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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Deep Inside Her

She couldn't wait.

Her heart pounding with excitement as he climbed into the bed. She had been looking forward to this moment all day.
'Would it interest you to know how wet I am?' She asked as she sat there with her back against the bed head. Her lover looked up at her, a twinkle in his eye and a smile upon his lips as she took his hand and guided beneath her panties.

His smile grew as he felt her moist wet lips. He instinctively slid a finger inside of her.
'Uh-uh, not just yet.' She said as she pulled his hand from beneath her panties. She looked into his brown eyes which where filled with confusion. She leaned down slightly, her lips brushing against his earlobe as she whispered into his ear.

'If you can make me cum in two minutes, you can do whatever you want to me.'
Her lover beamed as thoughts of fancy raced across his mind.
'What if I don't' He replied before kissing her upon her neck. She pushed him away gently.
'Your time has started yet,' She said as she proceeded to remove her shirt. Her lover instantly reciprocated the move and was seemingly undressed before she had even finished removing her top.

'If you...' She said as she seductively slid off her panties. 'If you can't make me come in two minutes, then I get to do whatever I want to you.' She replied wrapping her arms around him.
The feeling of flesh upon flesh felt so good, invigorating her soul.

'You can start now,' she said as she took a quick glance over at the clock. Her lovers hands ran across her flesh as he climbed between her legs.
A sudden explosion rolled through her hips as his tongue embraced her clitoris. He moaned as he passionately kissed her pussy. The vibrations rolling through her hips as his tongue flicked back and forth.

She gasped as his fingers slid inside of her, pleasuring her, pressing against her goddess spot. More and more passionately he kissed her as he thrust his fingers deeper and deeper inside of her, stimulating her. She groaned loudly as she clutched at the sheets, her body intoxicated with pleasure.

'Oh god don't stop,' She moaned as she felt the orgasm beginning to build.
Her lover sucked upon her clitoris, pinching it between his lips, his tongue flicking back and forth like rapid gunfire. Every shot spreading feelings further and further through her body. His fingers doubling the effect of his tongue as they jammed against her clitoris. Her heart was pounding. She could feel her body tightening, she could feel the pleasure rising, her muscles quivering with delight as she lay there receiving the gift of ultimate pleasure.
The feeling was intense, her hips exploding as the orgasm ripped through her body. Her flesh burning as her pussy clenched down up his fingers her juices flowing freely into his mouth. But still he did not stop.

His fingers continuing to thrust within her, his tongue continuing to dance, his gift of pleasure continuing the orgasm, increasing it.
'Oh Fuck!' She screamed as the pleasure built to critical levels. Her pussy tingling, her body shuddering. Intense pleasure engulfing her body like flames, she tried to squirm, tried to get away from the insane pleasure that felt too good, but it was no use. Her lover held tight to her thigh and continued to please her. More and more, harder and harder, faster and faster.
A long loud scream of passion erupted from within her. Her fingers digging deep into the mattress as the pleasure continued to rise. She felt her pussy tightening once more.

Her scream rang out even louder as she felt her pussy squirt. Her come spraying across her lovers face as he continued to kiss her. A feeling which words are incapable of describing rushing through her body. Her head swimming as the intense orgasm spread like fire through every fiber of her being.

Puffing and panting, gasping for much needed oxygen she lay there as her lover broke away from his god-like kiss.
'I win.' He said as he rolled her over. She felt his hard cock press against her asshole. She gasped as he slid inside of her. His large pulsating penis filling her tight hole.
She groaned as he slid back and forth within her. Each time he thrust, a spot he would hit would send a wave of orgasmic bliss through her body.

'Oh god, harder.' She pleaded. Her lover quickly obeyed, ramming his cock harder into her ass. His cock ramming harder and harder against the spot, she could feel another orgasm rising.
'Fuck me, fuck me faster!' She begged, her body screaming for the pleasured spot to be hit again and again in a never-ending cycle.

'You like me fucking you up the arse.' Her lover stated as he thrust himself harder and harder, faster and faster.
'Oh god yes, fuck me, fuck my ass!' She screamed as she felt another powerful orgasm building.
'Oh shit, I'm gonna come again!' She screamed as she felt the orgasm teetering on the brink.
Suddenly she felt her lovers cock swelling within her, followed by his tingling hot cum spraying across her insides.

'Oh god yes!' She screamed as she felt him come inside of her, the feeling pushing her over the edge, her body once more being gripped by a powerful orgasm that rippled through her body. Her heart pounding as it pumped euphoria through her veins.

Together they collapsed onto the mattress, she could feel his cock inside of her, throbbing slightly with the afterthoughts of sex. She smiled as she lay there, her lover on top of her, he kissed her gently on the cheek before sliding himself out of her. She smiled as she thought about what had just happened, she could still feel it, feel him deep inside her.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

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