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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Euphoric Orgasm

Rosemary lay upon the bed. Her lover gazing deeply into her eyes as he slowly stroked his fingers through her hair. She smiled a contented smile, they had been looking forward to this holiday for months, and now it was finally here.

She felt his fingers trace down across her temple, slowly journeying across her cheek, pulling her in closer, moving her lips towards his. A heartfelt kiss upon her lips. The tingling sensation buzzing through her flesh as they embraced upon the bed. She could feel herself , feel how wet she was getting as she lay there soaking up his presence, enjoying the taste of him upon her lips.

'Stand up,' He whispered as he broke away from the kiss. She rose to her feet and stood before him, looking into his eyes she smiled as she wondered what it was that he had in store for her.

Once more his arms embraced her. Their bodies pressed together as he kissed her softly upon her lips. She felt his fingers slide beneath her shoulder straps and then suddenly her dress fell free. Standing there, naked, she felt his hands upon her pert breasts. Sliding down and tracing along the outline of her panties.
'I have a surprise for you,' Her lover stated as he pulled a length of black fabric from his pocket. The last thing that she saw was his smiling face as he tied the blindfold across her eyes. Then, there was nothing, nothing but darkness.

Her lover made no sound, no touch, she could sense his presence though. She could feel his eyes upon her, wandering over her breasts, traversing her curves, she could feel him removing her panties and stockings with his eyes. Instinctively she turned to look behind her, but then remembered the blindfold.

Suddenly a pair of lips came from nowhere enveloping her nipple. Rosemary gasped in shock and pleasure as the warmth encased her, a tongue quickly flicking across her nipple. She raised her hands but the mouth disappeared as suddenly as it had come.

The next thing that she felt was a pair of hands upon her shoulders, she turned her head even though she couldn't see, she knew that he was behind her. His hands slowly traveled down her arms, his fingers wrapping around her wrists pulling her gloved hands behind her back. She felt the cool metal of the handcuffs against her flesh, the distinct sound of the clicking as they closed, trapping her, tying her hands behind her back.

Once more her lover disappeared. She stood for a moment, waiting, listening, trying to hear any tell tale sign of where he may be. Then without warning she felt him grab her, pull her towards him, she felt their naked chests press together, his lips pressed hard against hers in a passionate kiss. She felt her knees growing weak under the spell, then he was gone, once more she was alone in the darkness, in the silence.

Rosemary looked around, instinctively, she knew that she could not see. Her lover grabbed her once more, his hand pressing tightly against her back, pushing her body into his. His other hand grasped her pussy through her panties. She could feel his fingers upon her, back and forth they pushed, stimulating her. She made to gasp in pleasure but suddenly his lips where upon her once more. A passionate kiss enveloping her as his fingers pressed against her pussy. Then he was gone.

Rosemary groaned, she had wanted more, she needed more. But he was gone. She waited, listened. Her body yearning for another encounter, her mind screaming at her. Her pussy begging to be touched. After what seemed like an eternity her lover was upon her again. Rosemary moaned as one of his hands clutched her pussy, another hand clutching at her buttock, squeezing it tightly as he pressed hard against her pussy.

Then he was gone. Once more, teasing her, and abandoning her. Rosemary's breathing had become shallow as her flesh burned with desire. She could feel her pussy tingling, begging for more. Her heart beating wildly with anticipation. Suddenly she felt her panties pulled down, stocking and all in one quick movement, leaving her standing in the middle of the hotel room completely naked.

A quick smack on one of her buttocks made her spin around. But it was no use, she could not see. Once more another smack upon her buttock. The sharp feeling of his hand upon her flesh excited her, she turned slowly searching for him. She gasped as his lips quickly enveloped her nipple in a quick hot kiss and then disappeared. Another smack upon her buttocks. A wave of excited anticipation rolled through her hips.

Suddenly she felt her lover's powerful hands upon her hips, she felt her feet leave the floor, and then she felt herself falling freely. She let out a frightened yelp as she fell through the air before finally landing safely upon the soft mattress, bouncing slightly. She felt her lover climbing onto the bed with her. Another quick smack upon her outer thigh.

Rosemary gasped as his fingers suddenly slid within her. Her tight pussy enveloping them as they thrust in and out of her pressing against her goddess spot with every movement. Rosemary gasped as the pleasure intensified enveloping her body. A long moan escaping her soft lips as her lover thrust his fingers deeper and deeper inside of her. Harder and harder, faster and faster.

Then he stopped. Rosemary moaned in discontent as she curled her legs back and forth, her pussy tingling with wanton desire, her body screaming, her flesh afire. Once more another smack resounded upon her thigh. Then another sharp stinging smack upon her other thigh. She knew that her lover wanted her to open her legs. She obeyed.

Before she knew it she felt her lovers mouth upon her pussy. His tongue dancing wildly upon her clitoris, suddenly his fingers where inside her. An explosion ripped through her hips rolling through her body as he pleasured her. Then he was gone.
'No!' Rosemary moaned as she squirmed upon the bed, her protest brought about another quick smack upon her thigh.

It was then that she heard the distinct buzzing of the vibrator. She moaned with pleasure as her lover slowly traced the vibrator across her clitoris. She moaned even louder as he slowly slid it inside of her. The buzzing rocked through her hips as the vibrator filled her pussy. She felt her lover lifting her legs, wedging them upon his shoulders.

Suddenly she felt his pulsating cock against her asshole. Effortlessly he slid inside of her. Her heart leaped into her throat as her body exploded with orgasmic pleasure, a loud cry of passion erupting from deep within her.

Back and forth her lover thrust. Every thrust pushing the buzzing vibrator deeper within her, jamming it against her spot, every thrust took his stiff cock deeper into her tight ass.
'Fuck!' Rosemary screamed as he thrust harder and harder, faster and faster. She shook her head from side to side as she screamed, clutching the sheets tightly in her hand as pure pleasure squeezed upon her body. Her heart pounding. She could feel her pussy clenching down, her body shuddering, her muscles tightening.

Her lover groaned loudly, she felt him swell, felt his cock throb, and then felt the sudden spray within her ass, the hot tingling sensation as he came within her. Suddenly she exploded. Screaming as the orgasm enveloped her. She felt her pussy bulge and then felt the indescribable sensation of her juices squirting forth from her pussy spraying upon her lover as she came harder than she ever had before.

Her heart pounding, her body quivering with delight, she panted as she tried to catch her breath. She felt her lover pull himself from her, felt the vibrator slide from within her. She could still feel the orgasm rippling through her body, she knew that she would still be feeling it for hours to come.

Her lover lifted the blindfold from her eyes and leaned in and kissed her gently upon her lips. A shiver of pleasure ran down her spine as her body very slowly descended from the euphoric orgasm.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

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