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Monday, August 10, 2009

Entering into Heaven

It had been a long time. Sherri stood leaning against the car door, watching as multitude of people came flowing out of the large doors that lead from the terminal to the outside world. She lifted a cigarette to her lips and rolled her thumb across the wheel sparking a tiny flame.

She exhaled a long plume of smoke as she scanned the throng of faces. It had been a long time since she had seen her, a long time since had held her in her arms. She quickly scanned each of the bustling faces until she found her.

Kim. Her long curls of red hair bouncing down about her shoulder, framing her beautiful face.
'Hi!' They both shouted ecstatically as Kim dropped her suitcase on the ground and they wrapped their arms around one another. The sensuous feeling of love ebbing back and forth between their two bodies as they embraced.
'God I've missed you,' Sherri said as she squeezed Kim tightly in a bear hug.
'I've missed you too.' Kim grunted in reply as Sherri continued to squeeze her. She leaned in and pressed her lips against Sherri's. A passionate kiss to recover lost moments.
'How was your trip?' Sherri asked as they hopped into the waiting car.
'If I wasn't working, I was in my hotel room sleeping, it was a great six weeks.' Kim replied in a sarcastic tone.
'I'm just glad to be home.' She added placing her hand on Sherri's thigh.

Sherri had missed Kim's touch. Now as she was driving along, with Kim's hand rested upon her thigh she found herself fantasizing of an intimate embrace and the feeling of their naked bodies pressed one against the other. Flashes of times gone by played across minds eye, the feeling of her hands upon her body, the feeling of their tongues dancing a passionate dance, the wondrous joy that culminated into a mind blowing orgasm that would ripple through the pair as they made sweet love.

Kim could see the twinkle in Sherri's eyes. That lustful wanton hint of passion. She knew of what would be racing through her mind. She too found herself thinking thoughts of titillation. Sherri's tongue gliding upon her, Sherri's fingers sliding within her, the sound of her pleasured cries ringing in her ears.

Kim squeezed Sherri's thigh softly, in her mind cursing the pants that where between her fingers and her flesh. She could feel herself getting wetter with each passing moment. Libidinous desire rising.
'I missed you.' Kim said as her eyes wandered over the features of Sherri's face.
'I missed you too.' Sherri replied.
'I especially missed you.' Kim said as she moved her hand further up Sherri's thigh pressing her fingers against her pussy.

Sherri felt Kim's fingers against her pussy and found herself wishing she had worn a skirt instead of pants.
'Well I missed your lips.' Sherrie replied as Kim's fingers slowly traced back and forth along her pussy.
'I missed your lips and the way you kiss my body all over.' Sherrie added.
'I missed your tongue, and the way you lick me.' Kim stated as she pressed against Sherri's pussy. Sherri felt a wave of passion roll through her hips.

'Oh thank God.' She said as their house came into view. She pulled the car to a halt in the driveway. No sooner had she switched off the ignition then she felt Kim's hands upon her, pulling her head towards her. She closed her eyes as their lips met, she felt herself melting away beneath the power of Kim's passionate kiss.

Kim felt her lips tingling and buzzing with wanton desire as she kissed her lover. Their tongues dancing joyfully with one another as they were transported to another place. Her heart beginning to beat faster as their hands traveled over one anothers body.

'Come on.' Sherri said as she opened her door. But she did not have time to move, Kim's lips found the nape of her neck, her tongue flicking upon her flesh in a heavenly kiss. Sherri moaned in pleasure.

Slowly she maneuvered herself out of the car, Kim continuing to kiss upon her as she climbed over the seats and out of the car. Sherri couldn't take it anymore, her body consumed with desire. She wrapped her arms around Kim as Kim jumped up slightly wrapping her legs around Sherri's waist.

Once more their lips meet and embraced as Sherri headed towards the front door, navigating by memory, her heart pounding as the kiss intensified.
Suddenly the front door appeared Kim's back slamming into it. Kim threw her head back and Sherri didn't hesitate, her lips falling upon her flesh, her tongue tracing across the flesh within the exposed area of her v neck T-shirt as she fumbled within her pockets for the house keys.
Her mind was swimming, she wanted the kiss to last forever as she slid the key into the lock and turned the handle. The door suddenly flew open catching Sherri by surprise and they both toppled to the ground. But even this could not break the moment. Kim could feel the cold hardwood floor beneath her, and Sherri's warm passionate body atop her. She reached out with her foot and kicked closed the front door.

Sherri's hand slid beneath Kim's shirt, she could feel her flesh. She could feel the goosebumps erupting across her flesh. Kim moaned as they continued to kiss, Sherri's hand traveling further upwards wrapping her fingers about her breast.
'God I love you.' Sherrie gasped as Kim's hand rubbed down her spine. She could feel Kim's leg pressed against her pussy, invigorating her clitoris.
'I love you too.' Kim replied as she slowly gyrated her hips, grinding her pussy upon Sherri's leg.
Sherri lifted Kim's shirt from her body as Kim did the same thing. Their bra clad breasts pressing together as they embraced once more, their lips again buzzing with delight as they passionately kissed. Both of them fondling with the bra straps of the other as they found themselves lying side by side upon the floor.

Each of them moaned in unison as their bras came free, the feeling of their flesh pressed together heightening their stimulation. Kim broke away from the euphoric kiss. She pulled Sherri's pants away panties and all, leaving her lover lying naked upon the floor.
Kim moved down. Her lips kissing upon Sherri's thigh. Sherri felt an explosion rock through her body. Once more Kim kissed her, her moist lips pressing upon the sensuous area where her thigh meets her pussy. So close and yet so far. The anticipating desire beginning to burn within her body.

Sherri gasped as Kim's lips pressed against hers. Kim groaned as she tasted Sherri's sweet taste upon her tongue. Sherri's eyes rolled into the back of her head as euphoria overtook complete control of her body as Kim's tongue danced a delectable dance with her clitoris. Sliding back and forth, flicking upon the entryway to heaven, gliding back and enrapturing her clitoris.
Sherri's fingers ran through Kim's hair as Kim continued to kiss upon her.
Sherri groaned loudly as the pleasure intensified. Kim slowly climbed on top of her, their naked bodies enmeshed with one another. Their hearts beating wildly with anticipation.
Kim groaned as her lips pressed against Sherri's. Their clitoris's meeting in glorious union. Back and forth they gyrated, their pussies kissing one another, their clits dancing together. Their breathing becoming shallow and uneven, each and every exhalation accompanied by a sweet moan of delight.

More and more the pleasure rose. Their bodies burning, their flesh tingling. Sherri could feel her pussy beginning to clench down. Kim could feel her muscles tightening. Their bodies feeling as if they were about to implode as they prepared for the orgasmic blissful release. Faster and faster they rocked their hips back and forth. Their pussies tingling.

Loud moans of pleasure escaped their lungs as orgasmic bliss overtook them. Sherri screamed, her back arched as the orgasm tore through her flesh, Kim screamed as her body shuddered, the orgasm rippling through her body. Their juices flowing freely upon each others waiting pussy as together they came, entering into heaven.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

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