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Monday, June 29, 2009

Heaven is here

A moan escapes from somewhere inside me,
Throughout my body enjoyment marches,
Widened are my eyes as pleasure holds me,
My jaw it quivers as my back arches.

I feel every inch as you slide inside,
An explosion tearing throughout my hips,
Hard upon my goddess spot you do ride,
With every thrust you rub against my clit.

I feel myself rising to heights unknown,
Harder faster and deeper do you throw,
Racing towards bliss do I hear you moan,
More and more I scream the sensations grow.

Together we scream, our heaven is here,
As we both come and hold each other near.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Desiring the Forbidden

A stolen kiss my heart desires now
Eyes of wanton lust upon my breasts
To have and to hold to both do I vow
Wanting lustfully for the meeting flesh

A furtive glance cast in your direction
Our eyes do meet a smile upon our lips
Oh how to journey without detection
A hidden place for the meeting of hips

My soul yearns after you burning desire
But it is a love forbidden to me
A deep lust of which sets my flesh afire
To have you by me, together us be

Alas the chances of our meet are gone
But I be still for you I do so long

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Within the Clouds

Violet sat upon a small clump of grass, she could feel the cool damp soaking through her pants but she didn't mind, she captivated by the beauty that surrounded her. As she had been trekking up the mountainside she had been in awe of the cloud held captive by the mountains side, it had been a sight truly to behold. But now within the cloud was a surreal experience that she felt would never be surpassed. The dampness of the air soaking into her clothes. Little golden beams of light penetrating through the misty cloud casting dancing rainbows across the luscious green grass if they hit the crystal water just so. All about the blanket of splendid green a menagerie of multicolored flowers poked their heads swaying in the gentle breeze, dancing with the clouds of mist that draped about them like incorporeal lovers.

Violets eyes wandered from the beauty of nature that was painted before her to the man that sat beside her. His eyes were upon her. She wondered if the glint in his eye was produced by images of them rolling naked upon the grass. He leaned in, a gentle kiss upon her cheek before retreating his eyes wandering about the shrouded scenery. Her mind wandered as her eyes traced his chiseled jaw, cloaked in a five o'clock shadow that tiny droplets of glistening dew clung to, she wondered, pondered about the possibilities, begging to know what it would be like to make love whilst in a cloud.

His eyes came back to her, he could see the twinkle, the hint of desire upon her lips. He leaned in. Violet closed her eyes as he drew closer, his lips so close that she could almost feel them, her lips buzzing with anticipation. So much so that when his lips pressed against hers pleasant waves of passion ebbed throughout her body. She lifted her hand and rubbed her fingers through his hair, it was cold and wet, he wrapped his arm about her and they continued to kiss a passions kiss.

His tongue upon hers their tongues dancing a gentle waltz, her mind begged a million things but she couldn't hear a single one, enveloped by the moment, encased by the cloud. Slowly she lay back, their lips never parting, consuming each other, drinking in the essence of one another as romantic passion took hold of their bodies.

Their hands traveled over the vastness of their bodies exploring one another, a conversation spoken in their kiss. Her heart pounding beneath her breast, she swelled at the thought of what was too be. Her lover atop her, she could feel his throbbing penis pressed against her, slowly she rhythmically rocked back and forth, every movement she could feel him throb just as her.
Her flesh tingling as she enjoyed heaven's kiss. She could feel the muscles tightening on his back every time that he pressed against her. She could feel the cool fresh drops of water running from his face onto hers. She quivered with delight as his hand fell upon her breast. A gentle stimulation upon her nipple from his skilled fingers. Their lips parted, Violet wanted the kiss to last forever.

As his lips pressed against her neck his tongue flashed across her flesh, a sudden and intense burst of euphoric bliss gripped Violet's body and she gasped as her eyes went wide with delight.
'Oh god I love you,' He spoke softly into her ear, his lips brushing gently against her ear as he spoke, his voice deep and soothing inciting feelings within her of loving passion. She felt his hand slide beneath her shirt, felt his fingers against her skin, felt the fire that they brought, and the goosebumps that trailed after.
'I love your fingers,' Violet moaned as his fingers moved up her body, slowly ascending her breast, heading for the pinnacle, tingles and goosebumps roaring through her flesh as he approached her nipple. Her breath quivered once more, a pleasures gasp as his fingers reached the summit. Pleasure rolling through her body in victorious applause of the successful climb.
He moaned a gentle moan as he lifted her shirt, exposing her breast, his lips enveloping her nipple. She moaned, the pleasure seemingly too much to bare as his tongue played upon her. She could feel the light stubble of his face against the soft supple skin of her breast. He pulled free from his prize to lift her shirt from her body, she mirrored his movements revealing the toned sculpture that lay beneath.

He sat atop her, his hands gently tracing about her stomach as he gazed lovingly into her eyes. The cloud clinging to his body, shimmering droplets slowly running down his chest, down his stomach, twinkling in the golden light, a surreal image that Violet knew would bring a contented smile to her face for many years too come. His hands moved across her stomach, upwards, she felt him cup her breasts as lowered himself downwards.
Another kiss, another slice of heaven, a moment of bliss enveloping their bodies. Passion rising. Hear heart beating harder as his lips left hers. A kiss upon her chin, a kiss upon her neck. His lips upon her flesh between her breasts. Her muscles quivered as he kissed upon her stomach. She felt his hands upon her pants. Felt the buttons coming undone, every pop of a button undone sending a surge of sensations gushing through her body.

His lips kissing her flesh just above the line of her pants as he slowly slid them from her legs. Her body writhed in passion as his tongue traced about the outline of her panties. Violet groaned, unable to form a word as his lips pressed against hers, he could taste her through her panties, she could feel his lips.

Slowly he pulled her panties free, Violet lay there, her fingers running back and forth through the soft wet grass, she could feel his lips just above hers, feel his hot deliberate breaths washing wondrously over her, teasing her. But she could not take it. She lay her hands upon his head. Her fingers entangling amongst his hair as she gently pushed his head down towards her.
'My god,' She gasped in amazement as his lips met against hers, his tongue flicking upon her. An explosion erupting from deep within her. Her eyes rolled as a deep powerful moan came from within her. The pleasure intensifying as he passionately kissed her. Her heart beating harder and harder, faster and faster. Back and forth she slowly rocked as his tongue devoured her.
He moaned with pleasure, just the thought of her enjoyment made him throb, his moans vibrating through her clitoris sending shots of sensuous bliss rocketing through her burning flesh. A finger slid inside of her. He could feel her wetness, she could feel herself clenching down upon him. He curled his fingers upwards.
'Oh shit!' she screamed as he pressed against her goddess spot, she heard her voice echo back to her through the valley below. Her back arched as he slid his fingers back and forth stimulating her in a way that she had not been for a long time. A long uncontrollable moan her bodies way of venting the intense pleasure. Simultaneously his tongue flicked against her clitoris, her body quivering as her muscles tightened. She could feel the pleasure rising, feel the intensity. She wanted it to last forever but she was unsure if she could take but a moment more.
More and more he played upon her, his lips, his tongue, his fingers, wondrously working within her. Her heart beat harder and harder beneath her heaving breasts. She gasped for air between the long uncontrolled moans. She felt herself rushing towards the line, speeding towards the nirvana. An intense urge within her arose. Her jaw locked open as she begged for more, and begged for it too end.
Suddenly the explosion tore through her, her passioned scream ringing out loudly across the land below, she cared not who heard. She felt herself clenching down tightly upon his fingers, as she came upon him, she felt her juices flowing freely into his mouth. Her muscles quivering and shuddering violently as the orgasm worked throughout her body.

Violet's breaths were deep ones as she tried desperately to catch her breath, her head spinning from the pleasure as her lover once more lay upon her, she could feel his throbbing penis once more pressed against her lips. Her eyes rolled as a residual wave of pleasure rolled through her body.
'I love making you come.' He whispered into her ear. His words sending a shiver of delight down her spine. A smile broke across her lips as she rolled him onto his back.
'I love it when you make me come.' Violet replied coyly as she gently kissed him. She could still feel herself throbbing, reminding her of the pleasure that she had just embraced. She kissed upon his nipple. The cool moisture of the cloud tasted divine upon his flesh. Down she moved. She felt his hard shaft against her breasts as she kissed his stomach she saw his muscles quiver slightly.

Violet wrapped her hand about the base of his penis. She felt a strong throb in response. Slowly she encased his head within her soft and gentle lips. Her tongue slowly tracing circles about it. His deep moans inciting feelings within her once more. Slowly she took more of him into her mouth, her tongue massaging his shaft. Down she moved, she felt him against the back of her throat. She let out a slight moan, causing a larger moan in her lover. Back and forth she slid upon him. Her tongue dancing upon his hard flesh.
'Oh god I love you,' He groaned as she slowly slid her mouth up his shaft, sucking upon him, sliding her tongue upon his flesh.

Suddenly he sat up, his hands upon her shoulders as he guided her to the ground once more, the soft wet grass catching her.
Violet's eyes rolled once more as he slid inside of her filling her up. His shaft pressed against her spot. She groaned as he slid back and forth. Once more her heart began to beat harder and harder as he thrust against her.
'Oh god!' Violet exclaimed as a sudden surge roared through her body, her heart exploding as she felt the orgasm rising within her once more. Her lover's passionate moans ringing in her ears.
'Faster,' She begged through pants of ecstasy as he thrust deeper and deeper, harder and harder, faster and faster.

She felt once more her body shuddering with delight as her pussy devoured him clenching down hard upon him as together they came. Their passionate cries ringing out across the valley, their bodies, their souls joining in blissful unity as they entered into heaven on earth. Coming one upon the other.
'I love you,' Her lover said as he gently kissed her. Violet could still feel him throbbing inside of her occasionally, she herself throbbing as the pleasure continued to ebb through her body. He lay atop her, a smile upon their faces.

Violet watched as he reached over and picked a flower that lay beside them. He held it before her face.
'In all of God's creation, and all it's beauty, nothing compares to you.' He said softly as he tucked the flower behind her ear.
'I love you,' Violet replied with a contented smile as she wrapped her arms around him, enjoying her bliss within the clouds.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Spa

The foaming water bubbled vigorously about Belinda's breasts. The pressured jets of streaming water massaging upon her flesh. A contented smile crossed her soft lips as she lay back her head and closed her eyes. The gentle scent of lavender wafting upon the air rising from the flickering candles that illuminated the bathroom in a gentle orange glow.
The peaceful atmosphere soaked deep into Belinda's body, every inch of her mind, body, and soul slowly relaxing, refreshing from the trials of the day. She picked up the glass of wine that sat on the edge of the spa, the cool glass upon her lips as she took a small sip. She felt divine, as though she were in heaven floating upon a cloud.
Belinda heard the bathroom door open and close, she opened her eyes to see her husband slowly undressing before her, the steam rising from the luxuriously heated water swirling about his body as he removed his pants. The swirling mists clinging to his body, condensation forming upon his toned torso. Shimmering in the light of the candles.
She watched him as he stepped into the spa, his naked body slowly disappearing beneath the foaming water as he slowly lowered himself down beside her. She felt a tingle of excitement briefly brush through her hips as their sides connected, flesh, upon flesh within the warm water.
'How was your day?' Belinda's husband questioned, his voice soothing. Belinda rolled her eyes in response to his question as he leaned back placing his arm around her shoulders.
'That good,' He replied sarcastically as she lay her head upon his chest, she could hear his heart beating beneath his flesh, the soft rhythmic pounding relaxing her even further.
'I love you,' He said as his hand rubbed down the length of her back, his fingertips brushing slightly against her buttocks. She swelled at the thought of having him inside of her. His lips pressed against her forehead, a reassuring kiss, a relaxing kiss, a kiss that told her that all would be well.
Another hand brushed against her cheek, then traipsed across the nape of her neck. Belinda's breath quivered ever so slightly with the sensual stimulation. Onwards the fingers journeyed, traveling across her shoulder and down upon her breast. She could feel the blood beginning to pump throughout her as his finger slowly traced circles around her nipple, taking care never to touch, teasing with their closeness. Beneath the water the fingers moved, following the curves of her body, tracing the flesh upon her stomach.
Belinda shifted her legs, she wanted his fingers upon her, she wanted his fingers to rub against her, she wanted his fingers inside of her. A gentle moan of pleasure crossed her lips as his fingers brushed by her, tickling upon her thigh, tortuously close to her lips, but finger and lips they did not meet. The fingers moving further down her thigh, her muscles quivered with delight. The anticipation building, she knew that he could not reach beyond her knee.
His fingers moved once more, rubbing once more along her thigh, closer he moved towards her lips, with every passing moment the anticipation rose within her. Her heart beating harder and harder as closer and closer he drew. Gently she bit upon her lip, the anticipation almost to much to bare as his fingers neared her, but then they veered away, tracing the flesh of her hip, moving onwards and then journeying across her buttocks.
Up her back his fingers moved, slowly making their way around her side, once more climbing upon her breast. The sensations building within her flesh. His finger brushed against her nipple, a wave of glory burst through her flesh as round and round his finger moved dancing generously with her pert nipple.
Down and down his finger moved, from off her breast, across her stomach, downwards and downwards. His free hand lifted her chin, he gazed lovingly into her eyes, his fingers nearing as he leaned in, his soft wet lips pressed against hers, she felt his tongue sliding upon hers as his fingers brushed upon the flesh of her lips.
Belinda moaned once more with pleasure as they kissed, his fingers massaging upon her lips. Her flesh beginning to burn with desire as the kiss slowly drifted from the realms of gentle intimacy to burning passion. Her heart beating harder and faster as his fingers continued massaging her lips, still he did not enter. More and more she moaned the pleasure mounting, she wanted his fingers to dance upon her clitoris wanted them to meet in euphoria.
Her eyes rolled, a deep and powerful moan escaping her soul as his fingers rubbed against her clitoris.
'Oh god,' She breathed as the feeling embraced her. His fingers sliding back and forth against her. One finger on either side of her clitoris, wedging it between, back and forth he rubbed.
Belinda slowly rocked her pelvis back and forth to meet his fingers wondrous movements. Her heart pounding harder and harder as he moved. The pleasure rising, she could feel her muscles tightening. Her body trying to contain the imminent explosion.
She cried aloud in ecstasy as he plunged his fingers deep inside of her. Her tightness clenching down upon him as he slid back and forth, his fingertips jamming against her goddess spot. Her heart exploding with every contact. More and more he thrust against her. More and more his fingers triggered larger and larger explosions of pleasure that ripped through her pelvis. Her body could contain it no more.
An uncontrollable cry of passion roared from within her lungs as the orgasm ripped through her body, devouring her, her flesh exploding with a tingling of passion, her muscles quivering and rippling with bliss, her mind silent as the orgasm fed upon her.
Belinda felt her husband slowly slide his fingers from within her, the very action sending waves of pleasure rolling through her already ravaged body. His hands guided her to move, blissful and content she obliged as she positioned herself upon her knees.
'Oh god,' She gasped as she clasped upon the side of the spa. The wondrous jet of streaming water gushing upon her clitoris, invigorating it with it's constant flow.
'Oh fuck,' She gasped as the pleasure once more began to rise. She felt her husband behind her. Belinda felt his head against her, felt his head against her lips, begging for entry. The jet of water still flowing upon her clitoris
'Oh shit!' She screamed loudly as he slipped inside of her, he too moaned as her tight pussy clenched down upon him, another orgasm tearing through her, the stimulation to much to bare. Her body exploding.
Back and forth he thrust against her, his deep moans echoing in her ears. The jet of water flowing against her pulsating clitoris. His hard shaft rubbing against her clitoris. The orgasm intensifying. Her body clenching hard as she screamed trying to vent the pleasure from her body. More and more, deeper and deeper, harder and harder he thrust. She could feel her muscles tightening, her body stiffening, she couldn't control it. She had surrendered control of her body to the orgasm. The orgasm that was now tearing upon her.
One final explosion ripped through her body. She felt her head swimming as together they screamed a lovers scream, together they came, one upon the other, her tight pussy devouring his penis as they climaxed together their juices flowing freely in the spa.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Passions Embrace

Upon her breast doth hot breath wash,
Her beating heart never to rest,
With passion her body awash,
His tongue dances upon her chest,

Pleasure rises skin set afire,
Bodies beg for loves sweet embrace,
Flesh entwined heights they do aspire,
Towards nirvana do they race,

Heaving chests and throes of passion,
Deeper and deeper do souls merge,
Moans loudly as bodies clashin',
Quivering thighs upon the verge,

Together lovers do voice content,
Side by side once more bodies now spent.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

The Lovers Kiss

Upon the lips doth other lips softly
Kiss upon the sensitive burning flesh
A tongue dances yet ever so gently
Burning with desire our lips amesh

The tongue slides back and forth bringing content
Your taste I love so sweet upon mine lips
Frolicking flicking on your clit doth tempt
My moans send pleasures signals through your hips

A finger slides deep inside I feel hot
your wetness is luring me deeper while
curling upwards against your goddess spot
Your eyes do roll, your mouth doth moan, I smile

Throes of passion, quaking muscles, then some
Upon mine own tongue doth your juices come.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

In the Office

Jenny sat behind her desk, staring aimlessly at the computer screen before her. She bit her lip slightly as her eyes flicked from the screen to the glass wall that lined her office looking out upon the rest of the floor. One of her co-workers flashing her a smile as she walked by the office. Jenny returned the smile. She wished that she had closed the blinds, but it was too late now. His tongue was licking upon her flesh titillating her thigh. Her co-workers oblivious to the man beneath her desk. Back and forth along her thigh his tongue moved. Each time he reached closer to her lips, the anticipation rising as he rushed towards her, then retreated, leaving her longing. She closed her eyes for a moment. She could feel the pleasure welling up within her, the anticipation arousing her as he kissed her quivering thighs.
Momentarily he hovered just above her, his hot lips tortuously close, she could feel his hot breath against her, each deliberate breath sending sensations through her body. She fought to stifle a moan. Lips pressed against lips, her heart pounding. A gentle kiss, their lips meeting then parting, but once was not enough, another kiss, lips once more meeting in passions embrace. Her body tingling with desire as he kissed upon her. But the simple kisses were just the beginning.
His lips pressed against hers one more time, his tongue rolling upon her she gasped with pleasure trying to stifle the pleasure from showing as his tongue frolicked upon her clitoris. She clutched upon the desk, his hands gripping upon her thighs as his mouth passionately kissed her. His tongue sliding across her clitoris. Harder she bit upon her lip as she clutched the desk tightly, back and forth his tongue slid gloriously across her. She wanted to scream as faster and faster his tongue slid across her. Pleasure building deep within her, desire, lust, and euphoria welling up, her flesh burning as more and more he kissed her.
Without warning a finger slid within her, deep inside of her, she groaned softly as he slid back and forth, in and out of her. Her pussy devouring his finger each time he slid them within her curling up to meet her spot, triggering an explosion of pleasure that threatened to send her into an involuntary spasm of heated screams. More and more his tongue flicked against her, more and more his fingers pressed against her. Her heart beating harder and harder.
Pleasure rising as her arousal reached critical limits. More and more, closer and closer she felt herself coming to the orgasmic bliss. Once more he jammed against her goddess spot, it was all that she needed. She groaned uncontrollably, it was all she could do to fight off the scream as the orgasm gripped her body, her muscles quaking with delight, her eyes rolled as she arched her back. She shuddered as the orgasm rolled throughout her. She wanted more, she needed more.

Jenny rose from her seat and strode over to the blinds, pulling them closed, sectioning herself off from the rest of the workplace. She turned to find her lover standing behind her, a smile upon his face. She wrapped her arms around him and they kissed, she could taste herself upon his tongue, once more her flesh afire they stumbled back to her desk. Office clutter clattering to the ground as he lay back upon the desk.
She felt his head press against her lips, felt his throbbing erect penis preparing for entry.
'Oh god!' She gasped as he slipped inside of her. She could feel her tightness swallowing him in its entirety. His shaft pressed hard against her spot. Almost instantly she felt the orgasm returning. Her muscles tightening, her flesh burning, she gasped for oxygen as her head swam. Back and forth he thrust, together their pelvis' grinding passionately. Her heart beating harder and harder beneath her heaving chest as once more the orgasm rolled through her flesh, harder and harder he thrust, deeper and deeper, the orgasm intensifying. She struggled to contain the scream, struggled to contain the powerful orgasm that had laid hold of her but she could not. A powerful scream erupted from within her.
'Oh fuck,' She screamed. 'I'm coming, I'm coming.' She gasped as her pussy clenched down tightly upon his cock, still he thrust. Harder and harder. His pelvis grinding upon her clitoris, his shaft jamming against her spot. Faster and faster deeper and deeper.
'Oh god!' Jenny screamed drawing out the emphasis on her words as the pleasure reached intolerable heights, once more a powerful orgasm tearing upon her flesh, her muscles exploding with delight, She heard him moaning through her screams as together they came. The orgasm intense as she came upon him, a smile upon their lips as the bliss enveloped them. She loved sex in the office.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009


The waterfall roared all about them almost as loudly as her blood pumped in her ears. Her heart beating so hard she thought that it would burst from her heaving chest. The water crashed down all about them as they danced an exotic dance. Nipping upon one anothers bare flesh with their teeth as their hands rubbed vigorously across each others skin. Together their bodies would rush together their flesh pressed, she could feel his penis throbbing against her, begging to be let in, their lips met as their tongues parried and lunged back and forth. Then they would break away once more, circling each other, their eyes locked in a lustful gaze, the water cascading down across their bodies. Once more they would come at each other their bodies entwining as they kissed each others flesh.
'She yelped with delight as his teeth nipped at her breast, her teeth pinching at his neck. A smile crossed her face as he lifted her from the pool and placed her upon the smooth rock ledge behind the veil of cascading water that made up the main waterfall. Cool water fell down across her naked body, she could feel it like fingers massaging across her flesh. Her heart beat wildly as her lover lifted himself from the water. She felt his skin against hers. Felt his hot lips against her stomach. Her breath quivered as his tongue moved across her flesh, a mix of fire and ice. She yearned to have him. Desire building within him as she lay her hand upon his penis stroking back and forth as he kissed upon her neck. She groaned as his fingers pressed against her clitoris, her thighs shuddered with delight as he slid his finger back and forth. The water pounding against her flesh as his fingers moved back and forth, desire building. More and more faster and faster he moved. She could feel herself tightening with anticipation. She could feel the lust burning within her veins coursing through her body.
Mischa pulled him on top of her she gazed deeply into his eyes, their chests heaving up and down in unison. He smiled as he lowered himself. Her breath quivered and her muscles tensed as his hot breath washed across her lips fighting with the icy water. Suddenly his tongue plunged within her the water cascading down about his warm tongue felt divine. Back and forth his hot tongue flicked blow after blow agaisnt her clitoris, he moaned with delight, the vibrations reverberating through her body. She moaned with pleasure as his tongue slid back and forth. Suddenly his finger was inside her. Back and forth it slid, she clenched herself upon it. Her heart beating wildly as he pressed against her goddess spot. Wave after wave of euphoria rushing through her body in unending bliss. His fingers massaging at her breast. She groaned with delight as he thrust his fingers deeper and deeper inside her jamming their tips against her spot as his tongue frolicked with her clitoris.
'Oh fuck!' She screamed as she felt her body tensing, felt the pleasure becoming unbrearably intense. Her head swimming. He sucked her clitoris hard pinching it between his lips. Mischa screamed as the pleasure roared through her body.
'More,' She gasped as his tongue flicked across her clitoris. Pleasure rolling through her body. Harder and harder he pressed against her spot, faster and faster, she felt herself teetering upon the brink of orgasm, she wished for the feeling to last forever.
'Shit' Mischa gasped as he slipped inside of her. Her tightness swallowing him with ease, she could feel every inch of him. Her eyes widened as he thrust deep inside of her, pressing hard against her spot with his rigid cock. She gasped over and over as he thrust over and over, deeper and deeper, faster and faster, harder and harder. She could feel the orgasm building, she could feel her body rushing towards nirvana. More and more he thrust against her, their pelvis' colliding together, every time they did she felt him grin against her clitoris in unison with his shaft jamming against her spot creating an indescribable sensation that engulfed her very being. Harder and harder her heart pounded she felt as though it would tear through her breast. She gasped for air, her body tingling her head swimming, she felt as through she was going to pass out. Then it came.
She screamed loudly drowning out the din of the waterfall with her pleasured cry as the orgasm ripped through her body. The intense pleasure rippling through every fiber of her being. She felt her pussy devouring him wantonly as she came. Her muscles quaking with delight as she gasped for breath her eyes rolling her body exploding with pleasure. She wished the feeling would last forever, she wished that she could spend forever beneath the waterfall.

© Copyright Jessica Carmichael 2009

After Dark

Alicia wandered along the stone pathway that meandered through the park. The sound of her heels clicking rhythmically upon the cold hard surface the only noise that echoed across the calm night air. A myriad of stars twinkled overhead like glitter. Her mind wandered as she continued onwards, she had no particular destination in mind, just a simple stroll through the park to breath the fresh air deep into her lungs, and stretch her legs.
She came across a gazebo standing as a pinnacle in the center of the garden, it's towering peak rising into the black sky. She walked up the steps and sat upon the bench that melded its way around the edge. She glanced around herself, there was no one to be seen, nothing except for a handful of gently waving trees. Slowly she reclined, her back resting against the cold bench. She stared up at the ceiling of the gazebo. Her mind wandered, thoughts of fancy frolicked across her mind bringing a smile to her soft pink lips. She closed her eyes as fantasy lay its touch upon her. She heard footsteps approaching, the gentle thud of boots against stone slowly getting closer, she turned her head, a shadowy figure was making it's way down the path towards her. It was a man. He walked up the steps of the gazebo and sat on the bench with a sigh, apparently oblivious to Alicia's presence.
Alicia watched him silently for a moment.
'Sorry didn't see you there,' The man said as his eyes fell upon her. Alicia smiled as she sat up.
'Can't sleep?' The man questioned, Alicia shook her head. Fantasies still playing through her mind as she eyed him up and down. Alicia traced her finger across the top button of her white business shirt. Slowly running it along its circumference. Out of the corner of her eye she could see that the man had his gaze fixed upon her. She popped the button loose, a little more cleavage being released from beneath it's cover. The man shifted slightly in her seat, Alicia knew that she had him hooked. Another button slipped free, a little more flesh revealed.
The man rose from his seat and walked over to her, she looked up to him, their eyes meeting. She felt as though she could swim for eternity in his deep blue eyes. He knelt before her, she felt his fingers through her shirt. Another button popped free from it's hold, then another, then another, each button sending tingles of sensation through her body. He pulled aside her shirt, his lips pressed against her breast. Her breath quivered as he slid her shirt from her shoulders. He cupped her breasts in his hands as his lips kissed upon the nape of her neck his tongue flicking across her flesh sending passion burning through her veins. She felt her heart beat increasing as she pulled his shirt from him. His fingers danced across her flesh as they kissed. The anticipation rising, her juices of love flowing. The clasp of her bra came undone with ease, the two bodies entwined in passion. Exhilaration pumping adrenaline through her body, her body burning with desire. His lips against her flesh, his fingers burning across her. She felt his hand slip beneath her panties. His fingertips delicately dancing across her lips, she felt herself exploding with delight as he teased her, arousing her even further. Their tongues slid one upon the other rolling about titillating her taste buds. Her eyes rolled as his finger slid across her clitoris. A second hand cupping at her buttocks, squeezing gently. Her breath shallow and rhythmic as his fingers ran across her, pleasure roaring through her flesh as he stimulated her. Faster and faster his finger moved, more and more the pleasure intensified. Her heart beating harder and harder as he kissed upon her flesh with more an more passion. She felt him lift her off her seat, lifting her to a standing position, she gasped with delight as his finger slid inside of her. A new level of passions desire rolling through her body. Her thighs quivered as she stood there, her body pressed against his, his finger rolling vigorously against her clitoris, her heart pounding, she felt the orgasm building felt the sensations rising. The man quickly spun her around and then clutched her back to his chest, she felt his front pressed against her back, his arm reaching around her his finger sliding with ease across her clitoris back and forth it moved, harder and faster. Alicia felt that she could take no more, she felt her knees growing weak. Slowly she tipped forward, she reached out and clasped her hands upon the railing of the gazebo, still he rushed his finger across her clitoris, it was too much to bear. Her moans intensified, she cared not who heard. Her heart beating harder and harder as she placed her knees upon the seat. Back and forth his finger slid. She felt the orgasm rising rapidly. She felt him press against her, his head against her lips.
A scream of bliss echoed across the park as she felt him slide inside of her with ease. His shaft pressed hard against her spot. His fingers dancing blissfully across her clitoris, back and forth he thrust against her. She could feel every inch of him, she could feel her muscles clenching upon him. Her muscles tightening with every blissful thrust. Deeper and deeper he moved, harder and harder. Alicia moaned and groaned uncontrollably as the pleasure took over her body relieving her of her senses.
'Oh fuck!' She screamed over and over as he thrust himself deeper and deeper inside of her, his finger and his cock spreading euphoric joy through her body. Her muscles tightened, her breathing shallowed, her body burning, her mind screaming.
'I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming.' She gasped over and over again as the orgasm ripped through her body, her flesh rippling with pleasure, her muscles burning with lust as she felt herself coming hard upon his penis. Her muscles clenching it tightly, squeezing upon it. Her body reaching nirvana.
This, she decided was why she would take more walks in the park after dark.

© Copyright Jessica Carmichael 2009

Eoncounter with a God

The sun didn't reach down here, not to it's full extent, the overhead canopy of green fought back the light, letting only a few piercing golden spears break through it's powerful shield. Natanya made her way through the forestry, a calm aura of contented peace filling the air, even her horses steps seemed silent, merging harmoniously with the gentle chorus of the forest. But there was a sound, a sound that did not quite fit within the song of nature, a beautiful sound.
Natanya pulled on the reins slightly, her horse coming to a halt. She strained her ears to listen, the sound ever so gently wafting in across the cool afternoon breeze, it was the melodious tune of a flute, it's gentle tunes barely making her ears., though titillating her senses and rising her desire for more. She dismounted from her horse, her pale green cape flowing softly in the breeze. She gave a re-assuring look to her horse, who seemingly understood what she was thinking and remained stationary as she headed off into the forest in search of the sound that had captivated her.
Curiosity piqued her mind as she navigated her way through the thick growth, Who would be so far out in the forest? She wondered to herself. The music becoming clearer to her, it's gentle melody stirring at her heart. She pushed aside a gathering of bright green shrubbery and there before her she came across a beautiful sight. A crystal clear pool of water surrounded by bright green grass dotted with a menagerie of colorful flowers. She had ridden this road many times before, but never had she left the path to discover such beauty. After a moment she remembered her true purpose, the source of the noise, her eyes searched the small lake. There perched upon a small outcrop of rock,was a man, the flute held against his lips. Natanya made her way about the pool of crystal, her eyes never leaving the man, entranced by the sight. Mesmerized. He did not look up as she approached, instead continuing to play his peaceful melody.
'It was beautiful.' Natanya stated as the man drew his harmony to a close. He lowered the flute his eyes opening as he looked up to her. Natanya gasped in shock as her their eyes met for the first time, his eyes burned like fire.
'Do not fear,' The man said as he placed the flute upon the soft grass. Natanya attempted to avert her gaze, but she found that she could not, she was hypnotized by his presence.
'Long have I watched you from my chariot as I ride across the sky.' The man said his voice deep and soothing.
'Your beauty has me,' He said as his gaze shifted to the pool of water.
'You have become the reason for which I arise in the morning, the reason for which I mount my chariot and haul the sun across the sky.' He said, his eyes shifting back to her, wandering over her body, Natanya could feel his gaze, feel his stare upon her flesh.
'Forgive me Apolisis,' Natanya begged, 'But what of the sun, surely the...' She began Apolisis rose to his feet, cutting her short as he placed a single finger upon her lips, he gazed deeply into her eyes, she became hypnotized by the fire that danced freely within them.
'Let the sun stand still today, let the sun never set, if it means I am to be with you,' Apolisis said as he wrapped his arm around her still gazing deeply into her eyes. Natanya felt her heart skip a bit as he pulled her into him their bodies pressed one against the other. He cupped her face in his hand, she could feel the cold metal of his armor against her cheek, his fingers entwined with her flowing red hair. She closed her eyes, enjoying the serenity of the moment. She heard his gauntlet drop to the ground. Once more his palm embraced her cheek. His touch sending tingles of pleasure through her flesh. She could feel him leaning into her, she could sense it, but in no way was she prepared as his lips pressed against hers. Her heart pounding as they embraced, their tongues dancing romantically. She felt her knees weakening as his essence washed through her body. His powerful muscular arms wrapped about her. She ran her slender fingers through his short white hair as his lips kissed upon her neck, fire burning through her body. She felt the clasp of her armored breastplate come free, the anticipation welling up within her like a volcano, the second clasp undone it feel freely from her body falling by her feet. Flesh against flesh she could feel his rippling muscles pressed against her flesh. She traced her fingers down his spine as his tongue flicked across her shoulder.
Ever so slowly he traced his fingers down her side, leaving a trail of burning goosebumps in his wake. Her breath quivered. Her heart pounded as she unclasped his armor. Together they stood body against body, naked in the forest. Her body quivered with delight as his powerful arms lifted her from the ground, his face against her chest, his lips enveloping her nipple. She moaned as the pleasure rolled through her body. She felt herself lowering down into the water, the warmth embracing her flesh. Their bodies entwined as they continued to kiss passionately. She gasped with delight as she felt his strong fingers press against her lips. Her heart pounding, her body begging with desire. His fingers pressed softly against her clitoris. Slowly he traced his finger around and around in concentric circles, wave after wave of ecstasy rolled through her body, desire gripping tightly upon her. She kissed upon his neck, his flesh tasted sweet.
She groaned with delight as his fingers slid across her clitoris, her heart pounding harder and harder, his fingers were magical. Then she felt it. He pressed against her, teasing her, she could feel his throbbing hard penis. A deep soulfull moan escaped her body as he entered her, back and forth he thrust against her. His penis pressing against her goddess spot. She could feel every inch of her flesh burning, every fibre of muscle tightening as the euphoria built up. Back and forth, her muscles quivering with delight, her eyes rolled as she arched her back in pleasure. A strong continuous moan rolled across her lips as she begged for this moment, this feeling to never end. The water lapping against her flesh, his powerful arms wrapped around her, his hard muscle sliding in and out of her, her body roaring with passion, her muscles clenching tightly. She dug her nails tightly into his back as together they danced a lovers dance beneath the surface.
Her moan increasing to a scream as he thrust harder and harder, her heart beating faster and faster as his head pressed against her spot more and more, she felt herself rushing at full speed towards the blissful orgasm that awaited her, she felt her body responding, she felt herself tightening clenching down upon his penis as he thrust back and forth, she felt her heart exploding in her chest. She felt as though she were going to implode. Then in one powerful instant her body released, the orgasm exploded through her body, her scream shook the very heavens. Her body shuddered as the orgasm tore through every muscle. More and more the pleasure rolled through her flesh, as together they came.
'Oh my God!' Natanya screamed as the orgasm continued to rage. She felt she could take no more, she felt that the moment would last forever.
Natanya struggled to catch her breath as the orgasm slowly dissapated. The feeling of intense pleasure remaining as Apolisis embraced her and kissed her gently.
'I must return to the sky,' Apolisis said, his voice fraught with regret.
'Will I see you again?' Natanya questioned as she ran her fingers through his hair.
'On this day, every year I shall await you here.' Apolisis assured her. A smile upon the lovers lips as they parted their ways.
This is why to this day, at the peak of the summer, the sun lingers for so long in the sky, it is the day in which Natanya and Apolisis share their lovers embrace, the day in which Natanya has her lustful encounter with a God.

© Copyright Jessica Carmichael 2009

Tongues of Flame

The open fire danced joyfully about its confines, the flames hungrily devouring the logs, slowly consuming them. Mikayla watched entranced by the frolicking flames. Her soft blue eyes mesmerized. The soft warm rug beneath her felt good against her naked flesh. Her eyes twinkled as she sipped at her glass of red wine. Her eyes moved from the flames to her lover who lay beside her on his back. The fiery flames casting flickering shadows across his body. She let her eyes wander over him, taking a journey of delectable delight across his body. Seeing him lying there, naked, bathing in the warm glow of the fire aroused her. She knew that her lovers eyes were upon her. Her heart flittered as she felt his fingers brush against her leg. He rolled over to face her. His fingers tracing along her spine sending shivers of delight through her body. She smiled as he buried his face in her breasts. His tongue gently sliding across her flesh. His fingertips slowly made their way along her side, her heart beat slightly harder as goosebumps erupted in a trail behind them. He rolled her onto her back. The soft plush rug beneath her catching her. She loved the intimacy, the soft gentle strokes of his finger tips against her flesh, the warm kisses of his lips upon her body, slowly he moved about her, every inch of flesh set afire by his touch, every inch of flesh enveloped by his loving kiss. Her heart beat harder with anticipation. His lips encased her nipple, her breath quivered with delight. She could feel the lustful desire burning at her body, devouring her. His tongue flicked about her nipple, the pleasure of the act stimulating her more and more. Slowly his lips moved down her breast. Her heart pounding as his tongue traced down her stomach. Her flesh tingled as inched ever closer towards her. The first thing that she felt was his hot breath washing over her, sending an inferno of pleasure roaring through her body. But that was nothing in compare to the moment his lips pressed against hers. A deep gasp of air filled her lungs as she felt his tongue pressed against her clitoris. Her lover moaned ever so slightly, the vibrations of lips tingling at her as his tongue slid back and forth. Passionately he kissed upon her, she rubbed her fingers through his hair as his tongue danced across her pleasure zones. Her heart beating harder and harder with every stroke of his tantalizing tongue. Her body quivered. The pleasure was intense, she threw out her arms and clutched upon the soft rug that lay beneath her her fingers entwined with fabric. His tongue danced faster and faster, more and more vigor, the passion rolling through her body, the desire consuming her flesh, the immense pleasure welling up inside of her. Moan after moan escaped from her lips as he embraced her, his lips pressed against hers, his tongue consuming her clitoris. Fire burned through her body. Her heart beat strongly in her chest her flesh tingled, her muscles tensing more and more, the blood roaring in her ears. Euphoric delight gripped her body tightly, refusing to let go as she rushed towards the nirvana of orgasmic bliss. Her eyes rolled as it happened. The orgasm came powerfully, shuddering through her shaking body, her muscles convulsing as she came hard.
'Oh fuck,' Mikayla screamed as she came.
Her energy stores depleted, her body relaxed, she felt she was floating upon a cloud as she lay there. Her lover relinquishing his vigorous dance to a slow gentle waltz. His gentle lovers kiss bringing a contented smile upon her lips as she lay there enjoying the pampering, each time that his tongue performed another step of the dance, another wave of pleasure rolled through her body. She had barely come down from the heavens as she felt herself rising once more. Felt her flesh tingling, her muscles quivering. She gasped as his finger slid inside of her tight wet pussy. An explosion of pleasure ripping through her body. She moaned a heavenly moan as his finger pressed against her spot, the spot that sent a feeling rocketing through her flesh that no words could describe. A scream of bliss erupted from deep within her as he sucked her clitoris into his hot wet mouth, his soft lips pinching it as his tongue rolled gloriously across it sending a constant buzz of pleasure throughout her entirety. His fingers slid back and forth each time his tips thrusting upon her spot then receding only to rush up once more and steal one more embrace. The pleasure was insane. Her body had not enough room to store it, venting the excess in orgasmic scream that filled the room. Harder and harder, deeper and deeper he thrust, faster and faster he pressed against her spot, her flesh burned as his tongue flicked rapidly across her clitoris, the pressure building. Her screams of pleasure ringing in her ears. Her muscles tightened. She clutched upon the rug tightly her knuckles turning white. Her back arched as all of the muscles in her body tensed. She could feel her pussy clenching hard against his fingers, the fingers that she could feel sliding in and out of her, she could feel every tiny detail, every tiny movement, a bigger explosion roaring through her body every time he jammed upon her spot. His tongue rolling unendingly across her clitoris. Her screams increasing with every moment. Her heart beating so hard that she felt that it would explode. Her flesh burning and tingling. She teetered upon the brink of the orgasmic abyss. Her body screaming at her to leap in head first and plunge into the depths of oblivion. Then it happened. Her body caught in the most powerful grip that she had ever experienced, her heart exploding, her flesh a raging inferno as the orgasm tore throughout her. Every fibre of her being shaken to the core by the powerful orgasm. Her scream unending as her body quivered her insides contracting to the point of explosion. Rolling on and on like a set of waves, back and forth the orgasm rolled through her body, unending, unabated. Her head swam, she felt as though she would pass out as the pleasure rolled through her flesh. The orgasm devouring her, consuming her, the sensations enveloping her as she squirmed upon the floor her body trying desperately to release the extreme sensory overload that gripped at her, tore at her. Slowly the feeling receeded, slowly the orgasmic bliss sated her desire. Oh how she loved her lovers tongues of flame.

© Copyright Jessica Carmichael 2009

Garden Party

Niki could hear hear her heart pounding in her ears. She smiled as she crouched behind a tree and peered out into the shadows. She could see the silhouette of her lover skulking through the shadows. He had no idea where she was, she thought to herself, the thought brought another smile to her lips. It was at this point in time that she regretted wearing her long pale blue dress to their evening garden party. She new that there was no chance for the dress by evenings end, but she didn't care. She tip toed round the tree, the soft damp fallen leaves of the trees padding her delicate footsteps. She kept her eyes fixated on the prize. Ronald had no idea, he couldn't see her, he couldn't smell her, after their last encounter he had lost all track of her, which is exactly how she wanted it. In the distance she could hear that the garden party she was supposed to be hosting was in full swing, no one would notice they were missing. Stealthily she slank through the trees towards Ronald. His back was towards her, he must have thought that he had found her because he was focusing in on a specific spot, faster she moved, quietly. She was almost on top of him. A twig snapped beneath her feet. Ronald spun around, a look of surprise upon his face. Niki leaped through the air landing on top of him. He grunted with the impact and the pair of them crashed to the ground.
'Got you,' Niki stated coyly as she pinned him to the ground, Ronald smiled as Niki sat on his chest, slowly lifting her dress higher and higher, revealing more and more of her thighs to his wanton eyes. She edged forward, placing her hand behind his neck she lifted his head, guiding his mouth to her. She groaned as his tongue flicked across her. Her breath quivered as his tongue flicked back and forth across her clitoris. Adrenaline flowed freely throughout her veins. Her heart pounded loudly, his tongue dancing with her clitoris. Then he stopped. Niki smiled as she leaned down and kissed him, she could taste herself upon his tongue.
'Your it,' She said seductively, and with that she leaped off him and dissapeared into the thick myriad of trees.
The anticipation and excitement welled up inside of her, twice now she had caught him, twice now she had had her way with him for thirty seconds, she was on a roll. The desire burned inside of her. She wanted him, she wanted him badly. She only needed one more point to win, once more to catch him off guard and he would be hers, hers to do with as she pleased. She peeked around a tree to where she had last seen Ronald.
She let out a yelp as Ronald's powerful hands grabbed her by her hips, she hadn't even seen or heard him coming, he wrapped his arm around her stomach as he lifted her dress, his fingers sliding across her clit as he forced her to the ground, on her hands and knees she felt him enter into her. She felt his rock hard penis slide into her, penetrate her, he thrust back and forth. A groan escaping their throats in unison as their bodies joined in one flesh. Thirty seconds. She pulled away. She heard Ronald whine in disappointment as she slid off his penis leaving it wanting more and once more disappeared into the night.. He had caught her, it didn't matter though, she only needed one more point, one more and then he was hers. She crouched behind a shrub, the silvery disc of the moon casting an eerie argent glow across the forest floor. She peered through the shrub, watching waiting. She strained her ears to hear, listened for the slightest sound. Desire pumped through her body, excitement, anticipation, wanton lust burned at her flesh. Her mind buzzed and her skin tingled with expectant pleasure. She felt as though she were going to burst. She couldn't see him, she rose to her feet, time to move to a new position.
It was then that came out of nowhere, leaping out of the shadows like something from a horror movie, tackling her to the ground. Niki felt her heart explode with fright and ecstasy all at once, she squirmed slightly but he pinned her, his hands pinning hers to the cold ground above her head.
'Got you,' He teased as he sat on her chest. She could see his stiff penis, her juices that covered it made it glisten in the moonlight. She flicked her tongue across his head. Teasingly wrapping it about his helmet. His eyes rolled, and then she swallowed him, taking him further and further into her mouth, deeper and deeper. Then she released it, she squirmed to get out from beneath him. He couldn't resist, he had to let her go. The game was at a tie, two conquests a piece, whoever won the next round would win the match.
Niki breathed heavily, she tried desperately to quiet it down, she didn't want it to give away her position, she wanted to win, wanted to do with him as she pleased. She peered around another tree. A twig snapped somewhere behind her and she spun around. Nothing there. Her heart was pounding so loudly that she felt it was going to give away her position. She rounded a large dense bush. And came face to face with Ronald. A smile broke upon their faces, they knew what this meant, the game was a tie, which meant it was sudden death, whoever pinned whoever first, won. Niki knew she had no chance against him straight up. She fled, she could hear his footsteps behind her, her heart pounding as she raced through the forest. She could hear his heavy breathing. Suddenly she felt him at her legs, his arms wrapping around them, he tackled her to the ground. Niki squirmed with all her might as she tried to get out from beneath him, she heard the tear of fabric as her dress ripped. She was out. She leapt on top off and he bucked wildly throwing her to the ground. She smiled as he leapt on top of her. She wrapped her legs around his, she felt his throbbing penis against her, she rolled and he fell off her. She quickly took advantage and leapt on top of him. She grabbed at his chest as he grabbed her hips, he tried to push her off him, his buttons popping all the way down as she held on tryinng desperately not to get thrown off. But she couldn't help it, she rolled off him and he was no sooner on top of her again. She grabbed hold of his thighs and squeezed. Ronald laughed, Niki seized the oppurtunity sliding out from beneath him and jumped onto his back. He tried to rise to his feet. Niki held on tight as he tried to shake her free. She reached down and grabbed hold of his throbbing penis, gently stroking it back and forth. His wild attempts to throw her free slowly subdued, she squeezed him a little tighter in the palm of her hand and stroked back and forth a little faster. She smiled as he dropped to the ground.
'You win,' He huffed in defeat. Niki smiled as she released his penis. She pushed him onto his back. Her heart pounding, her flesh burning. She admired him for a moment, lying their on the grass, in the moonlight, his white suit shirt torn revealing his muscular chest. Niki sat atop him. Slowly she took him into her. Her eyes rolled as she slowly slid down upon him. Her thighs quivered with delight. She felt his shaft against her spot. She ground her clitoris against his pelvis. The stimulation combined with the adrenaline pumping through her body was intense. She moaned amphatically as she dug her nails into his chest. Back and forth she rocked, her clitoris rubbing against him, his shaft pressing against her, harder and harder she moved, faster and faster. Her body tensing with delight. She couldn't take it anymore. She stopped to switch positions, she slid off him, the very act sending a wave of immense pleasure through her body, she got onto her knees and lay her head upon the grass. Ronald kneeled behind her, he wrapped one leg around her and he entered her.
'Oh God!' She screamed as she took him inside of her, she could feel herself clenching down on him, she could feel his shaft jammed against her spot, there was nowhere else for it to go. He thrust, deeper and deeper, harder and harder, with each thrust he rubbed her spot, every little movement sending her spot into an orgy of pleasure. All she could hear was the blood pumping in her ears as he thrust deeper, harder, faster. Her heart pounding. She felt herself tightening, she knew that she was going to come. Her soul moaned as the pleasure overtook her body and she lost control. A deep powerful orgasm washed through her body.
'Shit,' She screamed as the orgasm rolled through every part of her body, she felt her pussy crushing his penis, she felt herself coming harder than she ever had before. This, she remembered, was why she loved having a garden party.

© Copyright Jessica Carmichael 2009

Waves of Passion

Scarlet lay upon the sand, the warmth of the mid-afternoon sun radiating throughout her body. In the distance a few birds chirped their happy song, the waves rumbled their entrancing dull roar, all was peaceful. Her white satin chemise waved gently in the cool afternoon breeze. The beach was empty, with the exception of a few sea gulls patrolling back and forth along the white sands.
Scarlet heard the sand crunching beneath feet, she propped herself up on one elbow and turned her gaze in the direction of the noise. A man was coming. She watched him as he drew nearer. He flashed her a smile as caught her gazing upon him.
'Do you come here often?' He questioned as he approached her, Scarlet shook her head.
'Only for holidays,' She informed him as his shadow fell across her.
'Care for a swim then?' The man questioned as he removed his t-shirt. Scarlet tried to hide the smile of approval that crossed her lips as she gazed upon the mans body.
'I don't have anything, I just came to enjoy the sun,' She replied.
'It's okay, just wear that,' The man said as he glanced back over his shoulder towards the deep blue water. Scarlet pondered for a moment, her holiday home was just a little way up the beach.
'okay,' She replied as the man held out his hand and helped her to her feet. The sand cascading from her body as she rose. The pair of them headed for the beckoning sea.
The cool water wrapped around her feet as the ocean's wave raced up the shore to meet them. Deeper they waded into the water further and further from the shore. A wave rose to greet them and Scarlet dove beneath it, the cool water revitalizing her body. The pair stood upon a slowly shifting sandbank, the swell gently rising and falling across their chests.
'Your quite beautiful,' The man said with a smile as his eyes fell to her chest, Scarlet looked down to see that her white chemise had become invisible as it clung tightly to her flesh. She slightly raised an eyebrow as she looked back to the man.
'Why thank you,' She said simply trying to brush off any sense of embarrassment as she slowly lowered herself into the water. Bobbing up and down on the gentle swell, the man approached her, he looked deep into her eyes. He leaned in further and their lips connected. Scarlet did not pull away, instead she felt herself melting away into passions embrace. She wrapped her arms around him and entwined her legs about his as they passionately kissed, slowly making their way back to sure.
She felt his hand against her breast, she could feel her heart beating as he massaged it. Suddenly she felt the sea give way as the man carried her further up the beach. But passion could hold no further and the pair collapsed to the sand, the waves rolling in and kissing upon their embracing bodies only to recede and return again for another stolen kiss but moments later. Scarlet rubbed her hands against his flesh as their kiss continued unbreaking, she never wanted it to end. Her lips tingling with delight. She felt him press against her. She felt the rush through her body. Then he entered. His hard erect penis entering her deeply. Scarlet groaned as she her fingernails gripped at his back. Slowly he slid in and out, almost as if he were timing it with the waves that washed up around her. Their tongues continued dancing a lovers dance as he slowly moved back and forth. His shaft perfectly pressed against her precious spot each time he slowly pressed deeper. Like the waves that kept lapping at her flesh the pleasure inside of her rolled like waves increasing with every gentle thrust. He breath shallow as they held their intimate embrace. She could feel every inch of him inside her, slowly he moved, gently. Back and forth, as her moans of pleasure increased, his speed slowly increased, back and forth, back and forth, with each thrust she enveloped him and then released, just as the waves enveloped her. Her heart beating harder as her body began to tingle. She could feel the feelings rising, she could feel the pleasure increasing. Every time his pelvis met hers her spot exploded with joy. Faster he began to move, harder he began to thrust, the build up had been intense, harder and harder he thrust himself against her spot, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Scarlet threw out her arms and dug her fingers deep into the wet sand, she threw back her head as an undeniable groan rolled from deep withing her. Still he moved, faster and faster, harder and harder, her heart racing, her mind swimming, her breaths erratic, her entire body burned, her flesh tingled, her muscles quivered in expectant bliss. She could feel herself tightening, feel her body preparing for the moment of unparalleled fulfillment. She screamed ecstatically as harder and harder he thrust himself deep inside of her grunting and groaning as her tight pussy clenched upon his rock hard penis. Each time their pelvis's crashed together she felt a bigger more intense explosion of pleasure rip through her body.
'Oh fuck!' She screamed as the orgasm ripped throughout her. Every muscle in her body shuddering as her flesh blazed. Her heart felt as though it would explode and her eyes rolled.
Scarlet puffed and panted as she lay there on the sand, trying desperately to catch her breath, waiting for energy to resume it's place in her body. The gentle waves licking at her flesh cooling the burning sensations. She rose to her feet and glanced around, the man walking away down the beach. She watched him for a moment, a smile upon her face a satisfied sense of fulfillment and content washing through her body. She knew that she would return next year, as would he, as they both had for many years previous, and would for many years more, enjoying the waves of passion.
© Copyright Jessica Carmichael 2009

Orgasm to Remember

She felt his fingers brush against her sides as he lifted her top over her head and then dropped it onto the floor. She admired his body as he cupped her breasts in his hands. The lace of her bra rubbing against her flesh. She rubbed her fingertips across his muscular chest. His solid muscle refusing to give way beneath her fingers, his skin soft and smooth. He gently brushed his hands in circles against her breasts as he leaned in, his soft lips pressing against the nape of her neck. He kissed her skin and she felt the sensations roll down her body. She hugged him close to her, her breasts pressed against his chest, the feeling of flesh upon flesh was one of her favorite things. He wrapped his arms around her, his hands rubbing up and down along her silky smooth back as they both stood there in each others arms, slowly swaying back and forth to the gentle background music. She ran her fingers down his spine, and then pressed her hands beneath his jeans cupping his toned buttocks in her hands, she let them sit there, soaking him up, his head resting on hers. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment, the sensuous intimacy of two bodies embraced, their flesh rubbing together. She could smell his intoxicating aroma, he reached down cupping her buttocks in his hand and gently pulled their hips closer together, pressing their pelvis's together. She could feel his hardness pressing against her through their jeans. She felt him throb once more before he released her pelvis. His hands resumed roaming across her back, his fingers running the length of her silky skin. He laid hold of her breast and lifted it slightly to meet his lowering lips, Her breath quivered, as his hot mouth enveloped her nipple his tongue slowly moving in concentric circles about her nipple. The feeling stirring deep inside of her as he slid his hand beneath her pants, he clutched her pussy in his hands, the pressure against her lips arousing her greatly as the expectant anticipation gripped her body. Slowly he sensuously massaged her lips with his palm. His tongue tracing it's way back to her neck as he did so. He continued to massage her with his palm as he gazed deeply into her eyes their locked eyes did not depart from one another until their lips met, their mouths embracing one another as their tongues danced back and forth. She could taste his sweet taste, his kiss making all cares and worries melt away as her knees weakened. Their tongues continued to dance, she continued to absorbing his delectable taste as he massaged her pussy with his palm, his other hand began to gently massage her breast. Her lips tingled with pleasure, as her pussy burned with desire. She wanted him.
He pulled his lips from her reluctantly, she never wanted the kiss to end, he kissed her upon the neck, then upon her breast, then upon her stomach as he slowly knelt before her. The anticipation building inside of her as his head hovered before her pussy. He unbuttoned her jeans, she could feel each of his hot breaths through her panties. Each time that a button popped undone a shot of pleasure rang through her body excitement and desire coursing through her veins. Slowly he slid her jeans downwards, the denim rubbing against her flesh felt good. He hugged her his hands gripping her buttocks as his face face pressed against her pussy. She could feel his slow deliberate breathing teasing her as he squeezed her ass. A moan crossed her lips. She loved it when he took it slow. Her arousal was at its peak. He nipped at her panties, she felt his teeth brush against her lips through the fabric, slowly he pulled them downwards. She was naked. He pressed his lips against hers, his tongue gently licking across her flesh teasing her opening. Another moan came from deep within as she clutched at his shoulders it was all she could do to keep from collapsing. Her thighs quivered as she felt his tongue slowly slide down into her. She felt it spread across her clitoris, slowly massaging it. His fingertips teased across her firm cheeks as he continued to passionately kiss her pussy. Slowly and passionately he kissed her, each stroke of his tongue heightened in sensation.
She gasped as his finger entered her tight wet pussy, pressing against her spot in perfect unison with his tongue as it massaged her clitoris. Back and forth his tongue moved, every now and again a moan of pleasure crossed his lips the vibrations of the sound adding to the stimulation as he continued to repetitively press against her g-spot. Her thighs tightened and her body quivered, she felt that she could feel no more pleasure as he continued to cast his spell upon her. No sooner had she finished this thought then another finger entered her from behind. An indulgent cry of bliss erupted from deep within her. The tempo increased, he sucked her clitoris into his mouth, the pressure was sensational, his tongue flicked rapidly against her clit back and forth, his fingers slid in and out of her each time he penetrated he curled upwards jamming his finger against her goddess spot his other fingers massaging her internally. She could feel the intensity building. The pleasure increasing as both of her holes swallowed his magical fingers deep inside of her, harder and harder faster and faster his fingers moved harder and harder her heart pounded, faster and faster his tongue flicked across her clit. The moans of pleasure rolled in a continuous chorus from her very soul as he vigorously massaged her insides, his tongue lavishing attention upon her clitoris.
She could take it no more, she screamed ecstatically as she came. Plunging into the depths of orgasm she clenched down hard upon his fingers as her juices flowed freely into his mouth. Rolling on and on the orgasm continued as in an unending high that gripped at her body, every inch of her flesh tingling and burning,
'Oh fuck!' She screamed as she pushed him away and onto his back. She leaped on top of him and ripped his fly open, a smile crossed his lips as she pulled his jeans from his body. She wrapped her hand around his hard throbbing cock, her eyes rolled into the back of her head as the orgasm continued to roll unendingly though her body, she swallowed him, taking him deeper and deeper into her mouth, she could taste the bitter-sweet taste of him. He let out a deep guttaral moan of pleasure. She could take it no more. She climbed on top of him, straddling him, and then slid herself down onto him. His rock hard throbbing penis filling her up.
'Oh my...' She gasped as his shaft pressed against her spot, but she couldn't finish the sentence the pleasure was to intense. Her eyes rolled as she slid up and down upon his penis, deeper and deeper she took him, harder and harder. She could feel his throbbing flesh inside of her, feel it pressing against her spot. She dug her fingers into his muscular chest as she rode him. Faster and faster she moved the orgasm rolling continually, building in intensity. She screamed as the orgasm reached it's peak, her body shuddered as she exploded with sexual pleasure, she clenched herself down hard upon his penis as together they came in an explosive orgasm. An orgasm to remember.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Morning Bliss

Josephine stirred slightly, a low grumble of slumber crossed her lips as she lay there soundly sleeping. A thin beam of of early morning sun rays penetrated her blinds and cast itself across her room, resting itself upon her breast that had come free of the confines of the silken sheets. Little did she know of the occurrences taking place in her very own bed. Though her dreams may have said otherwise.
Her lover had begun by gently rubbing his fingers across the soft supple skin of her lips, teasing the opening wantonly. He had been surprised that she had not awaken earlier, but he did not mind. He continued on, gently stroking her flesh, his fingers tracing back and forth as he lay beneath the sheet admiring her. After a while of gentle stroking and teasing his fingers moved inside, ever so gently massaging her clitoris. Softly he rubbed his tips against her, back and forth, he could feel that her juices where beginning to flow, and still yet, she did not stir. He pressed his lips against hers, his hot breath washing over her, he felt her thighs quiver in response against his head. His tongue flicked in and out, her clitoris his target. Josephine stirred for the first time as her body responded to the stimulation.
Her lover grinned as he continued to massage her clitoris with his tongue. Rubbing it back and forth, flicking it sending waves of pleasure throughout her sleeping body. Once more she moaned as she slowly stirred from slumber. His fingers plunged inside of her, he could feel her tightness, he could feel her wetness, his tongue massaged her as his fingers worked magic upon her goddess spot.
Josephine awakened, a rush of pleasure rushing up to greet her as she teetered upon the precipice of orgasmic bliss. Her breath quivered as her mind awakened and she tried to gather her thoughts.
'Oh shit,' She moaned as his tongue and fingers combined to create a euphoria beyond compare. She could feel his finger curling up to hit her spot, each time the pair collided a quake of passion rolled through her body,
'Oh god,' Josephine groaned as her lover sucked her clitoris into his mouth pinching it between his soft lips and flicking his tongue rapidly back and forth against it. She squirmed as the pleasure intensified rapidly gripping her body and refusing to let go, over and over again his tongue whipped across her clit, harder and harder his finger pressed against her spot. Her moans of pleasure uncontrolled rolled from her lips as her body tightened, her breath shallowed, her heart racing at a million miles per hour, she could feel the burning rising. The desire that would not let go.
'Yes,' She screamed over and over as explosion after explosion of insane pleasure tore through her flesh. She begged for the orgasm to come, she screamed for the orgasm to tear through her body releasing her.
Then at all once it came, the soul shuddering bliss of her bodies release. The orgasm raging through her body as she loudly screamed, her back arched as every inch of her flesh became enveloped in sexual sensation.
'Oh my god,' She panted as her lover gently kissed her lips, the orgasm slowly receding leaving behind a state of contentedness that only an orgasm could bring. Her lover lay atop her, their flesh pressed against one another. With a smile he leaned in to her and kissed her. She could taste herself upon his lips, upon his tongue, but she did not care, this was morning bliss.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Gushing Wonder

Melissa stepped into the shower, the chilly night air nipping at her flesh. The cold tiles of the shower floor emanating their ice through the soles of her feet. She twisted the knob of the tap and a gush of water spurted from the nozzle with a hiss. She gingerly placed her hand under the water, it was still icy cold. She was surprised it wasn't actually frozen. After a moment the water began to heat up. The temperature slowly rising. A plume of swirling silver steam arose from about the column of rapidly pouring water. The steam swirled about the shower misting the glass and then pouring over the top and out into the wintry bathroom.
Melissa positioned herself under the water, the droplets of warmth pounding at her flesh from above then trickling down her body provided an instant gratification of warmth. Melissa closed her eyes for a moment and soaked up the moment, peace and quiet, the constant warmth flowing across her body like a lovers fingers.
The thought of a lovers fingers running across a body stirred lustful thoughts to life in the back of her mind. A soft smile waved across her lips as she remembered previous acts of passion. Her mind played through some of her favorite moments. The passionate kiss that had made her lips tingle and her knees go weak, the feeling of her lovers fingers inside of her pressing against her goddess spot, the feeling of her lovers tongue slowly working back and forth across her clitoris. A shiver of excitement ran down her spine. The sexual reminiscence bought a dormant urge roaring to the surface.
Melissa bent back slightly placing her face under the water, trying to drown the sexual replays running through her mind. The water patted upon her face and breasts. Each drop upon her breasts igniting a spot-fire of sensation. Melissa decided to hold the position for a little longer, letting the water tease her nipples. The desire continued to rise, with every drop upon her soft flesh and cried out for more. Melissa reluctantly pulled herself from the water and stood there for a moment, the water cascading down her back. She tried to think of something else, but nothing came to mind except for the amazing sensations she could enjoy. Melissa picked up the bar of soap, she rubbed it gently up her arm, its silky slipperiness running with ease across her smooth skin. Even this simple act felt wonderful. She traced the soap down across her chest, running the soap across her breasts, she tilted her head and let the warm inviting water run across the nape of her neck. Visions of fantasy frolicked across the back of her eyelids as she stood their slowly massaging her breasts.
Melissa let the soap fall from her hands, she gently teased her nipples, her fingers tracing across her flesh, she was surprised at how good it felt, she continued to tease her nipple with one hand as she rubbed the other down across her stomach. She felt her lips and slowly parted them, the anticipation building as she slid her finger downwards. Her breath quivered as she came into contact with her clitoris. An eruption of pleasurable ecstasy roared through her body. It felt so good. She moaned in a quiet whisper as she continued to rub her finger back and forth against her clitoris, she ran two fingers either side of it, wedging it between as she rubbed them back and forth, occasionally she swirled her fingers in a circular motion, her moaning increased to a slight whisper as the pleasure increased. She swirled her fingers back and forth continuing to tease her nipple all the while. The double sensation heightening her enjoyment. But she wanted more, she released her nipple and plunged her finger deep inside of herself, she could feel how tight she was, and how wet she had become as she pressed her goddess spot over and over again, each time she curled her finger she brought herself closer to orgasm, she could feel her heartbeat through her chest, she could hear the blood pumping in her ears. She kept going, her fingers rubbing her clitoris continually, her other fingers plunging in against her spot. Each and every moment bringing her closer and closer to the incredible orgasm she desired. Her moaning increased a constant low roll of audible pleasure as she abandoned her endeavors and pulled the portable shower head from the wall and held it against herself. The gushing warm water, buffeting her clitoris in an insanely ecstatic cycle. Her body could not withstand and Melissa collapsed to the ground. She leaned against the tiled wall of the shower as she rolled the shower head back and forth across her pussy, the water teasing her clitoris into madness. Melissa plunged her fingers inside of her tight wetness and pressed hard against her spot as she continued to massage her clitoris with the shower head. The sensations were indescribable. Melissa could feel the orgasm building, she could feel the pleasure rising, more and more, harder, faster. Her moans becoming more of a constant groan of gratification as she brought herself closer and closer to orgasmic bliss. She could feel herself tightening, she could feel the pressure building, she could feel the anticipation gripping at her body like a straight-jacket. Harder she pressed, faster she rolled the shower head across her clitoris. She could feel a sensation building within her, a sensation that she felt rarely, the sensation building up excited her even further because she knew that the sensation would be even more incredible than a regular orgasm.
Then it happened. She felt her pussy crush down upon her fingers as she jammed her fingers against her spot. The incredible orgasm exploded through her body in a flood as she came hard, her eyes rolled into the back of her head as the orgasm intensified, her entire body shook as it gripped a hold of her, she screamed in ecstasy as suddenly her pussy squirted her juices across the shower wall in one final bone clenching orgasm that made her want to come back to the shower every day and enjoy the gushing wonder.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Lustful Bindings

The ropes dug into her flesh. Every time that she moved even the slightest the ropes would tighten ever so slightly digging in, refusing to let her move. Her heart was beating hard, trying to pump the blood through her constricted veins bringing life to her naked body. The wooden chair beneath her was cold. Goosebumps stood to attention on her thighs and slowly marched across her flesh. A shiver ran down her spine. The room was dark, she could barely make out the silhouette of the desk in the corner, the computer sitting atop it humming quietly, the only noise in the room. She strained to hear, something anything. Her mind raced with questions. It had all happened so fast. She had been daydreaming as she had been doing the dishes, a chore which she resented. When out of nowhere a pair of powerful hands had grabbed her. She had made to scream, but the hand had clasped down over her mouth. The unknown figure had carried her to her office and tossed her onto the floor like a rag doll. Lisa tried to get a glimpse of the person, but he was cloaked in shadows. As she cowered upon the floor he had ripped her shirt from her body, buttons flying in all directions. He must have liked what he had seen because he stopped for a moment and gazed at her naked breasts. Lisa had made to retreat back away from the man but he had grabbed hold of her ankle and dragged her back into his firm grip. She had heard the ripping of fabric, she felt her skirt tear free from her body. The man remained silent as he pulled off her panties, leaving her on the floor naked and exposed. Her heart pumping, her mind racing. It was then that the man had proceeded to bind her. Lisa mustered as much resistance as she could manage, but she was no match for the assailants brute strength. And despite her squirming and wriggling, her attempts to bite, and her attempts to break free the man managed to tie her, binding her body, paralyzing her. He then picked her up and placed her onto the chair and left the room. Total darkness, and total silence. She struggled to think, as hard as she tried she could not break free from the bonds, and the harder she squirmed the harder the ropes would tug sending shots of pain racing through her body. She wondered. Could it be her boyfriend cloaked in the shadows? He was usually so shy, although she had confessed to him almost three weeks earlier that a scenario very similar to this was one of her wildest fantasies. She tried to think, tried to put together the pieces of the puzzle, the adrenaline coursing through her veins, the intensity, the unknown, the millions of thoughts and questions, her pumping heart pounding in her ears all culminating to create an erotic excitement that surpassed all that she had encountered before. Her breathing shallowed as thoughts of carnal pleasures frolicked across the forefront of her mind. What would he do to her? She wondered, images of possibilities flashed across her minds eye. Her beating heart quickened in pace. She could feel her juices flowing. Fear, anticipation, erotic expectancy gripping at the essence of her very being. The door opened. So many different feelings gushed through her body at once that she didn't know what to think. Her eyes widened as the figure entered silently into the room, once again cloaked by shadows. She watched the shadowy figure intently as he approached her. He leaned over her, his lips hovering a hair's breadth above her breasts, she could feel his hot breath washing across her nipple. She breathed deeply through her nostrils, she wanted to smell his breath, her boyfriend smoked, so if he smelt of cigarettes, then it was probably him. But it was not to be, all her senses received was the delectable smell of minty fresh mouthwash. The figure back away. Lisa stared at him intently, wishing with all her might that she had night vision. The man cupped her face his in palm, Lisa responded with a quick nip of her white teeth. The figures reaction was like lightning the open palm of his hand slapping across her cheek, not hard enough to leave a welt but hard enough to smart. Lisa was shocked with the suddenness of the assault, but it made her want it even more, being tied and helpless, with a strong shadowy figure lording over her, a situation that she would typically shy away from, but this was above and beyond, her body begging for more. The man gripped her nipples tightly between his fingertips and squeezed. Lisa's eyes rolled as the pain and pleasure flooded her body in euphoria. He picked her up and tossed her onto the ground, the way in which she was tied kept her legs spread wide. She thought she saw a flash of white teeth as the man grinned. He lowered himself toward her, the closer he came the harder her heart beat. Her pussy quivering with anticipation, her body burning with lustful desire. The man placed his hand around her delicate throat and squeezed, Lisa gasped in fright, as he tightened his grip on her throat to the point of only just being able to inhale. He edged closer, she knew his penis was only centimeters from her waiting pussy. She knew that at any moment he would force himself inside of her. Then it happened, his large solid penis penetrated deep inside of her. Lisa moaned as the feeling ricocheted through her pelvis. The man squeezed on her throat tighter cutting the moan short and the relaxed his grip ever so slightly. He slid in and out of her, she was so tight that she could feel his throbbing penis, harder and harder he drove himself into her, their pelvis's colliding together her clitoris grinding against his flesh penis pounding deep inside of her. Lisa moaned as her muscles tightened, as fire gripped her pelvis. The man slapped her across her face. She couldn't help she moaned again, the second slap was more painful, but the pain excited her even more, she dug her teeth into her lower lip and fought to withhold the oncoming uncontrollable moans of hysteria. Her heart was pounding so hard in her ears that she could hear nothing else, her body tingled with pins and needles, as her muscles tightened, her eyes rolled back into her head, her mind screamed at her, faster he pounded, harder he drove, deeper he pierced, her body could take no more, the orgasm shook her body hard, every inch of her body quaked and quivered as the orgasm rolled, and continued rolling, her breaths deep. Her heart pounding, she could feel everything, every tiny little detail she could feel everything that pressed against her flesh. The orgasm continued to roll. She could fight it no longer, she screamed deep from within the auditory enhancing the pleasure, her body tightened, she couldn't control it, her fingers locked into position, her jaw refused to close, the orgasm continued to roll throughout her body, washing back and forth intensifying with every round. Still the man pounded, harder, harder, faster, faster, deeper, deeper, Lisa didn't know if she could take anymore, she felt as though she were going to implode, then it happened, one almighty final show tore through her body in it's entirety, she felt herself pull several different muscles simultaneously as she came harder than she had ever done before. Lisa gasped for breath, she felt lightheaded. She felt as though she were going to pass out.
'I love you sweetheart.' The figure whispered into her ear in the familiar voice of her boyfriend. Lisa couldn't respond, she couldn't even form a coherent thought in her head. She had never experienced such an intense orgasm, never had she had such an encounter, an encounter that would leave her wanting many more lustful bindings.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009