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Friday, August 14, 2009

Together they Came

“To the special lady that helped inspire this story, you know who you are.”

The cafe was bustling. Mikayla sat at her table watching as the patrons chatted amongst themselves. She sipped at the hot coffee, her eyes surveying the room over the rim of the cup. As her eyes wandered across the room she felt herself being drawn, drawn to a presence sitting on the opposite side of the cafe, reading a paper. She watched him as she lowered the cup. She could feel the desire rising. A slight tingle brushing across her flesh as she watched him, soaking in his presence.

Mikayla didn't know what it was about him that drew her to him, was it the way he dressed, was it the way he seemed to carry himself? He must have felt her eyes upon him because he suddenly turned, their eyes meeting for the briefest of moments. Mikayla quickly averted her gaze, but she could still feel his eyes upon her, the hairs upon the back of her neck slowly rising, her flesh tingling. She wondered if he had seen her. Of course he had, she concluded as she felt him undressing her with her eyes.

She looked down at her cup. She could feel her body tingling, insatiable desire rising, she could already feel the sensations of his hands upon her. His mouth upon her. As she looked up she saw him standing before her, a smile upon his face, she felt her heart skip a beat. She wanted him, more than anything she wanted to feel him inside her.
'I noticed you checking me out?' He said simply as he indicated the chair.

Mikayla nodded letting him know that he could sit down.
'Don't worry, I was checking you out too,' He said as he sat opposite her, 'I like what I see.' He added. Mikayla smiled.
'I like what I see too.' She replied as she gazed into his eyes, she could see the lustful desire that filled them, and she knew that he could see the desire burning within her own eyes.
'Desire's a funny thing.' The man stated.
'How so?' Mikayla questioned as she took another sip of her coffee, their eyes not breaking contact.
'You can't fight desire.' He replied simply.
'No you can't.' Mikayla replied, she felt herself getting wetter as she sat there.
'Desire can lead to some interesting things,and trouble.' Mikayla said as she shifted in her seat, her foot brushing slightly against his leg, she decided to leave it there, slowly rubbing her foot up and down along his calf.
'Trouble can be fun, it also breeds adrenaline.' The man stated with a smile. 'Adrenaline enhances everything, enhances all of your senses, so that even the simplest touch can be pleasurable.' He said as his hand fell upon her thigh, his fingers stroking her flesh as he spoke. Mikayla could feel the desire rising within her body, her flesh burning for more.
'What's say we get out of here?' She suggested.

The pair stood within the confines of Mikayla's bedroom. Their lips pressed together as they kissed passionately. Her heart beating that little bit harder as their tongues danced. She felt his hands upon her body as her own hands explored his, she wanted to do everything at once but couldn't. Her hands slipped beneath his shirt and she ran the palms of her hands up his back.

A light moan crossed her lips as his lips slowly moved from hers down her neck. Each kiss bringing with it an explosion of pleasure that rocked through her body. The gentle feeling of his moist lips upon the nape of her flesh, her heart beating faster and faster as he lifted her shirt from her body.

Hands upon her hips as his lips returned once more to hers, their tongues embracing in a passionate embrace as his hands slowly traced the curve of her hips moving up and around her. His lips slowly descended once more, kissing upon her flesh, creating trails of goosebumps as he moved. Down and down his mouth traveled as his fingers fondled her bra strap.

Mikayla moaned once more as a tongue slid upon her breast, tracing the outline of her bra. She felt the clasp come undone. Her heart flitted as his tongue delved beneath the loosened bra flicking upon her pert nipple.
'Oh that's good.' She moaned as her bra fell away, his hot mouth enveloping her nipple as his hand gently massaged her breast.

His tongue traced in concentric circles about her nipple as his hand slowly moved down across her stomach. Her muscles quivered with delight as his hand moved closer, with every passing moment she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. He slid beneath her pants. His fingers massaging her labia.
'mmm, I like that,' She whispered into his ear as he embraced her, his lips once more finding her neck, as she finished whispering into his ear she clasped his earlobe in her lips.

Mikayla groaned as his fingers made blissful contact with her clitoris. An explosion of lustful pleasure rocking through her hips. Her heart beating faster and faster as he slid his finger back and forth across her. Her wetness enveloping his finger. She moaned more and more as the pleasure began to rise to heightened peaks within her. She felt him guiding her backwards, she quickly lifted his shirt from her body her mouth closing in around his nipple as they slowly moved back towards the bed.

Gently he lay her down, his fingers never breaking contact with her clitoris. She groaned as she felt her muscles tighten. The pleasure was becoming unbearable. She felt him removing her pants, together fumbling with each others pants as his fingers continued to dance upon her clitoris.

He slid her pants from off her. Leaving her lying naked upon the bed. Once more she felt his fingers upon her clitoris. Then she gasped in pleasure as they slid inside of her. Her eyes widening with delight as they curled to press against her goddess spot. Her heart pounding as he thrust his fingers deeper and deeper within her.

Mikayla could sense his head between her legs, she could feel his hot deliberate breaths upon her. His tongue slowly slid over her clitoris.
'Oh your good.' She groaned as he flicked his tongue back and forth across her clitoris, his finger sliding in and out of her stimulating her g-spot.
'More,' She pleaded as she gripped at the sheets, her back arching as a long and powerful moan erupted from deep within her.

He sucked upon her clitoris, pressing it between his lips as he flicked his tongue back and forth across it.
'Shit!' Mikayla exclaimed with pleasure. More and more he sucked upon her, faster and faster her heart beat, harder and harder his fingers thrust within her. Bigger and bigger explosions tearing through her burning flesh.
'Oh god, I want you inside me!' Mikayla exclaimed as she sat up gripping his head in hands guiding him to her lips.

Once more they kissed passionately, their lips buzzing with desire.
'Oh god.' She moaned as she felt him slide inside of her, filling her up, giving her pussy something to devour. He groaned as he thrust his cock within her tightening pussy. She could feel every inch of him.

More and more he thrust, harder and harder, faster and faster. Mikayla could feel the orgasm building, she could feel her muscles quivering, her hips tightening. A powerful scream of orgasmic bliss burst from her lips as the orgasm tore through her flesh. The man groaned loudly as her pussy constricted his cock, devouring it as she came upon him. She felt him throbbing within her, felt him swell, and then felt his hot come within her, tingling upon her insides.
'Oh shit your good.' She gasped as the orgasm rippled through every fiber of her being as together they came.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

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