about to come. Then she stopped.

She climbed on top of him, his chest rising and falling with every breath. She closed her eyes and gasped, her mouth widening as she lowered herself onto him, her fingers digging into his chest. An explosion of pleasure rocketing through her body as he filled her up.
'Oh god,' She moaned as her pussy devoured him taking him deeper and deeper inside of her then slowly rising. His hands clutching at her as she slowly slid down upon his cock. She knew that he would not last much longer, she had brought him so close to coming.

Her tight pussy clamped down on his cock as she rose and fell rhythmically upon him. His hands upon her breasts. He lifted his head, his lips kissing upon her breasts, his tongue flicking across her nipples. She could feel her muscles beginning to quiver. Her heart beating harder and harder as she rocked back and forth faster and faster.

Her moans becoming louder and louder as she rose and fell upon him, harder and harder, faster and faster. Her heart pounding within her chest. She felt him inside of her, felt his cock swell, felt his warmth come deep inside of her. The sensation pushing her over the edge. She threw her head back and screamed as her pussy clenched down hard upon his cock as she came upon him.

She collapsed onto the him, she could hear his rapid heartbeat pounding in her ears. A shiver ran of delight running down her spine as her body overflowed with pleasure. She felt him throb within her. Another pulse of pleasure rolling through her hips.

Her lips fell upon his sweaty chest. She teased at his nipple with her tongue, then bit it playfully. She felt him throb once more within her. Her eyes rolled with pleasure. She could feel the desire rising once more as she kissed across his chest, moving towards the nape of his neck with her soft lips.

She could feel him growing within her, stiffening once more. She let out a moan as she slowly rocked back and forth. The pleasure rising suddenly as she found herself arching her back, taking him deeper inside of her. She pulled him up to her, burying his head within her breasts. His lips kissing her flesh, his tongue flicking across her nipples, his hands running over her back as he clutched her to him. Her heart was pounding as she wrapped her legs around him.

He thrust against her. His cock pressing against her goddess spot, explosion after explosion rocking through her hips. Her heart pounding faster and faster as his pleasured moans mixed with hers. Faster and faster he thrust, their bodies pressed tightly against one another.
'Oh fuck!' She screamed as she felt another orgasm building. Her muscles quivering with delight, her flesh burning with desire. The orgasm pounced upon her, tearing through her flesh. She threw her head back and screamed as she came upon his solid cock. The pleasure was too much for him, the feeling of her pussy clamping down upon his cock causing him to blow deep inside of her.

They collapsed onto the bed. Each of them puffing and panting, gasping for much needed oxygen. She snuggled into him, resting her head upon his chest, she could hear his rapid heart beat. As he lay there he gently ran his fingers up and down her back, a shiver of after delight running through her body. She smiled as she arched her back, pressing her body harder against his. Her eyes catching sight of him throbbing back to life. She pressed herself against him once more, grinding against his thigh. A wave of pleasure rolling through her hips.

She moaned as his finger traced across her breast, teasing upon her nipple. She moaned a little louder as she continued to grind her pussy against his thigh. He sat up, he could not take it anymore, his lips fell upon her breasts. She gasped. The desire rising once more.

His lips traveled across her flesh, her muscles quivering as he crossed her stomach, she could feel his mouth getting closer and closer to her tingling pussy, she wanted him. Closer and closer he came, her heart beating harder and harder with every passing moment.

Then he was upon her, he kissed her pussy, his tongue sliding upon her clitoris as his finger slid inside of her. He pressed against her goddess spot, then released, then pressed once more, his movements in unison with his dancing tongue.
'Fuck me,' She gasped as pleasure roared through her body. He climbed on top of her. Her calves resting upon her shoulders. He looked into her eyes. She gasped and then screamed as he thrust himself deep inside of her tight wet pussy. Her heart exploding as he penetrated deeper and deeper.

Her moans turned to screams. He did not take it slow. Instead fucking her harder and harder, faster and faster. His cock delving deeper and deeper. Her pleasured screams ringing throughout the room. Her hands clutched tightly at his shoulders as he fucked her.

More and more the pleasure built. Harder and harder he thrust against her. Their hips colliding as they raced towards sweet release once more. Her flesh tingling, her mind swimming as her body shuddered. The orgasm tearing through her body, overflowing in an almighty scream. Her pussy clamping down upon him as he came deep within her. Together entering Nirvana.
'God your good,' She puffed with a smile as he collapsed beside her, 'I'm three times lucky.'

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pleasure Overtook Her

Deep inside her she felt the butterflies swirl. Her skin tingling as goosebumps erupted across her flesh. Her heart fluttering like a hummingbirds wings. Dana lay there naked, her limbs tied to the four elegantly carved bedposts. She was at his mercy. She closed her eyes and they rolled into the back of her head as fingertips slowly moved over her skin. A gentle touch that hovered just above her flesh, teasing it, tickling upon the fine hairs.

Back and forth his fingers moved. Tracing across her body, following the curves, rising over the bumps and falling with the valleys. With every passing second she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. Her pussy tingling with desire. Her flesh beginning to burn. His lips approached her, she felt a slight buzz in the nape of her neck. A shiver of delight racing down her spine as she felt his hot breath upon her skin. His lips moved along her shoulder, hovering tortuously close to her flesh, she wanted nothing more than contact, but it eluded her.

Down across her breast, her breathing quickened in pace as he neared her pert nipple. She felt his breath upon her, a moan escaping her soft lips as his mouth passed across her nipple. Traveling down her breast, slowly moving across her stomach, her muscles quivering with anticipation. She could feel him getting closer and closer to her pussy. Her pussy that was buzzing harder and harder for what was to come.

She groaned as his mouth hovered above her pussy, her body begging for his touch. But still it did not come. He sat there, hovering, teasing, his lips gently brushing upon her hairs sending shivers of pleasure roaring through her pussy. Then he moved on. She groaned as his lips left her, left her hanging, left her wanting more. Slowly he moved down her inner thigh. Her muscles shuddering with delight as he moved further down.

Once he got to the knee, he stopped, his mouth slowly traveling back up her inner thigh. A groan of pleasure uttering forth from within her as the insatiable desire grew to intolerable heights, her heart pounding as once more he neared her pussy. She felt herself tightening as he drew closer. His mouth inching nearer and nearer, her heart beating faster and faster, the anticipation rising as he hovered above her.

Suddenly his mouth enveloped her pussy, her eyes shot open, she clutched at the ropes that bound her as a pleasured scream erupted from within her. His mouth passionately kissing her wet pussy. Her heart exploding as his tongue slid across her clitoris.

He moaned as he kissed her sending delightful vibrations through her hips. She gasped as back and forth his tongue slid. A passionate kiss that she never wanted to end. Then he stopped. He climbed on top of her. She looked into his eyes, then it happened.

He thrust himself deep inside of her in one quick movement. Dana's eyes widened, a scream crossing her lips, her back arching as a tremendous explosion of pleasure tore through her hips.

Slowly he drew back, she could feel his cock within her sliding against her slowly. Then once more he thrust himself hard against her. Once more her eyes widened, once more she screamed as his cock pressed against her goddess spot.
'Fuck,' She screamed as she sunk her teeth into the nape of his neck her body overrun with intense pleasure.

Once more he began to withdraw, his cock slowly sliding out of her pussy. She moaned, her eyes rolling as he withdrew from her tight pussy.
'I can't...'she gasped. 'Fuck me.' She pleaded.

He thrust against her, she screamed as another explosion tore through her hips. His cock ramming deep inside of her.
'Faster,' She yelled. He thrust against her once more, his solid shaft pressed against her spot, another scream, another explosion. Harder and harder her heart beat as he thrust against her faster and faster. His pulsating cock delving deeper and deeper.

Her muscles quivering, her body shuddering as he thrust back and forth. She could feel herself tightening against him, devouring him. She screamed as she teetered upon the brink of orgasm. Her body burning as it came closer and closer.

She felt him throb, felt him swell, as he thrust harder and harder, faster and faster. She screamed as he came within her, she felt his come within her, Still he thrust, harder and harder.

Dana screamed as the orgasm overtook her. Her pussy clenching down upon his cock. Her body shuddering violently as the orgasm rippled through her body. Her heart beating within her chest as it pumped euphoria through her veins, her head swimming as the pleasure overtook her.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blissful Nirvana

She smiled as he closed the hotel room door. The entire world melting away to nothing but them in their posh room. She walked over to hi and wrapped her arms around his neck, her eyes twinkling with delight as she leaned in and kissed him. Their moist lips pressed together, the sensual sensation of love spreading through their bodies, mixing with the lustful desire that began to ignite deep within them.

Brianna reluctantly pulled away from heaven's kiss and led her lover by the hand across the hotel room ad into the waiting bathroom. Flickering candlelight illuminating the tiled walls, the scented candles creating a sensual aroma of lavender and vanilla. Brianna flicked a quick seductive glance back to her lover as she slipped her dress from her shoulders. She saw his eyes smile as he watched the fabric fall from her body, revealing her sexy lingerie.

He stepped up behind her, his arms wrapping around her waist. He hugged her closer to him as she closed her eyes in anticipation of what was to come.
'I love you,' She heard his voice in her ear, his words sending shivers of pleasure through her body.
'I love you too,' She replied as his lips encased her earlobe in a gentle kiss.
'I've been looking forward to this for a long time,' He added as his lips moved from her ear to the nape of her neck. Her heart exploding with passionate sensation as he kissed her flesh.

She felt his hand moving upwards, rubbing across her stomach, she clasped his hand as he cupped her breast, their fingers interlacing.
'Hold it cowboy,' She teased as she removed his hand from her breast. She stepped forward and slid her panties off in a seductive manner.
'Are you going to jump in?' She asked as she stepped into the large bath, the hot water lapping at her legs as she reached behind herself and unclasped her bra.

Brianna laughed as she tossed the bra onto the floor, her lover already standing beside her, his hands upon her naked flesh, his lips one more finding her neck. Brianna gasped in pleasure as his tongue flicked back and forth.
'Down boy,' she teased as she pushed him away and lowered herself into the water.
'Your going to torture me aren't you?' He replied as he sat down. A smile was her only response.

She could feel the water soaking through her body, relaxing her. She sighed a contented sigh.
'I've bought some goodies,' Brianna stated as she nodded to the side of the bath. Her lover smiled as he picked up the bottle of champagne, the cork suddenly popping and flying across the room.
'To life,' He said as after filling two glasses and handing one to Brianna. She replied in kind as they clinked their glasses together officiating the toast.

Brianna sipped at her champagne as she watched her lover pull a strawberry from the pile and dip it into the melted chocolate. He held it out for her, and she seductively took the fruit into her mouth, bringing a smile to her lovers face.

A moan of pleasure crossed her lips as her lover's fingers dipped beneath the water, tracing along her thigh. A smile broaching her lips as his fingertips pressed against her lips. Back and forth his finger stroked against her. Brianna felt the desire spreading through her hips as he titillated her senses.

She leaned forward, her hand wrapping around his erect cock. Back and forth she stroked it. Each of them staring into one another's eyes their breathing becoming uneven as they pleasured one another. Brianna could feel the tension rising within her, she could feel her flesh burning. Their breath's turning to continued moans as the pleasure rose.

Harder ad harder, faster and faster they moved. Brianna placed a hand behind her lovers head, pulling him into her, kissing him as she continued to rub her hand up and down along his shaft, his finger dancing gloriously upon her clitoris. Passion overwhelming them. Brianna felt her body tensing, she felt him swell within her hand, together they moaned loudly as they teetered upon the brink of climax, their bodies begging to enter nirvana.

Brianna screamed as her body exploded the orgasm tearing through her flesh. The sound of her lover's passionate cry ringing in her ears as together they came.
'Oh shit your good.' Brianna gasped as she moved in for another kiss. Together they rose from the water, the steam rolling from their naked bodies as they continued to kiss.
'How about we go to the bed?' Her lover suggested as they broke their kiss.

Brianna smiled as she stepped from the bath. Her lover watching the water slowly trickling down her flesh.
'Coming?' She questioned as she flashed him a smile and headed from the bathroom. Her lover in hot pursuit. He wrapped his arms around her and together they fell to the bed, their naked wet bodies pressed against one another.

Brianna gasped as she felt his lips against her neck, his hands rubbing across her flesh. She moaned as he kissed her passionately, his tongue dancing upon her skin. His hands massaging her breasts. Her pussy tingling with desire. His kisses moving from her neck to her breasts, his tongue frolicking upon her nipple, still down he moved. A kiss upon her stomach creating an explosion of pleasure within her.
'Oh fuck.' She moaned as he continued downwards, his lips kissing upon every inch of her soft wet flesh.

Then the kisses stopped. She could feel his head hovering above her wanton pussy. His breath washing over her lips in agonizing anticipation. She squirmed as she lay there, waiting for the inevitable kiss. Her body screaming as she hung on the edge for the coming delight of his tongue upon her clitoris.

Then it came, all at once, his mouth enrapturing her wet pussy in a frenzied kiss of passion. Brianna let loose a passionate scream as the delightful sensation overwhelmed her. Her body thrust into shock with the sudden pleasure, his tongue sliding back and forth upon her, her heart beating faster and faster. The pleasure rising rapidly, her muscles tensing, her body quivering as he continued to kiss her.

She wriggled as the pleasure overtook her, squirming to get away, she wanted it to stop, but she wanted it never to end, her thighs wedging his head against her pussy.
'Oh fuck, more!' she begged as her hands fell upon his head pushing him harder against her pussy. Another scream escaping her lungs as a finger slipped inside of her.
'Oh god,' She gasped as his finger pressed against her goddess spot, his tongue dancing upon her clitoris. Her heart pounding, her pussy clenching hard, her muscles quivering, as he kissed her harder and harder, his finger moving faster and faster.
'Yes!' She cried as the pleasure rose to critical levels.
'Oh fuck, I'm coming!' She screamed loudly as the orgasm overtook her, her body shuddering violently as the powerful orgasm ripped through her body, she felt as though her very soul had been torn from her body. Her heart exploding as she continued to scream, the orgasm rolling through every part of her.

The orgasm had not yet subsided as her lover broke away from his heaven inducing kiss. She felt his finger slide from within her. Her heart pounding wildly as he climbed on top of her, her heaving chest pressed against his. Her body buzzing with anticipation as he prepared to enter her.

She felt her body explode once more as his cock pushed inside of her, filling her up, merging their bodies.
'Fuck yes!' She cried as he thrust against her, his shaft pressing against her spot, her body enveloped with the powerful orgasm, each thrust prolonging the pleasure, sending the orgasm to new heights.
'Harder!' She screamed as she dug her nails into his back, her teeth biting into his shoulder as she clutched at him, it was all she could do to stop from being completely torn apart from the orgasm.

Harder and harder, faster and faster he thrust. His cock pushing deeper and deeper inside of her. Brianna could do nothing more than scream in one long continuous scream. She felt her head swimming.

Suddenly she felt him swell within her, his pulsating cock fucking her harder and harder as her pussy clenched down harder and harder upon him. Then she felt him blow within her. Her body exploding with pleasure, her heart leaping into her throat, her scream faded as blackness filled her vision, and she passed out entering the realm of blissful nirvana.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Together they Came

“To the special lady that helped inspire this story, you know who you are.”

The cafe was bustling. Mikayla sat at her table watching as the patrons chatted amongst themselves. She sipped at the hot coffee, her eyes surveying the room over the rim of the cup. As her eyes wandered across the room she felt herself being drawn, drawn to a presence sitting on the opposite side of the cafe, reading a paper. She watched him as she lowered the cup. She could feel the desire rising. A slight tingle brushing across her flesh as she watched him, soaking in his presence.

Mikayla didn't know what it was about him that drew her to him, was it the way he dressed, was it the way he seemed to carry himself? He must have felt her eyes upon him because he suddenly turned, their eyes meeting for the briefest of moments. Mikayla quickly averted her gaze, but she could still feel his eyes upon her, the hairs upon the back of her neck slowly rising, her flesh tingling. She wondered if he had seen her. Of course he had, she concluded as she felt him undressing her with her eyes.

She looked down at her cup. She could feel her body tingling, insatiable desire rising, she could already feel the sensations of his hands upon her. His mouth upon her. As she looked up she saw him standing before her, a smile upon his face, she felt her heart skip a beat. She wanted him, more than anything she wanted to feel him inside her.
'I noticed you checking me out?' He said simply as he indicated the chair.

Mikayla nodded letting him know that he could sit down.
'Don't worry, I was checking you out too,' He said as he sat opposite her, 'I like what I see.' He added. Mikayla smiled.
'I like what I see too.' She replied as she gazed into his eyes, she could see the lustful desire that filled them, and she knew that he could see the desire burning within her own eyes.
'Desire's a funny thing.' The man stated.
'How so?' Mikayla questioned as she took another sip of her coffee, their eyes not breaking contact.
'You can't fight desire.' He replied simply.
'No you can't.' Mikayla replied, she felt herself getting wetter as she sat there.
'Desire can lead to some interesting things,and trouble.' Mikayla said as she shifted in her seat, her foot brushing slightly against his leg, she decided to leave it there, slowly rubbing her foot up and down along his calf.
'Trouble can be fun, it also breeds adrenaline.' The man stated with a smile. 'Adrenaline enhances everything, enhances all of your senses, so that even the simplest touch can be pleasurable.' He said as his hand fell upon her thigh, his fingers stroking her flesh as he spoke. Mikayla could feel the desire rising within her body, her flesh burning for more.
'What's say we get out of here?' She suggested.

The pair stood within the confines of Mikayla's bedroom. Their lips pressed together as they kissed passionately. Her heart beating that little bit harder as their tongues danced. She felt his hands upon her body as her own hands explored his, she wanted to do everything at once but couldn't. Her hands slipped beneath his shirt and she ran the palms of her hands up his back.

A light moan crossed her lips as his lips slowly moved from hers down her neck. Each kiss bringing with it an explosion of pleasure that rocked through her body. The gentle feeling of his moist lips upon the nape of her flesh, her heart beating faster and faster as he lifted her shirt from her body.

Hands upon her hips as his lips returned once more to hers, their tongues embracing in a passionate embrace as his hands slowly traced the curve of her hips moving up and around her. His lips slowly descended once more, kissing upon her flesh, creating trails of goosebumps as he moved. Down and down his mouth traveled as his fingers fondled her bra strap.

Mikayla moaned once more as a tongue slid upon her breast, tracing the outline of her bra. She felt the clasp come undone. Her heart flitted as his tongue delved beneath the loosened bra flicking upon her pert nipple.
'Oh that's good.' She moaned as her bra fell away, his hot mouth enveloping her nipple as his hand gently massaged her breast.

His tongue traced in concentric circles about her nipple as his hand slowly moved down across her stomach. Her muscles quivered with delight as his hand moved closer, with every passing moment she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. He slid beneath her pants. His fingers massaging her labia.
'mmm, I like that,' She whispered into his ear as he embraced her, his lips once more finding her neck, as she finished whispering into his ear she clasped his earlobe in her lips.

Mikayla groaned as his fingers made blissful contact with her clitoris. An explosion of lustful pleasure rocking through her hips. Her heart beating faster and faster as he slid his finger back and forth across her. Her wetness enveloping his finger. She moaned more and more as the pleasure began to rise to heightened peaks within her. She felt him guiding her backwards, she quickly lifted his shirt from her body her mouth closing in around his nipple as they slowly moved back towards the bed.

Gently he lay her down, his fingers never breaking contact with her clitoris. She groaned as she felt her muscles tighten. The pleasure was becoming unbearable. She felt him removing her pants, together fumbling with each others pants as his fingers continued to dance upon her clitoris.

He slid her pants from off her. Leaving her lying naked upon the bed. Once more she felt his fingers upon her clitoris. Then she gasped in pleasure as they slid inside of her. Her eyes widening with delight as they curled to press against her goddess spot. Her heart pounding as he thrust his fingers deeper and deeper within her.

Mikayla could sense his head between her legs, she could feel his hot deliberate breaths upon her. His tongue slowly slid over her clitoris.
'Oh your good.' She groaned as he flicked his tongue back and forth across her clitoris, his finger sliding in and out of her stimulating her g-spot.
'More,' She pleaded as she gripped at the sheets, her back arching as a long and powerful moan erupted from deep within her.

He sucked upon her clitoris, pressing it between his lips as he flicked his tongue back and forth across it.
'Shit!' Mikayla exclaimed with pleasure. More and more he sucked upon her, faster and faster her heart beat, harder and harder his fingers thrust within her. Bigger and bigger explosions tearing through her burning flesh.
'Oh god, I want you inside me!' Mikayla exclaimed as she sat up gripping his head in hands guiding him to her lips.

Once more they kissed passionately, their lips buzzing with desire.
'Oh god.' She moaned as she felt him slide inside of her, filling her up, giving her pussy something to devour. He groaned as he thrust his cock within her tightening pussy. She could feel every inch of him.

More and more he thrust, harder and harder, faster and faster. Mikayla could feel the orgasm building, she could feel her muscles quivering, her hips tightening. A powerful scream of orgasmic bliss burst from her lips as the orgasm tore through her flesh. The man groaned loudly as her pussy constricted his cock, devouring it as she came upon him. She felt him throbbing within her, felt him swell, and then felt his hot come within her, tingling upon her insides.
'Oh shit your good.' She gasped as the orgasm rippled through every fiber of her being as together they came.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Birthday Surprise

His hands where tied, tied above his head to the sturdy exposed wooden beam that lined the roof. His feet only just able to touch the ground. Alora sat and looked at him. Her eyes soaking in his features, eating them up like candy. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter just looking at his naked body standing there, he couldn't see her, he couldn't see anything through the blindfold.

Little did he know the surprise that his girlfriend had in store for him. As she sat there on the chair gazing upon her boyfriend her fingers found their way down to her pussy. She could feel her warm wetness. She sat there for a moment, stroking herself, gliding her finger back and forth upon her clitoris.

The door behind her opened.
'Where are you going?' Her lover questioned, his question prompted a smile in Alora, she turned to see two of her friends quietly enter the room. Sasha and Rae. Each of them gave her a hello smile as they came into the room.
'I'm not going anywhere.' Alora assured her boyfriend as she continued to slide her finger back and forth.

She watched as her two friends circled around him, taking him in, neither of them had seen him naked before. She could tell by the look in their eyes that they were impressed, and just as horny as she was.

Alora gave a silent nod to Rae, she wasn't ready to let her boyfriend in on the surprise just yet. She watched as Rae leaned down, taking his cock onto her mouth. Alora felt a wave of pleasure roll through her body as she watched Rae swallow her lover's cock deeper into her mouth. He moaned with pleasure as her mouth worked up and down his shaft.
'God your good.' He moaned as Rae's tongue flicked back and forth across his flesh. Rae rose from the seat and walked over to her lover.
'I am,' She whispered into his ear as Rae continued to suck his cock.

Alora fought the urge to burst out laughing as she noted the confused look upon his face. Sasha gripped his buttocks in her hand. Suddenly the penny dropped for him and a wide smile crossed his face. Alora removed the blindfold, she watched as his eyes moved from her and down to Rae to see her sucking his cock, then he turned to see Sasha snuggling up behind him, her hands gripping at his buttocks.

Alora smiled, content with the success of her surprise.
'That's enough,' She said simply as she pulled Rae off her boyfriends cock. Standing before him she cupped Rae's chin in her hand and leaned in and kissed her. A passionate kiss, their tongues dancing, their lips buzzing. Sasha reached around from behind him and gripped his cock in her hand and slowly began stroking it back and forth as he watched the two women kissing.

More and more passionate their kiss became, their hands traversing each others bodies. Alora quickly removed Rae's shirt and slipped her pants from her body. Their two naked bodies colliding together as they embraced, enthralled in their passionate kiss. Their pussies tingling.

Back and forth Sasha stroked his throbbing cock as he watched the pair collapse onto the bed, their naked bodies entwined. Rae slid a finger against Alora's clit as Alora slid a finger inside of her. Each of them moaning with pleasure as they teased each other. More and more the intensity rose. Alora could hear her lover moaning with approval as he watched her with her friend.

Alora's heart was pounding as she climbed on top of Rae. She didn't hesitate, her mouth quickly embracing Rae's pussy. Rae reciprocated, her mouth enveloping Alora's pussy. Their hearts pounding as they each kissed the others pussy, each of them tasting the other.

Sasha continued to stroke his penis back and forth, slowly getting faster and faster as they watched the pair kissing each others pussy, their pleasured moans ringing in their ears. Alora could feel her body tightening, she could feel the orgasm rising, her moans vibrating through Rae's pussy, causing her to moan and vibrate through Alora's pussy.

Both of them screamed as an orgasm overtook them, their bodies shuddering as their pussies clenched down hard. Alora heard her lover groan loudly as she came. Sasha stroked back and forth harder and harder, she felt him swell within her hand and then suddenly he shot forth his hot white cream across the floor. All three of them coming in unison.

Alora gasped as she rolled of Rae, she turned and pressed her lips against Rae's, kissing her passionately, she could taste her own come upon Rae's tongue. She shuddered with delight as her pussy met with Rae's, their clit's embracing as they rocked back and forth.

Sasha let get of his penis and headed over to the bed, stopping in front of him to seductively remove her pants. She climbed onto the bed, and kissed Rae. Rae quickly grabbed hold of one of Sasha's legs and positioned her on top of her. Her tongue sliding upon Sasha's clitoris. Alora's pussy grinding against hers, Alora and Sasha kissing as they sat atop Rae.

Alora heard her boyfriend groan as he watched the lesbian threesome unfolding before him. The three of them moaning wildly as they pleasured one another. Alora and Sasha running their hands over each others breasts as they passionately kissed.

All three of them began to moan and groan uncontrollably as the orgasm built up within their bodies. He wished that his hands had not been tied, he wished that he could join in. Still they kept going, their naked bodies entwined in a magical knot of ecstasy. Louder and louder the three of them moaned, until finally all three screamed with delight as another orgasm ripped through their flesh.

Puffing and panting Alora climbed from the bed as Rae and Sasha cuddled up to one another, kissing passionately, their fingers dancing joyfully upon one another's soaking pussy. She walked over to her lover and pressed her lips against his. He could taste the other woman's pussy on his girlfriends tongue, the thought of it made him throb once more.

Alora turned and bent over before her lover, slowly edging backwards. Easing herself onto his hard cock. The feeling of him entering into her was divine, she heard him moan with pleasure. Back and forth she rocked against his cock. Both of them watching Rae and Sasha upon the bed as they fucked.

Her heart was pounding, faster and faster she rocked. His throbbing cock pressing against her goddess spot sending explosion after explosion tearing through her hips. She watched as Rae climbed onto Sasha their pussies embracing their clits dancing together.

Faster and faster she rocked, harder and harder, deeper and deeper. She could feel her pussy tightening, clenching down upon her lovers cock, devouring it as her muscles quivered. Alora screamed loudly as another orgasm tore through her flesh. She felt her boyfriends cock swell and heard him groaning pleasurably as he came within her. Their cries of passion mixing with the orgasmic cries of Rae and Sasha as they came one upon the other.

All four of them where attempting to catch their breath.
'I've got a surprise for you.' Alora cooed, teasing him.
'Another one.' He replied as Alora flopped onto the bed. Sasha walked over and untied the knot that was keeping him in place.
'Come here.' Alora said, beckoning him with her finger. He smiled as he walked over to her and climbed onto the bed.
'Fuck her.' Alora said simply as she nodded to Rae. Rae smiled wantonly as she lay upon the bed, waiting for him.

He didn't need to be told twice, he climbed on top of her. Rae gasped with delight as she felt him slide inside of her tight pussy. Back and forth he thrust within her, his shaft jamming against her goddess spot. Alora watched her boyfriend fucking her friend as she opened a drawer and pulled out a strap on.

She moaned as the rubber cock slid inside of her pussy and nodded to Rae who proceed to climb onto Sasha who immediately began flicking her tongue across Rae's clitoris. Alora watched as he fucked Sasha his head at the perfect height to kiss upon Rae's breasts as she sat there having her pussy kissed upon by Sasha.

Alora climbed onto the bed. Her heart pounding as she aligned herself. Her boyfriend felt the external rubber cock press against his asshole. He didn't pause, he continued to thrust deeper and deeper into Sasha, it felt too good.

Alora thrust and her rubber cock slid into her boyfriends tight ass, pushing the second rubber cock deeper into her pussy jamming against her goddess spot. Her lover moaned as she thrust herself against him, each thrust stimulating her further. Harder and harder she fucked his ass. Deeper and deeper she penetrated. More and more she stimulated her goddess spot.

Rae moaned, Sasha Screamed, Alora groaned, her lover moaned as the four of them stimulated one another in a continuous circle of intense pleasure.
Harder and harder they thrust, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, their hearts pounding, their bodies tensing. Alora screamed as she gripped her lovers hips, thrusting herself harder and harder against his ass. Fucking him deeper and deeper. Sasha screamed as the orgasm ripped through her body her juices squirting everywhere. Rae clenched upon her friends boyfriends shoulders as she came upon Sasha's face. Sasha felt him inside of her, she felt his cock swell and then felt his hot come spray inside of her. Alora dug her fingernails into her lovers buttocks as she came hard upon the rubber cock that was deep inside of her.

The four of them screamed with delight as they came one upon the other, each of them shuddering from the intense climax, each of them rippling with delight as they entered into blissful nirvana.

Alora leaned over her lover, her breasts resting upon his back as she whispered into his ear.
'Happy birthday sweetheart.' She said as she nibbled upon his earlobe.
'You've got us all night long.' Sasha said as she felt him throb within her before Alora added.
'I hope you enjoy your birthday surprise.'

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Euphoric Orgasm

Rosemary lay upon the bed. Her lover gazing deeply into her eyes as he slowly stroked his fingers through her hair. She smiled a contented smile, they had been looking forward to this holiday for months, and now it was finally here.

She felt his fingers trace down across her temple, slowly journeying across her cheek, pulling her in closer, moving her lips towards his. A heartfelt kiss upon her lips. The tingling sensation buzzing through her flesh as they embraced upon the bed. She could feel herself , feel how wet she was getting as she lay there soaking up his presence, enjoying the taste of him upon her lips.

'Stand up,' He whispered as he broke away from the kiss. She rose to her feet and stood before him, looking into his eyes she smiled as she wondered what it was that he had in store for her.

Once more his arms embraced her. Their bodies pressed together as he kissed her softly upon her lips. She felt his fingers slide beneath her shoulder straps and then suddenly her dress fell free. Standing there, naked, she felt his hands upon her pert breasts. Sliding down and tracing along the outline of her panties.
'I have a surprise for you,' Her lover stated as he pulled a length of black fabric from his pocket. The last thing that she saw was his smiling face as he tied the blindfold across her eyes. Then, there was nothing, nothing but darkness.

Her lover made no sound, no touch, she could sense his presence though. She could feel his eyes upon her, wandering over her breasts, traversing her curves, she could feel him removing her panties and stockings with his eyes. Instinctively she turned to look behind her, but then remembered the blindfold.

Suddenly a pair of lips came from nowhere enveloping her nipple. Rosemary gasped in shock and pleasure as the warmth encased her, a tongue quickly flicking across her nipple. She raised her hands but the mouth disappeared as suddenly as it had come.

The next thing that she felt was a pair of hands upon her shoulders, she turned her head even though she couldn't see, she knew that he was behind her. His hands slowly traveled down her arms, his fingers wrapping around her wrists pulling her gloved hands behind her back. She felt the cool metal of the handcuffs against her flesh, the distinct sound of the clicking as they closed, trapping her, tying her hands behind her back.

Once more her lover disappeared. She stood for a moment, waiting, listening, trying to hear any tell tale sign of where he may be. Then without warning she felt him grab her, pull her towards him, she felt their naked chests press together, his lips pressed hard against hers in a passionate kiss. She felt her knees growing weak under the spell, then he was gone, once more she was alone in the darkness, in the silence.

Rosemary looked around, instinctively, she knew that she could not see. Her lover grabbed her once more, his hand pressing tightly against her back, pushing her body into his. His other hand grasped her pussy through her panties. She could feel his fingers upon her, back and forth they pushed, stimulating her. She made to gasp in pleasure but suddenly his lips where upon her once more. A passionate kiss enveloping her as his fingers pressed against her pussy. Then he was gone.

Rosemary groaned, she had wanted more, she needed more. But he was gone. She waited, listened. Her body yearning for another encounter, her mind screaming at her. Her pussy begging to be touched. After what seemed like an eternity her lover was upon her again. Rosemary moaned as one of his hands clutched her pussy, another hand clutching at her buttock, squeezing it tightly as he pressed hard against her pussy.

Then he was gone. Once more, teasing her, and abandoning her. Rosemary's breathing had become shallow as her flesh burned with desire. She could feel her pussy tingling, begging for more. Her heart beating wildly with anticipation. Suddenly she felt her panties pulled down, stocking and all in one quick movement, leaving her standing in the middle of the hotel room completely naked.

A quick smack on one of her buttocks made her spin around. But it was no use, she could not see. Once more another smack upon her buttock. The sharp feeling of his hand upon her flesh excited her, she turned slowly searching for him. She gasped as his lips quickly enveloped her nipple in a quick hot kiss and then disappeared. Another smack upon her buttocks. A wave of excited anticipation rolled through her hips.

Suddenly she felt her lover's powerful hands upon her hips, she felt her feet leave the floor, and then she felt herself falling freely. She let out a frightened yelp as she fell through the air before finally landing safely upon the soft mattress, bouncing slightly. She felt her lover climbing onto the bed with her. Another quick smack upon her outer thigh.

Rosemary gasped as his fingers suddenly slid within her. Her tight pussy enveloping them as they thrust in and out of her pressing against her goddess spot with every movement. Rosemary gasped as the pleasure intensified enveloping her body. A long moan escaping her soft lips as her lover thrust his fingers deeper and deeper inside of her. Harder and harder, faster and faster.

Then he stopped. Rosemary moaned in discontent as she curled her legs back and forth, her pussy tingling with wanton desire, her body screaming, her flesh afire. Once more another smack resounded upon her thigh. Then another sharp stinging smack upon her other thigh. She knew that her lover wanted her to open her legs. She obeyed.

Before she knew it she felt her lovers mouth upon her pussy. His tongue dancing wildly upon her clitoris, suddenly his fingers where inside her. An explosion ripped through her hips rolling through her body as he pleasured her. Then he was gone.
'No!' Rosemary moaned as she squirmed upon the bed, her protest brought about another quick smack upon her thigh.

It was then that she heard the distinct buzzing of the vibrator. She moaned with pleasure as her lover slowly traced the vibrator across her clitoris. She moaned even louder as he slowly slid it inside of her. The buzzing rocked through her hips as the vibrator filled her pussy. She felt her lover lifting her legs, wedging them upon his shoulders.

Suddenly she felt his pulsating cock against her asshole. Effortlessly he slid inside of her. Her heart leaped into her throat as her body exploded with orgasmic pleasure, a loud cry of passion erupting from deep within her.

Back and forth her lover thrust. Every thrust pushing the buzzing vibrator deeper within her, jamming it against her spot, every thrust took his stiff cock deeper into her tight ass.
'Fuck!' Rosemary screamed as he thrust harder and harder, faster and faster. She shook her head from side to side as she screamed, clutching the sheets tightly in her hand as pure pleasure squeezed upon her body. Her heart pounding. She could feel her pussy clenching down, her body shuddering, her muscles tightening.

Her lover groaned loudly, she felt him swell, felt his cock throb, and then felt the sudden spray within her ass, the hot tingling sensation as he came within her. Suddenly she exploded. Screaming as the orgasm enveloped her. She felt her pussy bulge and then felt the indescribable sensation of her juices squirting forth from her pussy spraying upon her lover as she came harder than she ever had before.

Her heart pounding, her body quivering with delight, she panted as she tried to catch her breath. She felt her lover pull himself from her, felt the vibrator slide from within her. She could still feel the orgasm rippling through her body, she knew that she would still be feeling it for hours to come.

Her lover lifted the blindfold from her eyes and leaned in and kissed her gently upon her lips. A shiver of pleasure ran down her spine as her body very slowly descended from the euphoric orgasm.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Came upon Him

Oh God. Not again! Amanda thought as she buried her head beneath a pillow. But even that was not enough, she could still hear her roommates cries of passion, the screams of ecstasy as her pussy was pounded harder and harder. Cries for more, begs for harder and faster echoed through the thin walls.

She decided that she couldn't take it anymore. She had to say something. This was the seventh night in a row that she had awoken to the insatiable screams of her roommate. She tossed the pillow off the bed and glanced over at the clock, it was ten to three. She hated to admit it, but she was jealous of her roommate, it had been a long time since she had had her pussy pounded.

Amanda sighed as she got out of the bed. As she stepped out of her bedroom the floorboards beneath her feet slightly. She cringed as she froze on the spot. But the continued cries of joy from the next room let her know that they hadn't heard anything. She wished that it was her in that room, with a nice stiff cock between her thighs that her pussy could devour.

She glanced over at her other roommates door, it was closed and their was no sound coming from within. She turned and began tip-toeing down the hallway, taking care to make no noise. She didn't know why she was trying not to make noise, her roommate was screaming so loudly that Amanda was convinced a bull elephant could stampede through the house and they wouldn't notice.

As she reached the door she paused. It was open, just slightly. She made to push the door open, but hesitation gripped her. She peered through the crack in the open doorway. Instantly she felt the arousal spread through her body. She could see her roommate on her back, her legs in the air. A guy thrusting back and forth against her, every thrust bringing about a new cry from her roommate.

Amanda was enthralled, she quickly looked behind her to make sure no one was watching her before slowly squatting to the ground, her eyes fixated upon the two naked bodies as they continued to fuck, oblivious that they were being watched. Amanda could feel herself getting wetter and wetter with every passing moment. Her heart beating harder and harder as she watched the sexual performance unveil before her.

Before she knew it her fingers were beneath her panties and at her pussy. She could feel how wet she had become. Back and forth her finger slid upon her clitoris, spreading more and more desire through her body with every stroke. Her eyes remaining fixated upon the couple.
Amanda continued to slide her finger back and forth as the couple stopped for a moment to change position. She watched as the man slid out of her and caught a glimpse of his hard cock, the mere sight of it sent another wave of pleasure through her body. She watched as her roommate got onto her all fours, the man positioning himself behind her.

Her roommate let out a contented moan of irresistible pleasure as he penetrated deep within her. Amanda whimpered, it was all she could do to contain the moan as she continued to dance her finger upon her clitoris.

Behind her she heard the latch of a door open. She knew that her other roommate had awakened. She could feel his eyes upon her. She took a quick glance behind herself. His door was ajar, but she could not see him. No doubt he had seen her and hadn't wanted to disturb her. Though she had no doubt that he was behind the door watching her. The thought of him watching her masturbate aroused Amanda even more.

She turned her attention back to the couple upon the bed engaged in the throes of passion. The sight of him pounding her from behind sent another explosion rolling through her hips. Faster and faster her finger slid across her clitoris. Her heart beating harder and harder as her roommates pleasured cries rang in her ears. She could feel her other roommates eyes upon her, watching her as she pleasured herself. She couldn't take it anymore.

She rose to her feet and rushed down the hallway, bursting into her roommates room to find him sitting upon the floor, his throbbing cock held tightly in his hand a sheepish look upon his face.
Amanda didn't say anything. She simply walked over to him and lowered herself onto him. The feeling of him entering her was divine. She let out a loud moan as the pleasure engulfed her, the feeling of having a cock inside her, filling her up was one that she had missed. Back and forth she rocked upon him, his cock pressing against her goddess spot.

Faster and faster she moved, clutching the mattress that her roommate was leaning against. His moans mixed with the screams of her roommate. As she rocked back and forth upon his throbbing cock she imagined that the other couple where in the same room, it was not hard to do with everybody moaning and screaming so loudly.

Amanda herself screamed as she teetered upon the brink of orgasm. She could feel his throbbing cock swell. She dug her fingernails into his flesh as her body tensed, preparing for the release. She felt him spray inside of her, the warm tingling sensation pushing her over the edge.
Amanda threw her head back and screamed as the pleasure rolled through her body, her heart pounding as her muscles convulsed. Every fiber of her being engulfed in flames as euphoria rolled throughout her. Her pussy devouring her roommates cock as she came upon him.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Entering into Heaven

It had been a long time. Sherri stood leaning against the car door, watching as multitude of people came flowing out of the large doors that lead from the terminal to the outside world. She lifted a cigarette to her lips and rolled her thumb across the wheel sparking a tiny flame.

She exhaled a long plume of smoke as she scanned the throng of faces. It had been a long time since she had seen her, a long time since had held her in her arms. She quickly scanned each of the bustling faces until she found her.

Kim. Her long curls of red hair bouncing down about her shoulder, framing her beautiful face.
'Hi!' They both shouted ecstatically as Kim dropped her suitcase on the ground and they wrapped their arms around one another. The sensuous feeling of love ebbing back and forth between their two bodies as they embraced.
'God I've missed you,' Sherri said as she squeezed Kim tightly in a bear hug.
'I've missed you too.' Kim grunted in reply as Sherri continued to squeeze her. She leaned in and pressed her lips against Sherri's. A passionate kiss to recover lost moments.
'How was your trip?' Sherri asked as they hopped into the waiting car.
'If I wasn't working, I was in my hotel room sleeping, it was a great six weeks.' Kim replied in a sarcastic tone.
'I'm just glad to be home.' She added placing her hand on Sherri's thigh.

Sherri had missed Kim's touch. Now as she was driving along, with Kim's hand rested upon her thigh she found herself fantasizing of an intimate embrace and the feeling of their naked bodies pressed one against the other. Flashes of times gone by played across minds eye, the feeling of her hands upon her body, the feeling of their tongues dancing a passionate dance, the wondrous joy that culminated into a mind blowing orgasm that would ripple through the pair as they made sweet love.

Kim could see the twinkle in Sherri's eyes. That lustful wanton hint of passion. She knew of what would be racing through her mind. She too found herself thinking thoughts of titillation. Sherri's tongue gliding upon her, Sherri's fingers sliding within her, the sound of her pleasured cries ringing in her ears.

Kim squeezed Sherri's thigh softly, in her mind cursing the pants that where between her fingers and her flesh. She could feel herself getting wetter with each passing moment. Libidinous desire rising.
'I missed you.' Kim said as her eyes wandered over the features of Sherri's face.
'I missed you too.' Sherri replied.
'I especially missed you.' Kim said as she moved her hand further up Sherri's thigh pressing her fingers against her pussy.

Sherri felt Kim's fingers against her pussy and found herself wishing she had worn a skirt instead of pants.
'Well I missed your lips.' Sherrie replied as Kim's fingers slowly traced back and forth along her pussy.
'I missed your lips and the way you kiss my body all over.' Sherrie added.
'I missed your tongue, and the way you lick me.' Kim stated as she pressed against Sherri's pussy. Sherri felt a wave of passion roll through her hips.

'Oh thank God.' She said as their house came into view. She pulled the car to a halt in the driveway. No sooner had she switched off the ignition then she felt Kim's hands upon her, pulling her head towards her. She closed her eyes as their lips met, she felt herself melting away beneath the power of Kim's passionate kiss.

Kim felt her lips tingling and buzzing with wanton desire as she kissed her lover. Their tongues dancing joyfully with one another as they were transported to another place. Her heart beginning to beat faster as their hands traveled over one anothers body.

'Come on.' Sherri said as she opened her door. But she did not have time to move, Kim's lips found the nape of her neck, her tongue flicking upon her flesh in a heavenly kiss. Sherri moaned in pleasure.

Slowly she maneuvered herself out of the car, Kim continuing to kiss upon her as she climbed over the seats and out of the car. Sherri couldn't take it anymore, her body consumed with desire. She wrapped her arms around Kim as Kim jumped up slightly wrapping her legs around Sherri's waist.

Once more their lips meet and embraced as Sherri headed towards the front door, navigating by memory, her heart pounding as the kiss intensified.
Suddenly the front door appeared Kim's back slamming into it. Kim threw her head back and Sherri didn't hesitate, her lips falling upon her flesh, her tongue tracing across the flesh within the exposed area of her v neck T-shirt as she fumbled within her pockets for the house keys.
Her mind was swimming, she wanted the kiss to last forever as she slid the key into the lock and turned the handle. The door suddenly flew open catching Sherri by surprise and they both toppled to the ground. But even this could not break the moment. Kim could feel the cold hardwood floor beneath her, and Sherri's warm passionate body atop her. She reached out with her foot and kicked closed the front door.

Sherri's hand slid beneath Kim's shirt, she could feel her flesh. She could feel the goosebumps erupting across her flesh. Kim moaned as they continued to kiss, Sherri's hand traveling further upwards wrapping her fingers about her breast.
'God I love you.' Sherrie gasped as Kim's hand rubbed down her spine. She could feel Kim's leg pressed against her pussy, invigorating her clitoris.
'I love you too.' Kim replied as she slowly gyrated her hips, grinding her pussy upon Sherri's leg.
Sherri lifted Kim's shirt from her body as Kim did the same thing. Their bra clad breasts pressing together as they embraced once more, their lips again buzzing with delight as they passionately kissed. Both of them fondling with the bra straps of the other as they found themselves lying side by side upon the floor.

Each of them moaned in unison as their bras came free, the feeling of their flesh pressed together heightening their stimulation. Kim broke away from the euphoric kiss. She pulled Sherri's pants away panties and all, leaving her lover lying naked upon the floor.
Kim moved down. Her lips kissing upon Sherri's thigh. Sherri felt an explosion rock through her body. Once more Kim kissed her, her moist lips pressing upon the sensuous area where her thigh meets her pussy. So close and yet so far. The anticipating desire beginning to burn within her body.

Sherri gasped as Kim's lips pressed against hers. Kim groaned as she tasted Sherri's sweet taste upon her tongue. Sherri's eyes rolled into the back of her head as euphoria overtook complete control of her body as Kim's tongue danced a delectable dance with her clitoris. Sliding back and forth, flicking upon the entryway to heaven, gliding back and enrapturing her clitoris.
Sherri's fingers ran through Kim's hair as Kim continued to kiss upon her.
Sherri groaned loudly as the pleasure intensified. Kim slowly climbed on top of her, their naked bodies enmeshed with one another. Their hearts beating wildly with anticipation.
Kim groaned as her lips pressed against Sherri's. Their clitoris's meeting in glorious union. Back and forth they gyrated, their pussies kissing one another, their clits dancing together. Their breathing becoming shallow and uneven, each and every exhalation accompanied by a sweet moan of delight.

More and more the pleasure rose. Their bodies burning, their flesh tingling. Sherri could feel her pussy beginning to clench down. Kim could feel her muscles tightening. Their bodies feeling as if they were about to implode as they prepared for the orgasmic blissful release. Faster and faster they rocked their hips back and forth. Their pussies tingling.

Loud moans of pleasure escaped their lungs as orgasmic bliss overtook them. Sherri screamed, her back arched as the orgasm tore through her flesh, Kim screamed as her body shuddered, the orgasm rippling through her body. Their juices flowing freely upon each others waiting pussy as together they came, entering into heaven.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The wonders of the 360

Dear Diary,

Well Dean and I are on the rocks at the moment, we are thinking about trialling a separation. I have to say that I am a little upset by the whole thing. But that's life, as they say it is better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all, or something like that anyway.

Oh well shit happens, on the sex front I am horny as hell and all I have is Bob to keep me company, an original name for my vibrator I know, and in case anybody is wondering it's an acronym for battery operated boyfriend. But bob does a good job nonetheless.

Just last night I was laying in bed with Bob, slowly rubbing him over my clitoris, sliding him inside, pressing him against my g-spot. It was pretty good. The feeling of him buzzing against my spot was pretty awesome. I ended up coming pretty damn hard.

Speaking of vibrators. After my last interlude with bob I went online to have a look and see what's out there. Bob's getting pretty old and though I love him, I think it might be time for a new one. And I have to say that there is quite a selection out there for pretty much anything you could imagine.

I have to say though, some of them look like some sort of hideous torture device, which could be interesting, and others got me wet again just reading about the description of them. Just thinking about it gets me going. Well I haven't made up my mind yet as to whether or not I'm going to buy a new one, but the newer models are so very tempting. Lol, I guess I already have made up my mind, I'm a sucker for temptation.

Oh, that reminds me, a couple of days ago I was having a game on the xbox 360, anyway started having a chat with this other woman, after a while we start talking dirty. So we open up a video chat. Stripping for the camera, talking dirty. And I have to say GOD BLESS MICROSOFT. I never thought I would ever say those words but while having a video chat and having sex, the ability to slip the controllers handle inside of myself and have her make it vibrate when she wants to is just magical.

For once Microsoft actually did something right!

I have to say that it was an experience that every woman with a 360 should try, having sex with a stranger in a video chat, having her moan and talk dirty in my ear, seeing her on my plasma masturbating like me with the vibrating controller. It was definitely fun, when I bought my 360 I never thought that I would end up coming all over the controller ;)

Till next time,

Deep Inside Her

She couldn't wait.

Her heart pounding with excitement as he climbed into the bed. She had been looking forward to this moment all day.
'Would it interest you to know how wet I am?' She asked as she sat there with her back against the bed head. Her lover looked up at her, a twinkle in his eye and a smile upon his lips as she took his hand and guided beneath her panties.

His smile grew as he felt her moist wet lips. He instinctively slid a finger inside of her.
'Uh-uh, not just yet.' She said as she pulled his hand from beneath her panties. She looked into his brown eyes which where filled with confusion. She leaned down slightly, her lips brushing against his earlobe as she whispered into his ear.

'If you can make me cum in two minutes, you can do whatever you want to me.'
Her lover beamed as thoughts of fancy raced across his mind.
'What if I don't' He replied before kissing her upon her neck. She pushed him away gently.
'Your time has started yet,' She said as she proceeded to remove her shirt. Her lover instantly reciprocated the move and was seemingly undressed before she had even finished removing her top.

'If you...' She said as she seductively slid off her panties. 'If you can't make me come in two minutes, then I get to do whatever I want to you.' She replied wrapping her arms around him.
The feeling of flesh upon flesh felt so good, invigorating her soul.

'You can start now,' she said as she took a quick glance over at the clock. Her lovers hands ran across her flesh as he climbed between her legs.
A sudden explosion rolled through her hips as his tongue embraced her clitoris. He moaned as he passionately kissed her pussy. The vibrations rolling through her hips as his tongue flicked back and forth.

She gasped as his fingers slid inside of her, pleasuring her, pressing against her goddess spot. More and more passionately he kissed her as he thrust his fingers deeper and deeper inside of her, stimulating her. She groaned loudly as she clutched at the sheets, her body intoxicated with pleasure.

'Oh god don't stop,' She moaned as she felt the orgasm beginning to build.
Her lover sucked upon her clitoris, pinching it between his lips, his tongue flicking back and forth like rapid gunfire. Every shot spreading feelings further and further through her body. His fingers doubling the effect of his tongue as they jammed against her clitoris. Her heart was pounding. She could feel her body tightening, she could feel the pleasure rising, her muscles quivering with delight as she lay there receiving the gift of ultimate pleasure.
The feeling was intense, her hips exploding as the orgasm ripped through her body. Her flesh burning as her pussy clenched down up his fingers her juices flowing freely into his mouth. But still he did not stop.

His fingers continuing to thrust within her, his tongue continuing to dance, his gift of pleasure continuing the orgasm, increasing it.
'Oh Fuck!' She screamed as the pleasure built to critical levels. Her pussy tingling, her body shuddering. Intense pleasure engulfing her body like flames, she tried to squirm, tried to get away from the insane pleasure that felt too good, but it was no use. Her lover held tight to her thigh and continued to please her. More and more, harder and harder, faster and faster.
A long loud scream of passion erupted from within her. Her fingers digging deep into the mattress as the pleasure continued to rise. She felt her pussy tightening once more.

Her scream rang out even louder as she felt her pussy squirt. Her come spraying across her lovers face as he continued to kiss her. A feeling which words are incapable of describing rushing through her body. Her head swimming as the intense orgasm spread like fire through every fiber of her being.

Puffing and panting, gasping for much needed oxygen she lay there as her lover broke away from his god-like kiss.
'I win.' He said as he rolled her over. She felt his hard cock press against her asshole. She gasped as he slid inside of her. His large pulsating penis filling her tight hole.
She groaned as he slid back and forth within her. Each time he thrust, a spot he would hit would send a wave of orgasmic bliss through her body.

'Oh god, harder.' She pleaded. Her lover quickly obeyed, ramming his cock harder into her ass. His cock ramming harder and harder against the spot, she could feel another orgasm rising.
'Fuck me, fuck me faster!' She begged, her body screaming for the pleasured spot to be hit again and again in a never-ending cycle.

'You like me fucking you up the arse.' Her lover stated as he thrust himself harder and harder, faster and faster.
'Oh god yes, fuck me, fuck my ass!' She screamed as she felt another powerful orgasm building.
'Oh shit, I'm gonna come again!' She screamed as she felt the orgasm teetering on the brink.
Suddenly she felt her lovers cock swelling within her, followed by his tingling hot cum spraying across her insides.

'Oh god yes!' She screamed as she felt him come inside of her, the feeling pushing her over the edge, her body once more being gripped by a powerful orgasm that rippled through her body. Her heart pounding as it pumped euphoria through her veins.

Together they collapsed onto the mattress, she could feel his cock inside of her, throbbing slightly with the afterthoughts of sex. She smiled as she lay there, her lover on top of her, he kissed her gently on the cheek before sliding himself out of her. She smiled as she thought about what had just happened, she could still feel it, feel him deep inside her.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Poll Results

I'll keep a record of the weekly poll results here in this post, so don't forget to check back here regularly if you want to see the outcomes.

(ladies) Do you like the taste of his come?
- 66% Yes
- 33% No
- 0% Sometimes
- 3 Votes

(gentlemen) Do you like the taste of her come?

- 80% Yes
- 0% No
- 20% Sometimes
- 5 Votes

Monday, August 3, 2009

Standing Here

Standing here I see you, my eyes they do delight
My mind it plays a fantasy a fantasy divine,
My imagination does portray how you look beneath
Those clothes that you are wearing, your flesh is what I seek.

To feel your fingers in my hair is for what I long,
To have you in my bed with me, right where you belong,
Hands upon each other, slowly we undress,
I can feel your love, can feel your warm caress.

Hearts beating wildly as our passion rises
together we embrace fulfilling our desires
Our lips they do meet a heated kiss of lust
Our flesh it does press, the beast it says we must

I feel you throb against me, about to burst inside,
A wondrous explosion as with ease you slide inside,
Back and forth we rock, our breathing is uneven
this is our moment a moment to last a season

Our bodies tense, our hearts explode, upon the brink we hang
Together we climb to nirvana, enter with a bang
Our souls content, our bodies happy, the beast it has been fed
Oh how wondrously joyful, to have you in my bed

Standing here I see you, my eyes they do delight,
My mind it plays a fantasy of adventures in the night
Standing here I watch you, imagining you with me
But as I watch you leave, I know it will never be.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009

Let Me

Let me see your figure,
Let me see your flesh,
Let me see your arousal,
Let me see your body.

Let me smell your sweet aroma
Let me smell your scent
Let me smell your intoxicating aura
Let me smell your body

Let me feel your hands upon me,
Let me feel your warm embrace,
Let me feel your fingers in my hair
Let me feel your touch

Let me taste your lips upon mine
Let me taste your wondrous tongue
Let me taste your delectable taste
Let me taste your kiss

Let me hear your moans
Let me hear your groans
Let me hear your cries
Let me hear your pleasure

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Tingling upon her Insides

Monica sat on the lounge, her eyes wandering over Rogers body, thoughts of lust playing upon her mind as she soaked in the vision of him, the flickering light of the television screen illuminating his solid jawline.

'It's a shame that James is here,' Monica whispered into Rogers ear, her eyes flicking over to Jame seated upon the opposite lounge, engrossed in the television.
'Why?' Roger questioned. Monica gently placed her hand on Rogers thigh and gave a gentle squeeze.
'Cause I'm horny as all hell and want you to ride me.' She whispered seductively into his ear before giving it a little nibble.

Roger gave a quick glance to James and then looked back at her, Monica could see the desire sparkling in his eyes.
'Then again.' She seductively whispered as she slid her hand beneath his pants under cover of his shirt. She wrapped her fingers around his cock, feeling it growing ever larger with every passing moment.
'Maybe we could do it right here in front of him.' She stated as she gently squeezed upon his now erect cock. She felt him throb in her palm as she spoke.
'Oh, you like that idea do you?' She teased as she began to stroke back and forth upon his cock. James unaware of the sexual activity occurring opposite him.

Roger raised an eyebrow in response to Monica's statement. Monica ignored his silent reply, instead leaning in and placing her lips upon his neck. Kissing upon his flesh. His cock throbbed once more. Monica felt her heart flutter as passion overtook her, her lips moving to his embracing him in a passionate embrace. The thought of James watching them heightened her excitement putting her nerves on edge as she continued to stroke her lover's cock.

Monica pulled his cock from beneath his pants. She felt Roger making to cover himself, to pull away but she didn't give him a chance. She dove straight on to him, swallowing his pulsating penis, her tongue dancing upon his flesh. She knew that James had seen the sudden movement, she knew that he had looked over. She could feel his eyes upon her, watching her as she sucked upon Rogers cock.

As she sucked she reached out with her hand, blindly searching until she found what she sought. Her hand clutching to James ankle, she pulled it, luring him towards them as she continued sliding her mouth up ad down on the shaft of her lover's rigid cock. She felt James stand up, running her hand up his leg, pulling him slightly closer as she did so.

Monica's hand came to his crutch. She could feel his erect cock beneath his pants. She fumbled with his fly and produced his cock. She wrapped her fingers around his cock and began to stroke back and forth. She released her passionate kiss upon her lovers cock and turned her attention to James'.

She slid Jame's solid cock into her mouth, slowly swallowing him deeper as she continued stroking Rogers cock. Monica felt her lovers hands on her body, his hands lifting her shirt from her body, his palms rolling across her naked breasts as she continued to suck his friends cock.
Monica moaned as her lovers fingers slid against her clitoris. She couldn't take it anymore, the beast within her demanding satisfaction. She quickly climbed on top of Roger, pushing him until he lay down on the lounge. She groaned as she slid herself down on him. His stiff cock filling her tight wet pussy. His cock pressed against her goddess spot.

Monica reached around and grabbed James' cock and pulled him towards her, once more wrapping her mouth around his pulsating knob as Roger thrust himself in and out of her.
'Oh god,' Monica moaned as Roger thrust against her, her muscles quivering with delight.
'Fuck my ass James,' Monica groaned as she released his cock from her mouth. James hesitated for a moment as he watched Monica riding her lover, coming closer to orgasm.

'Fuck her up the ass James.' Roger demanded. Monica felt James position himself behind her. She felt his pulsating knob press against her tight hole. A cry of pleasure escaped her lips as James slid inside of her.

'Oh Fuck!' She screamed as Roger and James thrust their solid stiff cocks deep inside of her. Her hips exploding with pleasure, her body shivering with delight.
'Harder!' She gasped through the ecstasy as she she turned slightly to deliver a passioned kiss to James as he continued to thrust himself harder and harder into her ass.

Monica began to moan uncontrollably as the two men began to fuck her, harder and harder, her heart pounding faster and faster as she raced towards orgasmic bliss. She could feel her body tightening, her muscles quivering. Her breathing shallow and uneven as cries of intense pleasure vented from her body.

More and more they thrust against her, their deep moans of pleasure titillating her senses as their cocks penetrated deeper and deeper inside of her. A symphony of orgasmic euphoria.
Monica screamed loudly as the orgasm overtook her, her body shuddering, her pussy clenching down hard upon Rogers cock, her ass squeezing James' cock as she came hard. Her pussy tingling intensely as she squirted her love juices all over Roger. Her body shuddering violently as the orgasm tore through her flesh, intense pleasure rolling through every fiber of her being. The pleasure intensifying as she felt the two cocks swelling. She could feel the cocks swell, she felt them throb, then she felt them spray their hot liquid deep inside of her, tingling upon her insides.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Hot Quickie

Dear Diary,
I had sex with Dean yesterday, we tried a position that... I'm not sure, I think that we have tried it before but I can't remember. But OMG it was pretty bloody good. The foreplay was more than exhilarating too.

I was horny as all hell before we retreated to the bedroom, so of course Dean decided to tease me, to draw it out for as long as possible, it was rather infuriating. I was tempted to cuff him to the bed and ride him till I couldn't take it anymore, but I didn't. Somehow I managed to control myself lol.

Dean was laying on top of me, between my legs, His chest, or something, was pressing against my clitoris, which felt divine, and while he was laying there he was just kissing me here there and everywhere. Quick kisses all over my chest, my stomach, my breasts, even my neck, with long drawn out intervals in between the kisses where I could feel his mouth hovering just millimeters above my flesh. It was intoxicating.

I don't think that I have ever wanted him more than I did right then in that moment. But still, he held out. Kept on teasing me. Each time I felt his lips on me I could feel my flesh burn that little bit more insatiably, and I could feel my pussy buzzing with each kiss too.

By this time I was trying very hard to control myself, I was gyrating y hips, grinding my clit up and down along his chest. I was actually trying to get him to go down on me, I love the feeling of his tongue flicking on my pussy. But he kept on just kissing me everywhere but. I wanted to grab his head and shove it between my legs, and shout 'here, it eat.' But I didn't, as much as I wanted more, I didn't want what he was doing to stop just as much.

Then he started with his fingers. Dean's fingers are like frigging magic wands. He was just gently tracing his tips across my flesh. But they were making my skin burn, it was insane. I couldn't take it anymore.

I ended up putting my legs up in the air, he layed on top of me and fucked me. Oh my god did he fuck me. It was incredible. His cock was getting deep inside of me, and it was jammed up against my spot, it was divine. And when I came, I came hard, which was also, very good, to say the least. I could still feel it a couple of hours later. It was great.

But anyway, other than that, nothing much more to report from the home front.
Till next time,

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fantastic Delight

The darkness enveloped the room. Nothing but the soft golden glow of a streetlight outside the window cast a dull glow upon the room, softly illuminating the silhouette's of the bedroom.
Renee closed her eyes as Sandy gently kissed upon her lips. Her essence spreading throughout her body. Sandy ran her hair through Renee's long red hair as they gazed into one anothers eyes. A conversation in a moment.

Renee cupped Sandy's cheek in her palm, the smooth feeling of her flesh rubbing against her palm as she leaned in once more and gently kissed her. She felt her heart fluttering like a butterfly as their tongues danced a gentle waltz. It was a moment that she did not want to end, she wanted to have the taste of her upon her lips for all eternity, she wanted to feel Sandy's flesh beneath her hands, and feel Sandy's hands upon her flesh forever and a day.
The kiss continued onwards, the heightened passion enveloping the entirety of their bodies. Renee could feel her flesh tingling with desire. Her mind swimming with passion. As all of her senses began to overload with passion.

The intimate kiss drew to a close. Sandy curled a finger about Renee's chin, turning her head slightly, she leaned in, her lips wrapping around Sandy's earlobe. A gentle suckle upon her flesh. Then her lips slowly made their way down Renee's neck. Explosion after explosion of desire rolled throughout her body as Sandy kissed upon her flesh.

Their naked bodies pressed together as Sandy lay atop Renee, her lips continuing to kiss upon her flesh. Renee could feel Sandy's pussy pressed against hers. Slowly she rocked her hips pressing them harder together, only to ebb away like a receding wave, only to return moments later and gently thrust her labia against Sandy's.

A gentle moan crossed Renee's lips as she gently stroked her fingers up and down Sandy's back, her fingertips trailing fire upon Sandy's flesh as she slowly traversed her back, circling her buttocks then returning to her back.

Back and forth their hips slowly rocked, sensually stimulating their clitoris's. Their hands gently caressing each others flesh as their tongues danced once more with each other. A passionate embrace of intimacy heightening the desire that was burning within them.
Renee moaned, Sandy groaned as they rocked back and forth, stimulation shooting through their bodies. Sandy broke away from the kiss and lowered herself. Her head between Renee's legs. Gently she licked her tongue along Renee's pussy, sampling the sweet tasting juices of her pussy. Her tongue swirled about her wanton pussy. Flicking upon her clitoris. Kissing her, gently suckling upon her.

The longer that the kiss continued the more that Renee began to moan. Every moan sending a wave of pleasure throughout Sandy's body as she slid a finger into her own pussy teasing upon her clitoris.

Sandy's moans of pleasure reverberated through Renee's pelvis. Once more sandy climbed atop Renee, their hearts beating wildly as their pussies embraced once more, their clitoris's dancing with one another as they slowly rocked back and forth.

Sandy leaned down and kissed Renee. Renee could taste herself upon Sandy's lips, upon her tongue. An explosion of pleasure rolled through her hips. Her hands clenched down upon Sandy's flesh as they slowly began to thrust harder and harder.

Their bodies slowly tensing, their pussies clenching, their breathing shallow and uneven as cries of intolerable pleasure escaped from deep within them. Renee could feel the orgasm rising, she could feel her body preparing for the blissful release. Her cries in harmony with Sandy's.
A wondrous orgasm enveloped the pair as their bodies shuddered. Renee cried aloud as her body was overtaken. Sandy shrieked with delight as the orgasm tore upon her flesh. Rolling throughout their bodies the wave of orgasm spreading through every fiber of their being, consuming them as they came one upon the other, in fantastic delight.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009