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Friday, July 31, 2009

Let Me

Let me see your figure,
Let me see your flesh,
Let me see your arousal,
Let me see your body.

Let me smell your sweet aroma
Let me smell your scent
Let me smell your intoxicating aura
Let me smell your body

Let me feel your hands upon me,
Let me feel your warm embrace,
Let me feel your fingers in my hair
Let me feel your touch

Let me taste your lips upon mine
Let me taste your wondrous tongue
Let me taste your delectable taste
Let me taste your kiss

Let me hear your moans
Let me hear your groans
Let me hear your cries
Let me hear your pleasure

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Tingling upon her Insides

Monica sat on the lounge, her eyes wandering over Rogers body, thoughts of lust playing upon her mind as she soaked in the vision of him, the flickering light of the television screen illuminating his solid jawline.

'It's a shame that James is here,' Monica whispered into Rogers ear, her eyes flicking over to Jame seated upon the opposite lounge, engrossed in the television.
'Why?' Roger questioned. Monica gently placed her hand on Rogers thigh and gave a gentle squeeze.
'Cause I'm horny as all hell and want you to ride me.' She whispered seductively into his ear before giving it a little nibble.

Roger gave a quick glance to James and then looked back at her, Monica could see the desire sparkling in his eyes.
'Then again.' She seductively whispered as she slid her hand beneath his pants under cover of his shirt. She wrapped her fingers around his cock, feeling it growing ever larger with every passing moment.
'Maybe we could do it right here in front of him.' She stated as she gently squeezed upon his now erect cock. She felt him throb in her palm as she spoke.
'Oh, you like that idea do you?' She teased as she began to stroke back and forth upon his cock. James unaware of the sexual activity occurring opposite him.

Roger raised an eyebrow in response to Monica's statement. Monica ignored his silent reply, instead leaning in and placing her lips upon his neck. Kissing upon his flesh. His cock throbbed once more. Monica felt her heart flutter as passion overtook her, her lips moving to his embracing him in a passionate embrace. The thought of James watching them heightened her excitement putting her nerves on edge as she continued to stroke her lover's cock.

Monica pulled his cock from beneath his pants. She felt Roger making to cover himself, to pull away but she didn't give him a chance. She dove straight on to him, swallowing his pulsating penis, her tongue dancing upon his flesh. She knew that James had seen the sudden movement, she knew that he had looked over. She could feel his eyes upon her, watching her as she sucked upon Rogers cock.

As she sucked she reached out with her hand, blindly searching until she found what she sought. Her hand clutching to James ankle, she pulled it, luring him towards them as she continued sliding her mouth up ad down on the shaft of her lover's rigid cock. She felt James stand up, running her hand up his leg, pulling him slightly closer as she did so.

Monica's hand came to his crutch. She could feel his erect cock beneath his pants. She fumbled with his fly and produced his cock. She wrapped her fingers around his cock and began to stroke back and forth. She released her passionate kiss upon her lovers cock and turned her attention to James'.

She slid Jame's solid cock into her mouth, slowly swallowing him deeper as she continued stroking Rogers cock. Monica felt her lovers hands on her body, his hands lifting her shirt from her body, his palms rolling across her naked breasts as she continued to suck his friends cock.
Monica moaned as her lovers fingers slid against her clitoris. She couldn't take it anymore, the beast within her demanding satisfaction. She quickly climbed on top of Roger, pushing him until he lay down on the lounge. She groaned as she slid herself down on him. His stiff cock filling her tight wet pussy. His cock pressed against her goddess spot.

Monica reached around and grabbed James' cock and pulled him towards her, once more wrapping her mouth around his pulsating knob as Roger thrust himself in and out of her.
'Oh god,' Monica moaned as Roger thrust against her, her muscles quivering with delight.
'Fuck my ass James,' Monica groaned as she released his cock from her mouth. James hesitated for a moment as he watched Monica riding her lover, coming closer to orgasm.

'Fuck her up the ass James.' Roger demanded. Monica felt James position himself behind her. She felt his pulsating knob press against her tight hole. A cry of pleasure escaped her lips as James slid inside of her.

'Oh Fuck!' She screamed as Roger and James thrust their solid stiff cocks deep inside of her. Her hips exploding with pleasure, her body shivering with delight.
'Harder!' She gasped through the ecstasy as she she turned slightly to deliver a passioned kiss to James as he continued to thrust himself harder and harder into her ass.

Monica began to moan uncontrollably as the two men began to fuck her, harder and harder, her heart pounding faster and faster as she raced towards orgasmic bliss. She could feel her body tightening, her muscles quivering. Her breathing shallow and uneven as cries of intense pleasure vented from her body.

More and more they thrust against her, their deep moans of pleasure titillating her senses as their cocks penetrated deeper and deeper inside of her. A symphony of orgasmic euphoria.
Monica screamed loudly as the orgasm overtook her, her body shuddering, her pussy clenching down hard upon Rogers cock, her ass squeezing James' cock as she came hard. Her pussy tingling intensely as she squirted her love juices all over Roger. Her body shuddering violently as the orgasm tore through her flesh, intense pleasure rolling through every fiber of her being. The pleasure intensifying as she felt the two cocks swelling. She could feel the cocks swell, she felt them throb, then she felt them spray their hot liquid deep inside of her, tingling upon her insides.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Hot Quickie

Dear Diary,
I had sex with Dean yesterday, we tried a position that... I'm not sure, I think that we have tried it before but I can't remember. But OMG it was pretty bloody good. The foreplay was more than exhilarating too.

I was horny as all hell before we retreated to the bedroom, so of course Dean decided to tease me, to draw it out for as long as possible, it was rather infuriating. I was tempted to cuff him to the bed and ride him till I couldn't take it anymore, but I didn't. Somehow I managed to control myself lol.

Dean was laying on top of me, between my legs, His chest, or something, was pressing against my clitoris, which felt divine, and while he was laying there he was just kissing me here there and everywhere. Quick kisses all over my chest, my stomach, my breasts, even my neck, with long drawn out intervals in between the kisses where I could feel his mouth hovering just millimeters above my flesh. It was intoxicating.

I don't think that I have ever wanted him more than I did right then in that moment. But still, he held out. Kept on teasing me. Each time I felt his lips on me I could feel my flesh burn that little bit more insatiably, and I could feel my pussy buzzing with each kiss too.

By this time I was trying very hard to control myself, I was gyrating y hips, grinding my clit up and down along his chest. I was actually trying to get him to go down on me, I love the feeling of his tongue flicking on my pussy. But he kept on just kissing me everywhere but. I wanted to grab his head and shove it between my legs, and shout 'here, it eat.' But I didn't, as much as I wanted more, I didn't want what he was doing to stop just as much.

Then he started with his fingers. Dean's fingers are like frigging magic wands. He was just gently tracing his tips across my flesh. But they were making my skin burn, it was insane. I couldn't take it anymore.

I ended up putting my legs up in the air, he layed on top of me and fucked me. Oh my god did he fuck me. It was incredible. His cock was getting deep inside of me, and it was jammed up against my spot, it was divine. And when I came, I came hard, which was also, very good, to say the least. I could still feel it a couple of hours later. It was great.

But anyway, other than that, nothing much more to report from the home front.
Till next time,

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fantastic Delight

The darkness enveloped the room. Nothing but the soft golden glow of a streetlight outside the window cast a dull glow upon the room, softly illuminating the silhouette's of the bedroom.
Renee closed her eyes as Sandy gently kissed upon her lips. Her essence spreading throughout her body. Sandy ran her hair through Renee's long red hair as they gazed into one anothers eyes. A conversation in a moment.

Renee cupped Sandy's cheek in her palm, the smooth feeling of her flesh rubbing against her palm as she leaned in once more and gently kissed her. She felt her heart fluttering like a butterfly as their tongues danced a gentle waltz. It was a moment that she did not want to end, she wanted to have the taste of her upon her lips for all eternity, she wanted to feel Sandy's flesh beneath her hands, and feel Sandy's hands upon her flesh forever and a day.
The kiss continued onwards, the heightened passion enveloping the entirety of their bodies. Renee could feel her flesh tingling with desire. Her mind swimming with passion. As all of her senses began to overload with passion.

The intimate kiss drew to a close. Sandy curled a finger about Renee's chin, turning her head slightly, she leaned in, her lips wrapping around Sandy's earlobe. A gentle suckle upon her flesh. Then her lips slowly made their way down Renee's neck. Explosion after explosion of desire rolled throughout her body as Sandy kissed upon her flesh.

Their naked bodies pressed together as Sandy lay atop Renee, her lips continuing to kiss upon her flesh. Renee could feel Sandy's pussy pressed against hers. Slowly she rocked her hips pressing them harder together, only to ebb away like a receding wave, only to return moments later and gently thrust her labia against Sandy's.

A gentle moan crossed Renee's lips as she gently stroked her fingers up and down Sandy's back, her fingertips trailing fire upon Sandy's flesh as she slowly traversed her back, circling her buttocks then returning to her back.

Back and forth their hips slowly rocked, sensually stimulating their clitoris's. Their hands gently caressing each others flesh as their tongues danced once more with each other. A passionate embrace of intimacy heightening the desire that was burning within them.
Renee moaned, Sandy groaned as they rocked back and forth, stimulation shooting through their bodies. Sandy broke away from the kiss and lowered herself. Her head between Renee's legs. Gently she licked her tongue along Renee's pussy, sampling the sweet tasting juices of her pussy. Her tongue swirled about her wanton pussy. Flicking upon her clitoris. Kissing her, gently suckling upon her.

The longer that the kiss continued the more that Renee began to moan. Every moan sending a wave of pleasure throughout Sandy's body as she slid a finger into her own pussy teasing upon her clitoris.

Sandy's moans of pleasure reverberated through Renee's pelvis. Once more sandy climbed atop Renee, their hearts beating wildly as their pussies embraced once more, their clitoris's dancing with one another as they slowly rocked back and forth.

Sandy leaned down and kissed Renee. Renee could taste herself upon Sandy's lips, upon her tongue. An explosion of pleasure rolled through her hips. Her hands clenched down upon Sandy's flesh as they slowly began to thrust harder and harder.

Their bodies slowly tensing, their pussies clenching, their breathing shallow and uneven as cries of intolerable pleasure escaped from deep within them. Renee could feel the orgasm rising, she could feel her body preparing for the blissful release. Her cries in harmony with Sandy's.
A wondrous orgasm enveloped the pair as their bodies shuddered. Renee cried aloud as her body was overtaken. Sandy shrieked with delight as the orgasm tore upon her flesh. Rolling throughout their bodies the wave of orgasm spreading through every fiber of their being, consuming them as they came one upon the other, in fantastic delight.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Do me Now

Flick your tongue my love,
make it dance upon me,
Frolic with delight upon my clitoris.

Thrust your fingers my dear,
slide them deep inside of me,
press them hard against my spot.

Hear my moans my sweetness,
Hear my cries of passion,
Make me scream even harder.

Fuck me now my precious
Fuck me hard and fast
Slide your cock inside

Harder, harder dear,
that's the spot I like
Fuck me just so right

Come with me my love
Come deep inside my pussy
Spray your load inside me

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Does a Woman need to Orgasm?

Dear diary,
Does a woman need to orgasm? What the hell sort of a question is that? I'm sitting down flicking through Dean's latest copy of playboy and this is what I find, Does a woman really need to orgasm?

Now I have to be fair to Playboy here, they were posing the question from a scientific point of view in regards to reproduction, now yes while it may be imperative that the man comes in order to reproduce, it is just as important for a woman to come, maybe not for reproduction reasons but for others. For a start if a woman doesn't orgasm it can have very detrimental affects upon her physical and mental well-being.

Sex is much more than a pleasurable activity, a means of reproduction or a hormonal discharge. More and more research is pointing towards the indicators of the health benefits of a woman's orgasm. Sex is good for;

  • Improving cardiovascular health
  • Improving your sleep
  • Provides the benefits of exercise, (one sexual encounter is the equivalent of running 15 minutes on a treadmill.)
  • Sex helps relieve pain (like headaches, migraines, back-pain, athritis)
  • Decreases depression
  • Relieves stress

Now those are just the benefits, what about the DANGERS of having sex without orgasming? Scientists have come to the conclusion that women need to orgasm regularly. Otherwise the woman may develop diseases like mastopathy or myoma due to stagnated blood. When lacking orgasm the female body undergoes serious stress. Arousal leads to increased levels of the hormone estrogen and the blood surges to the reproductive organs. During orgasm the stagnated blood is removed and the body is cleansed of pathogenic bacteria.

When the orgasm is not reached, blood stagnates and the body may develop various diseases. At first, scientists proved that lack of orgasm has a negative effect on health in males. According to the data collected by specialists at the Royal University in Belfast, the males, who experience orgasm regularly while having sex, live twice as long as the ones who experience it rarely.

How often you have sex in no less important for health in males and females. Scientists recommend to go for intimacy as often as possible to those who wish to maintain their health and youth.

So sorry Playboy, a woman DOES need to orgasm, maybe it's not necessary in reproduction terms but it is in every other sense. Besides if a woman enjoys sex isn't she more likely to come back for more?I was so angry when I read this article, I'm just thankful I have Dean, he's not satisfied until I come.

Till next time,

Night of Pleasure

Haley sat at the bar, a thick haze of cigarette smoke slowly wafting about above her head. She took a long sip of her drink before turning to scan the room. Her eyes wandered over the patrons weighing potentiality as she went. It was in the corner that she noticed the one with the biggest potential.

He was tall, cloaked in a deep brown leather jacket and jeans. A wash of stubble across his chiseled chin. He must have known that he was looking at her because he instinctively turned around, their eyes locking for a brief moment. Haley smiled seductively before turning back around to take a sip from her drink.

She knew that she didn't have to do anymore, and she knew without even looking that the man was already heading in her direction.
'Hey,' the man said simply as he sat beside her, his scent was intoxicating.
'Hi,' Haley replied before taking another sip of her drink. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him look her up and down.

'How about we head back to my place?' The man asked, not taking his eyes off her. His question made Haley laugh, her body screaming out at her to say yes.
'Are you always this forward?' She asked with a smile as once more their eyes met. Each of them could see the lustful desires that filled the others eyes.
'Only when I want something.' The man replied, smiling as he placed his beer on the counter.
He rose to his feet and nodded for her to follow as he headed out of the bar. Haley watched as he headed away. She could feel herself swelling at the thought of having him inside of her. She took one final quick sip from her drink and placed it onto the counter before heading after him.

The parking lot of the small middle of nowhere bar was dully lit and virtually empty. Haley quickened her pace and fell in step beside the man. He extended his arm around her, his hand upon her back, slowly moving down following her curve until his hand cupped her buttock snugly before giving it a slight squeeze.

Haley felt a shot of anticipated pleasure roll through her hips as she reciprocated the movement. Before she knew it they were in each others arms. Their lips pressed firmly against each other as their tongues danced with a passionate fury. Their hands exploring every inch of the others bodies as they slowly stumbled across the parking lot towards the awaiting car.

The mans hand slid up beneath Haley's shirt, his fingers upon her breast as they continued to kiss. Haley suddenly felt the car appear behind her. The cool metal exterior pressing hard against her back.

'I can't wait to get back to your place.' Haley stated as the passionate kiss broke and the man began to kiss upon the nape of her neck titillating her desire. Haley moaned a pleasured moan.
'Lets just do it here.' She groaned through pleasure as the mans fingers slid beneath her pants.
'Oh god.' She moaned as his finger slid across her clitoris. 'Just fuck me here.' She breathed.
Haley's eyes rolled as pleasure overtook her senses. Her heart pounding as the mans tongue flicked upon her flesh, his finger dancing gloriously upon her clitoris.

'You want me to fuck you here, in the parking lot?' He asked as he slid a finger inside of her. Haley gasped with delight.
'Oh god yes, fuck me now,' She groaned. The man once more began to lead her around his car. Not breaking from his passionate kiss are ceasing his delightful fingers.
The man spun Haley in his arms. She could feel his rock hard cock pressed against her through his jeans. One of his hands upon her breast, one of his hands working to undo her pants. His lips once more upon the nape of her neck in a passionate kiss. Haley moaned as she ran her fingers through his hair.

Haley felt her pants come loose and slide down her legs, exposing her. She moaned once more as his fingers slid across her clit. His hand upon her back he tipped her forward. Haley rested her palms against the bonnet of his car, cloaked in the shadows of a broken streetlight.
'You want me to fuck you up the ass?' The man questioned as his fingers worked upon her clitoris.

'Oh god yes.' Haley groaned as the pleasure in her hips intensified. Her heart pounding.
Haley felt him press against her. His pulsating knob begging for entry. Haley gasped loudly as she felt him slid inside of her. His hard cock filling up her tight hole. She felt his hands upon her hips as he thrust himself in and out of her. Haley slid a finger against her clitoris. A quivering moan crossing her lips.

'Oh god!' She moaned as the pleasure intensified.
'Fuck me harder.' She groaned.
His thrusting cock delved deeper and deeper into her tight ass, faster and faster. Haley could feel her muscles tightening as she slid her fingers across her clitoris. Her pussy tingling, her flesh afire. The pleasure rising to sensory overload.

'Harder!' She moaned. She could feel herself racing towards orgasmic bliss. Her muscles quivering, her heart pounding.
Her breathing was shallow and uneven as she heard the man grunting and groaning, his load of warm come spraying into her ass. Haley stifled a scream as she felt herself plunge over the brink of the orgasm, her heart pounding as the euphoric bliss enveloped her. Her body shuddering with delight as the orgasm washed through her body.

Haley tried to catch her breath as she rose. She could still feel him inside of her. The man wrapped his arms around her, holding her.
'Think you can make it back to my place now?' The man questioned, hint of teasing in his voice. Haley smiled a contented smile as she nodded. She felt him pull out of her and she wondered what else was in store for her in her night of pleasure.
© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rays of the Moon

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The fantasy of rape, and the reality of rape are two entirely different things, and never should one be mistaken for the other.

There is a story, as old as the hills they say, some say that it isn't a story, that it serves as a warning, others that it is a myth, nothing more than an old wives tale. I remember when I first heard the story, harmlessly told and filed away in the ranks of memory as nothing more than a simple story. Oh how I wish that I had listened, oh how I would love to have paid attention to the words and heeded their warning, I hear the rhyme within my head repeated over and over again, beneath the window put your bed, the moon rays shine upon your head, by morning time you'll wish you were dead. A simple rhyme, an innocent rhyme but why did I not listen? This is the story of that fateful night that I did not heed the chilling warning of the haunting rhyme.

It was late at night, Erica had finally finished unpacking the last box of the room. She looked around her room and let out a discontented sigh. Large cluttered piles had gathered about her bedroom, and the remainder of the house. She hated moving, hated the packing, and the unpacking. Sleep plagued her tired eyes. She glanced over at her unmade bed. She wanted to make it, too curl up beneath the warm sheets and sleep for the rest of eternity. But she couldn't be bothered making the bed.

Erica stumbled across the room as she navigated through piles of clothes, shoes. She cursed as she stumbled over two large pots and then wondered why she had brought them into the room instead of the kitchen. She shook her head as she flopped down onto the mattress. Her body instantly welcoming the soft padding, relaxing almost instantly.

She rolled onto her back, her eyelids becoming heavier by the second as the physical exertion of the day finally caught up with her. A slight twinkling caught her eye. She noticed that she had forgotten to close the blinds, the dark starry night staring back at her through the glass pane.
'Oh crap,' my bed is under the window. She muttered as her friends voice played in her head, a rhyme that she had not thought of for a long time, “beneath the window put your bed, the moon rays shine upon your head, by the morning you'll wish you were dead.' The voice played in her mind as she recalled the horrifying story she had heard as a child.

Erica opened her eyes once more and looked to the sky, she felt stupid as she did it but she quickly scanned the sky for a full moon, knowing that the horrifying events in the story she had heard only took place in the rays of a full moon. Content that she could not see the silvery disc of a full moon she closed her eyes and sleep quickly overcame her. Little did she know, that just out of view the blazing silvery disc of the moon was bathing the world beneath in it's eerie argent glow.

Erica awoke with a start. Her bloodshot eyes shot open wide as she lay there, she could feel her heart pounding within her chest. She shook her head trying to shake off the remnants of her disturbing dream that was quickly fading from memory. She quickly blinked a few times as her eyes tried to adjust to the darkness. She lifted her wrist and gazed at her watch. The hands informing her that it was a little after three am.

She dropped her wrist to her side and closed her eyes once more. Her mind going over the dream that she had just had, recalling details that she was trying to forget. Suddenly a realization popped into her mind, something that sent a slight shiver down her spine as she recalled her friends rhyme.

She could read her watch.

No sooner had she fully comprehended the realization then she quickly rolled onto her stomach. She felt her blood chill as her eyes fell upon the beaming disc of the moon staring back at her through her window pane.

'Oh god, don't be so stupid.' She muttered to herself as she shook her head feeling a little stupid over being scared by the moon. She rolled onto her side, pulling the blanket up over herself.
However now that she had had the thought Erica couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right.. She craned her neck slightly and looked once more upon the moon. Content that nothing was coming to get her she once more returned to a comfortable position and closed her eyes, trying to shake off thoughts of evil.

As she lay there she could hear the silence of the room. The blanket shifted slightly and once more her eyes shot open. Her heart pounding within her chest. She held her breath as she lay frozen upon the bed, straining her ears to hear the slightest sound. After a tense moment she came to the conclusion that she must have moved the blanket slightly without realizing it.
No sooner had she closed her eyes then once more the blanket shifted, slightly further this time. As though someone was pulling it gently from the bottom of the bed. Erica shot straight up in her bed. Her eyes searching for the darkness. There was nothing. Not a sound except for the pounding of her heart within her ears.

Erica sat there, her knees hugged to her chest as fear gripped at her chest, she peered into the darkness but could see nothing. But she couldn't help but shake the feeling that something was there, something was watching her. Eyes in the darkness.

Erica felt her blood run cold as the floorboard in the hallway outside her bedroom creaked.
'Oh shit!' She gasped as she leaped to her feet and dove across her bedroom. Her body slammed into the door and pushed it closed with a loud crack as she quickly grabbed hold of the lock and clicked it closed. Her heart beating so hard that she felt it would leap out of her throat as she took a step back staring wholly at the door handle.

She watched, she waited. Nothing.

A loud bang echoed off the wooden bedroom door and Erica let out a slight yelp. Fear tightening upon her chest like a boa-constrictor squeezing every last inch of air from her lungs. Instinctively Erica reached for her purse tearing through it's contents, her mind racing as she searched for her phone.

Another loud bang upon the door. Erica felt her heart skip a beat in unison with the loud thud. Finally she produced her cell phone and quickly hit the buttons. The cell phone beeped and then went dull.

'No, no, no, no.' She whimpered as another thud echoed off her door. She banged her phone against her hand as she glanced around at the piles that lay all over the floor, she wondered which one contained her charger, if any.

Then she realized that she had plugged her charger in in the kitchen, she felt her heart sink, nausea rising in her stomach, she had meant to plug her phone in earlier but forgotten.
Another bang shook the door violently. Erica quickly searched the room, looking for something, anything, to defend herself with. Then she saw the window. She took one quick glance at the door, making sure it was locked before springing across the room and onto the bed, she looked out of the window. It was a two story house, a straight drop down the yard below. She wondered if she would survive the jump without breaking a leg.

Erica turned her attention back to the door as she contemplated the consequences of jumping from the window. It would be worth it. She thought to herself. It was then that realized that the banging had stopped. Erica turned, her eyes fixated upon the door. Her mind swimming with possibilities as she slowly crept towards the now silent door.

She waited, watching, waiting for another bang to shake her bedroom door. But there was nothing, not a sound. Her eyes fixed upon the door handle. She wondered if she should open it. Her heart began to beat faster. Her breath shallow as she waited.

A shadow upon the door caught her attention. She wondered where it was coming from, it looked almost like two arms outstretched, reaching for her. Erica spun around expecting someone to be behind her.


She turned her attention back the door, wondering why the banging had stopped. What was the shadow?

Suddenly two hands leaped from the shadows, Erica shrieked as she leaped back from the shadowy hands. Gasping for breath as she jumped up onto the bed. The hands where gone.
Erica was upon the verge of hyperventilation as she glanced all about the room, her mind convinced that all of the shadows were moving.

'Under the window put your bed.' A chilling voice whispered into the night air. Erica spun around looking for the origin of the voice, but could see nothing. 'the moons rays upon your head.' The voice whispered sinisterly. Erica could feel the tears welling up in her eyes as horror consumed her. 'By the morning you'll wish you were dead.' The horrid whisper finished the haunting rhyme. Once more the room returned to silence.

Suddenly the window behind her shattered. Erica spun around as she screamed in fright. Standing in the window a man cloaked in a silvery glow was standing, hovering in mid-air. A wicked smile upon his thin lips.

Erica turned and bolted for her door. She fumbled with the lock, but it was too late. She felt a pair of cold powerful hands upon her shoulders. She shrieked as the figure threw her backwards onto the bed.

'Can't have you leaving so soon.' The figure teased as he came into Erica's field of view. She made to get up. But the man placed a finger upon her forehead.
Erica felt something like ice spreading through her body, it's spidery tendrils spreading throughout her flesh. She made to move, but she couldn't, she tried to scream but nothing came out. She was frozen in time, unable to move, unable to flee, unable to call out for help.
She could see the figure, standing by her bed, lust in his eyes, a contented smile upon his lips.
'You are a delightful specimen,' He cooed. Erica could feel his eyes traveling up and down her body. Her heart began to beat harder and harder. She felt the man grab a handful of her shirt. He pulled hard and a ripping sound filled her ears as her shirt was torn free from her body. He didn't hesitate before doing the same to her pants.

Erica tried to whimper as she lay there frozen and naked, but she couldn't even manage that. She tried to close her eyes but couldn't. She lay there completely stiff. She heard the bed springs creak and groan as the silvery figure climbed onto the bed. She felt his flesh brush against hers.
A fingertip touched against her nipple. Erica wanted to scream, but couldn't. Suddenly the figures tongue flicked upon her nipple followed by his warm lips enveloping it in a gentle kiss. Erica tried to get away, she tried to move, she tried to kick, she tried to scream, but she could do nothing. The silvery figure had frozen her. He had frozen her and stripped her naked and was going to have his way with her, and there was nothing she could do about it.

She cringed as she felt his throbbing cock press against her labia. She felt a lump forming in her throat. The figure stared deep into her eyes with his silver eyes that looked like the moon.
'Under the window put your bed.' The figure teased as he thrust against her. Erica felt an explosion of intensity roar through her pelvis as he slid into her, his pulsating penis penetrating deep inside of her.

'The moon rays upon your head.' He said as he gently kissed upon her forehead. His hips slowly gyrating back and forth as he thrust in and out of her deeper and deeper.
'By the morning you'll wish you were dead.' He finished the rhyme.
He thrust himself harder and harder, deeper and deeper faster and faster. Erica could feel every inch of his solid cock gliding in and out of her tight pussy. Every thrust pressing against her g-spot. She could feel the pleasure building as he continued to pound upon her. Her body tightening. She could feel her pussy beginning to clench down upon his cock.

She wanted to scream as the orgasm overtook her but she couldn't, her body exploding with pleasured delight, her flesh inflamed with passion as she came. Her tight pussy devouring the figures cock. The figure grunted and groaned as he continued to thrust himself in and out of her.
Suddenly the man pulled himself from her, she could see him standing over her, holding his erect cock in his hand as he masturbated suddenly he erupted, she could feel the warm spray of his come splattering all over her frozen naked body, his silvery glittery come raining down upon her flesh.

Erica awoke with a start. She squinted as the bright morning sun assaulted her sleepy eyes. She shuddered as she recalled the events of the previous night. She spun around where she sat. The window was still in tact. She looked down to see that her clothes were still upon her. She shook her head as her mind swam.

She could have sworn that it hadn't been a dream, the event had been so real, she thought to herself as she headed towards the bathroom. Her mind's eye replaying the horrifying encounter with the silvery figure the night before. She shuddered as she thought about it, thankful that it had been a dream.

'Stupid rhyme,' She mumbled as she closed the bathroom door and turned on the shower. She undressed, the cool morning air quickly embracing her flesh. As she walked by the mirror back to the shower something caught her attention.

Erica turned and looked in the mirror, there was something, something clinging to the side of her breast. Erica looked down and saw the silvery, glittery goop upon her breast and felt her blood run cold. She felt as though she could faint. Her heart began to pound once more, her body quivering as she recalled the rhyme, 'Under the window put your bed, the moon rays upon your head, by the morning you'll wish you were dead.” A chill ran down her spine, never again would she sleep in the rays of the moon.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

The Call

'Tis a call sweeter than life itself,
The call to make sweet love,
A call that echoes through our very essence,
Is the call to make sweet love.

The call it is an unyielding beast,
the call to make sweet love,
A call to on one another feast,
is the call to make sweet love.

The call it beckons like the sirens song,
the call to make sweet love,
A call that says in each others arms we belong,
is the call to make sweet love.

The call it burns within our flesh,
the call to make sweet love,
A call that does not end 'till our bodies are amesh,
is the call to make sweet love.

Oh to answer the call, to feel you close,
the call to make sweet love,
To have you, what I desire most,
is the call to make sweet love.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Gay and Lesbian Rights

Dear Diary,

Once more today I turn on the television and once more I see more controversy being propagated over the rights of gays and lesbians. Should they be allowed to marry? Should they be allowed to have kids? Should they be allowed to this or that? The typical fear-mongering that the media reports of today seem to be synonymous with.
But seriously, why all the controversy? Who really cares what these people do? Personally I am bi-sexual, in a way I find it a little daunting that the world seems to care so much about my sex life. But that's beside the point. The only people that seem to really care about gays and lesbians seem to be the Christians.

*putting on a flak jacket, adjusting my Kevlar*

The Christian community keeps crying out that they “need to save the sanctity of marriage” but what do they need to save it from? I mean they talk as if they actually own marriage, what, people didn't get married before Christ?

I mean if God himself was so “pro-marriage” then why did he not want Adam to marry Eve? According to some ancient texts, that the Christian community refuses to acknowledge because a couple of guys a thousand years ago decided they were too long to include in the bible, but anyway, according to those books the Devil was the one who actually “tricked” Adam into wanting to marry Eve after they were kicked from the garden, why do you think God's supposed command was “be fruitful and multiply?” not “get married, be fruitful and multiply” .

Besides that, if we actually go off the actual bible, that Christians readily accept. If they actually read the thing once in a while, there is nothing at all that forbids lesbianism. The only thing in the bible that talks about lesbians is where it says that a lesbian can not marry a priest, but nothing about it being forbidden.

So all of those Christians out there who have a problem with lesbians actually have no foundation for their claims. As for gays, well that's an entirely different story. I don't know what western religion has against those poor guys. I am tempted to say that perhaps society was as homophobic back then as it is today, but considering most of the ancient philosophers, senators, inventors etc. of the time period back then were actually gay I don't think that that is the case. (mind you we owe the world we know and love today to these guys)

So if society wasn't homophobic back then, why include it, who knows, maybe they wanted to be different from the rest of the world, they saw the rest of the world enjoying sex, and said to themselves, hey that's how we can be different, we'll be against sex.

Personally I don't understand the problem. If a man wants to be gay, or a woman wants to be a lesbian, or either wants to be bi, then who are we to say no? They aren't hurting anyone, they are happy, why try to take it away from them. Then again as the old saying goes, if a person preaches constantly about one topic it is usually because they themselves are guilty of it, so perhaps all these supposed Christians that are up in arms about gays and lesbians are just scared of their own gay and lesbian urges.

Till next time,

Monday, July 27, 2009

My first squirt

Dear Diary,

I just had the most awesome sex that I have had in a long time. It was incredible. It actually started last night, and I am not sure who started it. All I remember is that last night I was asleep, I woke up and Dean was gently rubbing his fingers around my nipple through my shirt. At first I was annoyed because I had been woken up, but I found it quite arousing, anyway I must have fallen asleep again, I woke up a little later in the night and Dean was out like a light, so I decided to return the favor, I cuddled up to him and slipped my hand beneath his boxers and then just lay there gently stroking his cock. I could feel him slowly growing in my hand.

This back and forth kept going all night long, it actually made an interrupted sleep a lot more pleasurable. Well by morning I was definitely more than ready to go. And I could tell by Deans throbbing morning glory that he was too. Actually, now that I think about it, I think that this morning was the first time I have actually enjoyed waking up in a long time.

But anyway, Dean was ready to go, he cuddled up to me, I could feel his pulsating cock pressed against me, just the thought of him being inside me was getting me wet, but anyway. I decided that I wanted to have a shower, well to be more specific, I wanted to have him, in the shower. Something a little different for a change. Well Dean was up for it, I think I could have suggested sex in the front yard and he would have been more than willing.

Well that is where life decided to take a not-so-nice turn. We both were kissing like a pair of love-struck teenagers, hands all over each other, making our way to the shower, tripping over anything and everything on our way, determined not to break our kiss. We got to the shower, by this time we were both naked.

I saw his cock and I had to have it, I bent over and swallowed it, he moaned the way he does, I love his moans so much. Anyway he sort of bent over top of me, wrapped his arm around me and started fondling my pussy. It was divine!

That was precisely when life kicked in, here we were, both of us naked, his cock jammed down my throat, his finger stuck up my pussy, and there's a loud bang, bang bang, as someone knocks on the door.


Well we both sort of froze for a moment, I think we were both hoping that it would disappear, after a tense moment I decided it would be safe so started sucking again. God I'm getting wet again writing this. But anyway, sure enough, the person knocked again. I couldn't believe it.

I unwillingly let go of Dean's cock, and I felt like crying as he slid his fingers out of me. I had been looking forward to our shower so much! Well anyway Dean got dressed and headed to the front door to deal with whoever was there. What do you know, it's visitors. It's typical, you never see anybody, but the second you have start having sex it's like you put a big-ass neon sign on your roof that says “please disturb” and send out text messages to everyone on your contact list saying please ring me.

Well judging by the look in Dean's eyes he would have jumped me then and there in front of the neighbors. And quite frankly I was so horny I probably would have let him. But we managed to control ourselves, though we did resort to some pretty interesting flirting, stolen kisses, quick fondles while no one was looking, the whole thing made me even more horny.

Well anyway, finally the neighbors left, and I was determined to have my damn shower, and I'm pretty sure that Dean was too because he had the shower running before I'd even closed the front door.

I have to say that the wait was definitely worth it. I was so horny, so libidinous, that I almost came as soon as his fingers touched my pussy. It was incredible.

So anyway, long story short, I ended up laying on the shower floor, I hate small showers. I'm on my back, legs in the air, Deans crouched between my legs in some position that looked hell awkward. (I have decided that I'm remodeling the bathroom) Anyway, Dean starts in on my pussy, his fingers, rubbing over my clit. Oh god it felt good.

Anyway the combination of the water spraying down on my pussy and his fingers massaging my clit was divine. I could feel myself getting ready to come and I couldn't wait! Next thing he stops.

What the HELL!

I was so close to coming, and he just stops! I could have killed him, I'm pretty sure I did in my mind, but I'm glad he did, he sat on my chest, giving me a rather unflattering view of his arsehole, I remember thinking 'oh god please don't fart.' but anyway once more his fingers found my clit. And once more I was rushing to orgasm.
Then he pulled my vibrator (who I have named Bob, very original I know), but anyway he has Bob, no idea where he had him, I didn't see it anywhere, but who cares. He turns Bob on and shoves him in.


His fingers on my clit, Bob jamming up against my g-spot over and over, it was incredible. I can't really remember but I'm pretty sure I was screaming. I do remember screaming out for him to do it faster.
Which thankfully he obeyed.

It was about then that the whole situation was nearly ruined. I'm laying on the floor of the shower, Dean's sitting on my chest, his fingers dancing the tango on my clit and he's ramming Bob into my pussy like a frigging jack-hammer, the pleasure was so intense I thought I was going to explode, or pass out, or both! And then suddenly out of nowhere I felt like I was gonna pee!

Could nothing go right!

That was when Dean said calmly, 'just go with it,' I don't know how the hell he knew what was going on, but I remembered him saying something a couple of days ago about women ejaculating, personally I thought it was crap, and a flood of images filled my mind of me peeing all over Dean. Somewhat of a mood killer.

Thank god as soon as I relaxed the feeling passed, rather quickly too. And I have to say that I have never felt anything like what followed. It was beyond what words can describe. It involved my whole body, and I have never felt an orgasm like that, and as I was coming, and coming harder then I have ever came before, I felt it squirt out. It was amazing. I can't describe the feeling, but I am no longer a skeptic when it comes to female ejaculation.

It was so good, that I actually passed out, poor Dean had to carry me back to bed. Though when I came too I rewarded him plentifully.

Till next time

Sex and Chocolate

Elle entered into the bedroom being lead by the her lovers hand. The blindfold that covered her eyes prevented her from seeing anything. She wondered what the surprise would be, she knew that it had something to do with their anniversary. Personally she was just pleased that he had remembered.

She felt his hands upon her waist, guiding her downwards. Slowly she eased herself down. She felt the mattress rise up to meet her, cushioning her as she became seated. Once more Elle felt her lovers hands upon her, guiding her backwards, laying her down.

Fingertips brushed upon her waist through her shirt, gently tracing upon her stomach. Elle smiled. She knew that she was going to like her surprise. Her lovers lips pressed against hers. A soft tender kiss of loving moistness upon her lips, a moment that she felt herself slowly slipping into for eternity as her body melted away. A soft kiss and a gentle touch.

Elle could feel the instantly gratifying relaxation spreading through her body, soothing her as her cares and worries slowly faded away into distant memory, she loved the power of a kiss. The sensuous feeling that it brought. Her lovers hands moved upon her body, spreading desire as they traveled, tracing her curves.

Her shirt lifted and fingertips brushed against her skin. An eruption of goosebumps flooded across her flesh. Gently the fingertips moved upwards beneath her shirt, a plethora of goosebumps close behind as her flesh tingled with desire. Gently her lover cupped her breast in his hand. His lips falling upon the nape of her neck, the unity of pleasured feelings creating a deep explosion of pleasure that rolled through her veins. A smile crossed Elle's lips once more.
Slowly her shirt lifted from her body. His tongue traced along her flesh following the outline of her bra. Her breath quivered with delight. His tongue and fingers spreading wondrous joy throughout her body with the gentlest of touch. Her heart quickened in pace as she felt the strap of her bra come undone.

Warm hot lips enveloped her pert nipple suddenly. Another gush of pleasured emotion spread through her veins. She felt herself swelling as her pussy began to salivate, unyielding desire rising within her. Her lovers tongue danced across her chest up to her shoulder. A passionate kiss upon her flesh. A gentle moan crossed her lips as the pleasure finally consumed her entirely.
Elle felt her lovers hand slowly sliding down across her stomach. She felt the hand slide beneath her skirt. Another moan escaped her lips as he cupped her lips in his hand. His fingers slid across her clitoris and Elle's eyes rolled as the delectable delight inflamed her flesh.

Back and forth his fingers slid. Tantalizing her clitoris with their wondrous dance. Another hand slowly sliding her skirt free from her body, leaving her naked upon the bed. The fingers stopped. No touch, no feel, no sensations.

But she sensed something, she could feel him before her, she could feel his presence between her legs, she could envision his mouth hovering above her.

His hot breath spread across her labia, a prelude to the passionate kiss that suddenly enveloped her pussy. A sudden moan of ecstasy erupted from within her as the sudden pleasured explosion rocked through her hips. Her back arched as the delight overpowered her as his tongue frolicked upon her passionately.

The kiss stopped, her lover lay beside her. His flesh pressed against hers in sensual passion. She could feel his throbbing cock against her leg. She felt a tug upon the blindfold as it came loose. She opened her eyes to see her lovers face smiling back at her, a hint of lustful delight playing upon his eyes.

All about her the bed was littered with rose petals, candles flickered upon the bedside tables casting dancing shadows upon the wall. Her lover reached over and picked a bowl from the bedside table. He dipped his finger into it and then held it to her lips. Elle instinctively sucked upon his finger, the sweet taste of chocolate titillating her senses.

Her lover tipped the bowl slightly, letting the liquid chocolate dribble upon her chest, the warmth upon her breasts invigorating. The chocolate trailed from one breast to another, down across her stomach, then she felt it's warmth oozing across her pussy.

Her lover smiled. His tongue slowly gliding across her breast consuming the chocolate from her body. Another moan crossed her lips as he continued to lick the chocolate from her body. Her heart beating harder and harder as his tongue moved from her nipple and began slowly licking the trail of chocolate delight that led down to her waiting pussy. Closer and closer his tongue came to her, faster and faster her heart began to beat. Anticipation rising.

Her breath quivered, as her lovers tongue came dangerously close to her pussy. Her lover taking extra care to get every speck of chocolate from off her flesh just above her lips. The anticipation agonizing. His tongue flicking upon her inner thigh, just beside her wanton lips, teasing her insufferably, consuming the chocolate from off her flesh, titillating her senses. Her heart beat faster and faster as the all consuming anticipating desire tore at her body.

His tongue slid along her lips. Elle let out a loud moan as her lover licked the chocolate from her lips. His tongue brushing wondrously upon her clitoris. He moaned as his mouth embraced her in a deeply passionate kiss, his tongue dancing with her clitoris, his lips embracing hers. His pleasured moans delightfully vibrating through her body.

Elle gripped tightly at the sheets as immeasurable pleasure gripped upon her pelvis. Her back arching once more as her muscles tightened, her body quivering with ecstasy, she could feel her pussy tightening. A finger slid inside of her and she felt herself clench down upon it, devouring it as it slid back and forth within her pressing it against her goddess spot.

Unity between tongue and finger pleasuring her body. Her heart beat harder and harder as she came closer and closer to euphoric bliss. Her pleasured moans rolling continually from her lips. Harder and harder he thrust his fingers into her, jamming against her spot, as he continued to suck upon her clitoris flicking it with his tongue.

Elle screamed passionately as the orgasm exploded within her pelvis and shot throughout her body. Her heart pounding within her breast. Pleasure rippling through her quivering muscles. She moaned contentedly as she squeezed her lovers head between her thighs, the orgasm swimming through her body.

She used her position to her advantage, rolling her lover onto his back. She sat up on her knees, her lovers face buried within her pussy. His tongue once more slid across her clitoris. Her eyes rolled with pleasure at the movement. She pushed back. She felt her lovers stiff throbbing cock against her lips. She smiled at the thought of him being inside of her.

She sat there for a moment, keeping his pulsating head sitting just upon her salivating lips, teasing him as she smiled seductively and stared into his eyes.
Her lover thrust. She gasped with pleasure as she felt him slide into her, filling her up. His solid shaft pressing against her goddess spot. Once more stirring the remnants of her orgasm. She sat up, she felt him penetrate deeper within herself.

Elle picked up the small bowl from beside her lover and dribbled the liquid chocolate across his chest and neck. She leaned down and licked the delectable sweet from his neck. Slowly she rose and fell upon his cock as she licked upon his flesh.

Her tongue traced upon his flesh. Consuming the chocolate that was slowly meandering across his body. Back and forth she slid upon him, his moans mixing with hers. Her heart began to beat harder and harder once more. She could feel her pussy clenching down upon his pulsating penis. Her muscles tightening as she rose up, her hands upon his chest, her fingers digging into his muscles as she felt the orgasm rising its head once more.

Harder and harder, deeper and deeper he thrust into her, Elle screamed as she hung upon the precipice of a powerful orgasm. Her muscles shuddered, her body imploding as the orgasm overtook her senses. A cacophony of orgasmic cries filled the room as together they came into orgasmic bliss.

Elle puffed and panted as she gasped for breath. She moaned once more as she felt her lovers cock give a slight after throb sending a wave of remnant pleasure through her body.
'Happy anniversary,' Her lover said as she leaned in to kiss him. She could taste the sweet taste of chocolate upon his lips mixed with a hint of herself. The sweet taste of sex and chocolate.
© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

All Chained Up

Courtney stood by the foot of the bed a smile upon her lips as her eyes wandered over her lovers naked body. His arms and legs chained to the bedposts creating a human star, the flickering light of the candles twinkled upon the silvery cuffs. She let her eyes wander over his body a little longer, tracing upon his flesh, following the lines down to his erect cock.

It throbbed, almost as if it sensed that she was looking at it. Her lover lay in silence. Courtney wondered what it was that he was thinking beneath the blindfold. Slowly she walked around the bed and picked up a candle from the bedside table. She held it above his chest and then tipped it slightly, letting the hot wax slowly dribble across his chest.

Her lover groaned as the pleasured pain rolled through his chest. He tried to move his arms but the short chains pulled tight stopping him.
'I didn't say that you could make a noise,' Courtney stated as she gave a quick whack to his open thigh with her paddle, leaving behind a slight red mark upon his flesh. She smiled as she put the candle down. She found the control exhilarating.

Courtney climbed onto the bed, straddling her lover, she could feel his flesh against her labia through the crotchless panties she wore. Slowly she rocked back and forth upon his chest, watching his face. She edged forward slightly. Her lover raised his head, he knew that her pussy was near. She pushed his head back down as she brought her pussy closer to his mouth.

She knew that he could smell it, she knew that he wanted it, but she wouldn't let him have it. She sat there, teasing him, driving him wild with his imagination.
'Do you want it?' She asked as she grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his head up to meet her pussy. Instantly his tongue slid across her clitoris sending a wave of pleasure through her hips. He grunted something inaudible in response, the vibrations titillating her senses.

Forcefully she pulled his head away from her tingling pussy.
'Do you want it?' She asked once more.
'Yes.' Her lover replied as Courtney reached behind herself and laid hold of his pulsating penis.
'Why?' She asked. She waited for a response. Nothing. She squeezed hard upon his cock, her lover grunting as she did so. Slowly she released her stranglehold upon him.
'Why do you want it?' She asked once more.
'Because I love your taste.' Her lover gasped.
'Wrong answer.' Courtney teased as once more she squeezed tightly upon his cock causing her lover to groan loudly.
'One more chance,' She offered as she once more released his penis.
'Because I want to pleasure you.' Her lover offered.
'Good boy,' She said with a smile as she gently rubbed the paddle along his jawline. Once more her lover lifted his head, his lips meeting her swollen labia, his tongue caressing her clitoris. Courtney's eyes rolled with pleasure for a brief moment before she quickly grabbed a handful of her lovers hair and yanked his head away from her salivating pussy landing a quick slap upon his cheek as she did so.
'Did I tell you that you could move!' She exclaimed.

Once more she grabbed a handful of his hair and guided his head towards her waiting pussy. Once more his lips met hers, once more his tongue reunited with her clitoris. She moaned slightly as his tongue frolicked back and forth.
'You better make me come.' She demanded as she pushed his head harder against her pussy. Delightful pleasure rolling through her hips as he passionately kissed upon her.

'Her moans intensified as the pleasure rose, his tongue flicking back and forth upon her, creating explosion after explosion of delectable pleasure within her. She could feel her muscles tightening.
'Oh god yes!' Courtney cried as she lashed out with the paddle striking her lover on his side.
'More!' She cried as once more she struck his side.

Courtney could feel the orgasm rising, she could feel her muscles tightening and beginning to quiver with delight. She could feel her heart pounding within her breast. She felt as though her body were about to implode as she teetered upon the brink of the orgasm. A powerful scream escaping her lungs as the pleasure intensified, once more she struck her partners side.

Suddenly her partner broke free from his heaven inducing kiss, a loud groan crossing his lips as he left Courtney teetering upon the brink of orgasm.
'Oh god,' Courtney gasped as she felt her body reeling from the brink of bliss.
'Did I say you could stop!' She shouted as she let forth a powerful whack.
'No, you know what...' She said, letting her sentence trail off as she climbed off her lover.
'I have the perfect punishment for you.' She stated as she positioned herself between her lover's spread legs.

Courtney had always wanted to try this, but she had always been unsure of how her lover would respond, she knew that now was the perfect opportunity. Her eyes fell upon his tall cock, throbbing with desire. She was tempted to leap onto him and ride him until she came all over him, but she fought the urge.

Instead her eyes shifted lower to the little waiting hole, she slid a finger within herself, a sudden explosion of pleasure rolling once more through her hips. As she retrieved her finger from herself she smiled as she guided it towards her lovers hole.

Gently her fingertip pressed against the hole. Almost instantly her lovers body tensed.
'Relax.' She demanded as she loosed another smack with the paddle upon his stomach. Tentatively her lover relaxed. Slowly she pushed against the hole, her lover gasped as her finger slid inside of him. She smiled as he cringed.

Courtney could feel the tightness and the warmth encasing her finger, slowly she maneuvered to find the spot that she sought. Suddenly her lover gasped. Her smile widened. As once more she pressed against the spot. His cock throbbing in response as another deep gasp echoed from within him. Again she pressed the spot, again his cock throbbed, again he gasped. She jammed her finger against the spot. Her lover cringed as pain shot through his body and then suddenly gave way to intense pleasure. She smiled as her lover writhed but the chains kept him in place.
'Oh fuck!' Her lover shouted as his cock pulsated more and more, she could feel him throbbing inside, a deep pulse within him, she kept her finger jammed against the spot.

Suddenly her lover let forth a deep powerful scream as he came. His juices squirting out all over himself. She smiled as she withdrew her finger. Her lover gasping for breath, the occasional moan crossing his lips as the intense climax he had experienced continued to roll through his body.
'Now, make me come.' Courtney demanded as she climbed back onto her lover. Seeing him come like that had made her almost come herself. Once more she grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her lover's mouth to her pussy.

His tongue slid upon her clitoris and she moaned as the pleasure returned. He sucked upon her clitoris, flicking it with his tongue. She could feel her body tightening, her muscles quivering. The anticipation building rapidly within her.
'Oh fuck!' She gasped as the pleasure intensified, reaching critical levels as she struck her partner with the paddle.
'More!' She cried, striking her partner again. Her heart pounding harder and harder as his tongue danced back and forth faster and faster.

Her body shuddered as the orgasm ripped through her flesh. Her muscles quivering with delight, her flesh tingling as the explosion ripped through her body. A loud scream rolling from her lips as she reached nirvana and came into her lovers mouth as he lay there all chained up.
© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

BBQ Delight

It was dark. The myriad of twinkling dots hung overhead upon the blanket of black. The delicious aroma of the barbeque past still hung thick in the air. Christine looked up to the stars one more time as she took a sip of beer before placing the bottle back onto the table, all of the guests had left for the night and the house had returned to silence.

A set of powerful hands laid upon her shoulders. The fingers gently rotating back and forth upon her flesh instantly relaxing her with their massage. Her lovers fingers kneaded upon her flesh bringing her body to a state of tranquility. She felt his fingers brush against her neck as he pulled a lock of long red hair from his path, his lips pressing against the nape of her neck.

A passionate kiss, his tongue gently swirling upon her flesh, a multitude of goosebumps erupting across her flesh as desire rose instantaneously in her body. She felt herself slowly melting away beneath her lovers kiss. Her mind slowly emptying of all thoughts and cares and worries as his lips spread bliss throughout her body. His fingers forsaking the massage and slowly tracing down across her chest. A button was their goal, she felt her lover undo the clasping, then move slowly down to another, then another, each button fueling the ember of anticipation slightly more until her blouse fell upon.

His fingers upon her stomach felt like fire, a gentle moan crossed her lips as the pleasure rose. Her stomach quivered with delight as his fingertips slowly moved upwards. Cupping her breasts within his hands, his thumbs slowly moving back and forth upon the lace of her bra, titillating her nipples beneath.

The embers of anticipation now a full roaring fire of desire. His mouth moving from her neck to her shoulder, a kiss for each centimeter of flesh upon her collarbone. For each kiss an explosion of pleasure roared through her body as his hands slowly slipped her blouse from her body, the warm night air enveloping her body.

She felt the gentle tug upon her bra as her lover fiddled with the clasping, his lips upon her shoulder. Her heart flitted as the clasping of her bra came undone and the constriction was removed, freedom, the sense of indulgent abandon rolled from her breasts through the rest of her body spreading tranquil euphoria.

Christine moaned a pleasured moan once more as sensuousity overtook her senses. Her lovers fingers sliding beneath her skirt as he hugged her from behind, another hand upon her breast, his lips upon her neck, her flesh burning with lustful desire as she felt his fingers slowly working towards her waiting wetness.

First she felt him against her swollen labia, her heart pounding just slighlty harder as he rolled his fingers upon her flesh, then in one glorious instant she felt his fingers slide upon her clitoris. A tremendous explosion ripped through her body as anticipation realized and his fingers slid back and forth wondrously upon her clitoris, slowly massaging her. Each and every stroke sending a new wave of heated passion rolling through her body.

More and more she wanted him, her heart pounding beneath her breast, her muscles quivering with delight. She felt her lovers fingers slowly retreating from her wetness. She hadn't wanted it to end. His hand cupping her quivering pussy as she felt him lift her from the chair. She groaned as the palm of his hand pressed against her, a constant buzz ringing through her hips as he carried her from the chair.

He turned her in his arms as he sat her upon the barbeque's hotplate, she could feel it's warmth soaking through her flesh as her lover slipped her skirt from her body. She wrapped her legs around his hips, her arms around his neck as their foreheads rested against one another, a deep loving stare exchanged a lengthy conversation as she gazed into her lovers eyes.

She lifted his shirt from off his body, revealing his torso. She traced her fingers along his chest as she leaned in and enveloped a nipple in her mouth, her tongue dancing joyfully with it as she removed his belt, letting his pants fall freely to the ground.

His fingers traced up and down along her back. She could feel his throbbing hard cock against her thigh. She couldn't wait to have him inside of her. Pressed against her lips, then effortlessly he slid inside. Christine gasped with pleasure as he filled her, his shaft pressed against her goddess spot. Her fingers clenching at his shoulders as pleasure constricted her body, squeezing for all it was worth. His tongue once more frolicking upon the nape of her neck.

Slowly he rocked back and forth. She could feel him sliding in and out of her. Every thrust pressing against her spot.
'Oh my god,' She whispered, her lips pressed against his ear as he thrust once more, once more hitting the spot, once more creating another explosion of delight, bringing one step closer to nirvana.

Her heart began to beat harder and harder as he thrust faster and faster. Christine tried to moan, tried, to gasp, tried to scream, but her body could form nothing more than a rhythmic whimper in unison with every joyful thrust that she could feel through every inch of her being.

She could feel her muscles tightening. Her pussy slowly beginning to clench down upon his cock, devouring it, her breathing shallowed, all that she could hear was the sound of a waterfall in her ears.
'Faster!' She managed to cry as the pleasure intensified. Harder and harder, faster and faster he thrust within her. Her goddess spot engorged with ecstasy. Suddenly an involuntary scream gushed forth from her body as it tried to vent the pleasure, tried to release the euphoria that it could not contain.

Her body exploded as the orgasm ripped through her body. Together they let forth pleasured cries, her pussy clenching down hard upon his cock, her muscles tremoring her flesh afire as she came upon him, her juices flowing freely as together they came hard. Her back arched as her muscles rippled with bliss. Her senses in overload as her heart pounded beneath her heaving breasts. The orgasm rippling through the very fiber of her being.

Christine gasped for air, as she tried to regain her swimming mind. Her body slowly descending from the clouds as her heart began to retake it's normal pace. She smiled as her lover cupped her cheek in his hand, his lips pressed against hers in a gentle kiss. She could still feel him inside of her
'I love you,' He whispered in her ear as he hugged her close to his chest. A loving embrace within the night. Christine sighed a contented sigh, she tried to reply but she could not form the words. Her body still recovering from the orgasm. She smiled as she realized that they had christened the barbeque with their wondrous embrace, their delightful encounter, their barbeque delight.
© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Eruption

Mine eyes do behold you standing erect,
My fingers around you, a pulse, a throb,
A pleasured moan from you do I detect,
As lips envelop your pulsating knob.

Slowly I take you deeper I swallow ,
Into my mouth your shaft it disappears,
Upon your flesh my tongue dances tango,
Towards your eruption do I now steer.

Back and forth my hot mouth slides upon you,
Working you closer and closer to bliss,
I feel you pulsating and throbbing too,
I hear your moans I continue to kiss,

A sudden explosion of hot fluid,
Fills my mouth with a hot sweet tasting flood

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Upon her Fingers

It was the the thought that first came came to her as she sat on the chair, reading her book peacefully. Perhaps it had been the silence, perhaps it had been the novel with which she was engrossed, perhaps the soft scent of lavender that wafted in through the open window. She didn't know what it was that triggered the thought, but the thought had started a sequence.

The thought of a hot forceful tongue gliding upon her clitoris made her lips swell with anticipation. Her mind wandered into the realm of possibilities as she sat there staring blankly at the page, unable to read as thoughts of tantalizing sexuality frolicked upon the forefront of her mind.

She could feel the tingle of desire. Slowly spreading through her body like a vine. Her heart beating that little bit faster as memories danced across her minds eye. Fantasies playing upon her imagination. Desire welling up within her body teasing at her flesh.

She tried to push the thoughts of fancy from her mind. But it was not to be. Wanton lust had bitten upon her and refused to let her be, plaguing her mind with images, her memories recalling sensuous feelings of pleasure. A deep breath breath filled her lungs as she tried to ignore the feelings. But she was torn, a battle being waged within her, her body begging for pleasure, a plea that she could not leave unheeded.

Closing her eyes she rested her head back against the comfortable chair. A smile crossing her soft lips as the movie reel of her memory replayed highlights of encounters past, blissful orgasms that had shaken her body, dancing tongues and magic fingers. The stimulation of her senses. The tongue upon her clitoris, the finger upon her goddess spot. A kiss of passion, the taste of a lover upon her lips.

Her body burned with desire, her flesh tingling, as she pondered upon the past. She raised a hand, her fingers tracing the fabric of her shirt, slowly climbing the mound of her breast, she imagined a mans fingers, perhaps a woman's fingers closing in upon her nipple, a nipple whose outline could be clearly seen through her shirt. Her breath quivered slightly as her fingertips softly rubbed across her nipple. Small circles of delight rushing through her body from the epicenter of joy.

Another hand upon her thigh. She felt her flesh, the soft silky smooth skin beneath her fingertips inflamed with burning passion as they traced upwards, slowly lifting her skirt. She could feel her panties. Feel her hotness waiting beneath the material. She could not believe how wet she had become, already beginning to soak through her panties.

Her finger slid beneath. The hotness enveloping her finger as she moaned a pleasured moan. A finger upon her clitoris. A finger upon her nipple. Her jaw opened wide as pleasure overtook her.

Back and forth she rubbed, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her body. A massage of desirable ecstasy invigorating her body. Round and around her finger trailed covered in her juices, stimulating her clitoris. Teasing her body with delight. Faster and faster she began to move, her hips involuntarily gyrating back and forth in rhythm with her finger.

A gentle moan as lovers past flashed across her mind. Imagination conjuring pictures of the divine. A second finger slid between her lips, the clitoris wedged between. Back and forth she slid, her heart beating harder and harder as she moved faster and faster.

She could feel her muscles tightening. More and more she wanted it to come, more and more she desired it. Harder and harder she rubbed. Her heart beating wildly, her body burning. She could feel the orgasm building within her, she could feel her pussy clenching tightly.

Faster and faster her fingers moved, shrill cries of bliss erupting from deep within her as pleasure roared through her body. Her fingers danced blissfully with her clitoris.

Her back arched. A sudden euphoric scream erupted from within her very soul. Her muscles tightened and shuddered, her flesh erupted her pussy convulsed. Her heart exploded. The orgasm tearing through her flesh, through her body the pleasure roared with all fury and intensity. Her scream ongoing as the pleasure rolled onwards as she came upon her fingers.
© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Heavenly Euphoria

The room was dark as Kelly entered into it, just a soft orange glow peeking in through a crack in the curtain cast a dull glow about the room. Just enough for her to see the slight silhouettes of the bedroom furniture, a desk in the corner by which sat a wardrobe, and a small single bed tucked away in the opposite corner. Slowly she pushed the door closed, trying not to make any noise as the latch slowly clicked into place.

Silently she tiptoed across the floor, the soft carpet beneath her toes felt good. She strained her eyes in the darkness, trying to see as they slowly adjusted. Lying peacefully unawares Charli slept. Her body tucked away beneath the sheets. Kelly gently bit upon her bottom lip as her eyes wandered over Charli's body. She knew that Charli had never been with a woman before. But the lustful desire that was burning within her could not be sated, it urged her onwards.

Carefully she slunk into the bed, sliding beneath the blankets. She could feel the warmth emanating from Charli's body. The excited anticipation was excruciating. She didn't know how Charli would respond, she could feel herself swelling at the thought of what was too come.

She placed a hand upon Charli's stomach and felt the warmth of her flesh as she gently rubbed it back and forth. Charli did not stir. Kelly leaned in and gently pressed her lips against Charli's. A stolen kiss in the night that flooded Kelly's body with tantalizing sensations. Still Charli did not stir.

Kelly's hand wandered upwards beneath Charli's shirt, climbing the mound of her breast gently brushing her palm against Charli's nipple. Once more she gently kissed upon her lips. Charli's breath quivered as she stirred, her eyes opening as she arose from her slumber.

Charli's sleep-filled eyes where greeted with the smiling face of her roommate hovering just centimeters from hers. She could feel her hand on her breast. Her mind swam with questions. She didn't know what to think as once more Kelly leaned in towards her. Their lips meeting in a soft kiss. She felt Kelly's tongue against her own. Her heart began to beat harder and harder as she awoke fully.

After but a moment of hesitation Charli returned the kiss. Losing each other in a moment of bliss as their hands explored every inch of flesh within reach. Together they removed their shirts. Their kiss reaching heightened passions as their breasts met together flesh upon flesh.

Their lips tingled with wanton desire as they kissed, their tongues dancing a lovers dance, their hips slowly grinding back and forth one against the other sending signals of sensuous pleasure rolling through their bodies.

Kelly was the first to pull away from the kiss. Charli let out a simple moan as Kelly kissed upon her neck.
'Oh Charli,' She moaned in a pleasured tone as she felt her friends tongue upon her flesh. Slowly moving downwards. Kiss after kiss upon her burning flesh. Charli's heart beat wildly with joy as Kelly's tongue slid across her breast. Tracing upon her flesh, encircling her pert nipple. Teasing her with her hot breath.

Charli gasped as Her lips enveloped her nipple. The soft warm wetness of her mouth encasing her nipple sending an explosion of pleasure through her body. Charli's hands rubbed along Kelly's back, as once more Kelly's mouth moved downwards, down, and down. Across her stomach. Each kiss creating a new explosion, each kiss bringing a new moan, each kiss fueling the fire that burnt within her.

Kelly paused for a moment, the sweet scent of Charli's wet pussy wafted up to her nostrils. She smiled for a moment, her deliberate hot breaths washing over her friends labia, titillating her senses. Charli moaned as she placed a hand upon Kelly's head, her fingers running through her hair as she pushed her downwards.

Kelly's lips pressed against Charli's, her tongue sliding upon her clitoris. Charli gasped with delight and let forth a tremendous groan as delight gripped her body tightly. Her body shuddered as her clitoris danced wondrously with Kelly's tongue. She could feel the pleasure rising. Feel the orgasm building within her as her muscles tightened. Back and forth her tongue danced joyfully, slow and fast, hard and soft, back and forth it flicked and slid. Her heart beating harder and harder. Her mind racing with emptiness as one long continuous moan gurgled fro deep within her.

Charli's breathing was quick and shallow as she gasped for air as Kelly stopped heaven's kiss and climbed on top of her. Once more she kissed Charli, their tongues dancing together again as their hips joined. Their swollen lips pressed together, their juices flowing freely upon one another as they slowly rocked back and forth their clitoris meeting in glorious splendor.

Together they moaned and groaned as the pleasure rose. Back and forth they rocked. Faster and faster, their hearts beating harder and harder as together they rushed towards the bliss of orgasm. More and more the ecstasy gripped upon their flesh, tearing at their bodies, squeezing them, constricting them. Heavenly screams of passion created a chorus within the room as their clits clashed together.

Together they screamed loudly as the orgasm took hold of their bodies. Their muscles quivering, their bodies shuddering. Charli arched her back as she lost control of herself as the orgasm took over. Rippling signals of sensations washing through their bodies as they came one upon the other, their pussies kissing delightfully exchanging their juices as their bodies erupted in heavenly euphoria.
© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blissful Unity

Their lip pressed against each other. Their hearts racing as their hands wildly explored each others bodies running along the curves feeling every inch. Their flesh pressed together as their legs entwined and their tongues danced. A passionate embrace enveloping them making time stand still as they slowly rolled back and forth across the bed, the sheets and blankets crumpling beneath their bodies.

Angelina could feel passions desire burning within her flesh as the kiss continued on, her lips tingling, her heart pounding, her mind swimming with delight. Each and every moment that passed made her labia swell even further with the thought of what was to come. The pleasure that would arise, the nirvana that would ensue. She could feel her lovers throbbing dick against her thigh, it's warm velvety flesh pressing against hers.

Angelina moaned a gentle moan as his fingers brushed against her swollen lips, a flood of pleasure released from the dam sending shivering sensations down her spine. Delectable delight titillating her senses as his skilled fingers invited her clitoris to dance. Soft gentle moans, one after the other crossing her lips as back and forth his finger slid along her wetness.
Her hand wrapped around his penis. Her slender fingers encircling his shaft. She held it tightly as she stroked back and forth. His moans and hers mixing together and wafting into the air as they both continued to pleasure one another. Sensuous sensations rolling through their bodies like waves of glory. Heightened passions flowing through their veins. More and more she wanted him, wanted him deep inside of her, she wanted to feel herself clenching down upon him devouring him.

Angelina felt his fingers dig into the flesh of her back, pulling her closer as he ran them down her spine. Further down they moved. She felt him squeeze her cheek as he continued to slid his finger back and forth across her clitoris. Her heart skipped a beat as she felt the tip of his finger rub gently against her hole. A sudden flood of mixed signals flooded through her body, her mind questioned for but a moment as his finger slowly brushed back and forth against the sensitive flesh.

Tighter she squeezed her fingers against her lovers cock, he moaned in approval, his moan sending tingling vibrations through her lips as they kissed. Angelina's eyes widened as she felt his finger slowly slide inside of her. She had never done this before. The flood of pleasure rolled through her body. His fingers stimulating her in a way that she had never dreamed. The sensations intriguing, she rolled over, putting her lover on his back breaking off all contact except for the feeling of flesh against flesh. Slowly she lowered herself, she could feel his hardness lodged between her breasts. She looked up at him, their eyes locking, messages of lustful passion exchanged silently between smiling eyes. She smiled as she moved further downwards. Her hot breath washing across his cock caused it to kick.

Slowly she took him into her mouth, her lips wrapping around his helmet, her tongue sliding along his shaft, a moan escaping his lungs. She felt him sit up as she swallowed him further and further, deeper and deeper into her mouth. His hands rubbing down her back. His fingertips like fire upon her flesh as she slowly gyrated her hips back and forth grinding her clitoris against the blankets that had bunched beneath her. Up and down she moved upon his penis. Her tongue titillating his flesh, stimulating herself as she did so. Moans escaped from within both of them providing an atmosphere of sexual desire. She felt his hands upon her ass cheeks once more, squeezing them, tracing his fingertips upon her flesh, her heart beating harder and harder as she moved faster and faster upon the blankets, she could feel and orgasm coming. Harder and harder she sucked upon him as his finger once more brushed against her hole.

Angelina gasped as she felt his finger slide inside of her tight hole once more. His finger sliding back and forth in her ass as she gyrated upon the blankets her pelvis tightening, her muscles quivering as she felt herself rushing towards orgasm. Harder and harder she sucked, faster and faster she moved. A constant moan of pleasure escaping her lips as she did so. Vibrations rocketing through his pounding penis.

She moaned loudly as the orgasm hit her. Her body shuddering as it rolled through her body, her heart exploding with joy as wondrous bliss rolled through her body. No sooner had the orgasm begun to abate then her lover pushed her away putting her onto her back. Before she knew what was happening she felt his lips against hers, his tongue sliding across her clitoris. Her legs shook as he passionately kissed her.

Her lover wedged her legs upon his shoulders as he rose up and kissed her. She could taste herself upon his tongue, the sweet delectable taste of her juices. She gasped and dug her fingers into his back as he thrust himself deep inside of her. Almost instantly she felt the orgasm rising as his shaft jammed against her spot. Her heart exploding as he thrust back and forth harder and harder, deeper and deeper.

Angelina screamed an orsgasmic scream as a powerful orgasm gripped her body. Her muscles ripped apart with euphoric delight as she felt herself devour him clenching down upon him. Her entire body engulfed with bliss as the orgasm rolled through every inch of her flesh.
She was gasping for breath as she felt her lovers hand upon her shoulder, rolling her over. Her heart beating loudly in her ears as she rolled onto her stomach. His hands upon her hips, lifting her, she felt him behind her. She smiled as she felt his throbbing cock against her engorged lips. She rose a finger and gently began to stroke her clitoris. A wave of sensations rolling through her body. She felt him press against her, felt his head pressing against her tight hole. Felt him wanting to come inside.

Slowly she pushed back against him, she gasped as she felt him slowly sliding into her asshole. Filling her, a flood of pleasure and pain rocketing through her body. She wedged her clitoris between two fingers and massaged it back and forth as he slowly thrust in and out of her tight hole.

In perfect unison she stroked against her clitoris as he thrust himself into her. The pleasure intense. Without warning she felt a tremendous orgasm rip through her flesh. A powerful scream erupting from her very soul as she felt her body explode.
'Faster!' She screamed to which her lover quickly obeyed thrusting faster and faster deeper and deeper within her, her fingers dancing wildly with her clitoris as the orgasm rolled through her body, more intense than anything she had ever experienced. She heard her lover moaning as he thrust back and forth, harder and harder faster and faster. She felt her head swimming as one final orgasmic explosion tore through her flesh, she felt her head spin, felt her muscles burning as together they came in blissful unity.
© Jessica Carmichael 2009