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Monday, August 10, 2009

Came upon Him

Oh God. Not again! Amanda thought as she buried her head beneath a pillow. But even that was not enough, she could still hear her roommates cries of passion, the screams of ecstasy as her pussy was pounded harder and harder. Cries for more, begs for harder and faster echoed through the thin walls.

She decided that she couldn't take it anymore. She had to say something. This was the seventh night in a row that she had awoken to the insatiable screams of her roommate. She tossed the pillow off the bed and glanced over at the clock, it was ten to three. She hated to admit it, but she was jealous of her roommate, it had been a long time since she had had her pussy pounded.

Amanda sighed as she got out of the bed. As she stepped out of her bedroom the floorboards beneath her feet slightly. She cringed as she froze on the spot. But the continued cries of joy from the next room let her know that they hadn't heard anything. She wished that it was her in that room, with a nice stiff cock between her thighs that her pussy could devour.

She glanced over at her other roommates door, it was closed and their was no sound coming from within. She turned and began tip-toeing down the hallway, taking care to make no noise. She didn't know why she was trying not to make noise, her roommate was screaming so loudly that Amanda was convinced a bull elephant could stampede through the house and they wouldn't notice.

As she reached the door she paused. It was open, just slightly. She made to push the door open, but hesitation gripped her. She peered through the crack in the open doorway. Instantly she felt the arousal spread through her body. She could see her roommate on her back, her legs in the air. A guy thrusting back and forth against her, every thrust bringing about a new cry from her roommate.

Amanda was enthralled, she quickly looked behind her to make sure no one was watching her before slowly squatting to the ground, her eyes fixated upon the two naked bodies as they continued to fuck, oblivious that they were being watched. Amanda could feel herself getting wetter and wetter with every passing moment. Her heart beating harder and harder as she watched the sexual performance unveil before her.

Before she knew it her fingers were beneath her panties and at her pussy. She could feel how wet she had become. Back and forth her finger slid upon her clitoris, spreading more and more desire through her body with every stroke. Her eyes remaining fixated upon the couple.
Amanda continued to slide her finger back and forth as the couple stopped for a moment to change position. She watched as the man slid out of her and caught a glimpse of his hard cock, the mere sight of it sent another wave of pleasure through her body. She watched as her roommate got onto her all fours, the man positioning himself behind her.

Her roommate let out a contented moan of irresistible pleasure as he penetrated deep within her. Amanda whimpered, it was all she could do to contain the moan as she continued to dance her finger upon her clitoris.

Behind her she heard the latch of a door open. She knew that her other roommate had awakened. She could feel his eyes upon her. She took a quick glance behind herself. His door was ajar, but she could not see him. No doubt he had seen her and hadn't wanted to disturb her. Though she had no doubt that he was behind the door watching her. The thought of him watching her masturbate aroused Amanda even more.

She turned her attention back to the couple upon the bed engaged in the throes of passion. The sight of him pounding her from behind sent another explosion rolling through her hips. Faster and faster her finger slid across her clitoris. Her heart beating harder and harder as her roommates pleasured cries rang in her ears. She could feel her other roommates eyes upon her, watching her as she pleasured herself. She couldn't take it anymore.

She rose to her feet and rushed down the hallway, bursting into her roommates room to find him sitting upon the floor, his throbbing cock held tightly in his hand a sheepish look upon his face.
Amanda didn't say anything. She simply walked over to him and lowered herself onto him. The feeling of him entering her was divine. She let out a loud moan as the pleasure engulfed her, the feeling of having a cock inside her, filling her up was one that she had missed. Back and forth she rocked upon him, his cock pressing against her goddess spot.

Faster and faster she moved, clutching the mattress that her roommate was leaning against. His moans mixed with the screams of her roommate. As she rocked back and forth upon his throbbing cock she imagined that the other couple where in the same room, it was not hard to do with everybody moaning and screaming so loudly.

Amanda herself screamed as she teetered upon the brink of orgasm. She could feel his throbbing cock swell. She dug her fingernails into his flesh as her body tensed, preparing for the release. She felt him spray inside of her, the warm tingling sensation pushing her over the edge.
Amanda threw her head back and screamed as the pleasure rolled through her body, her heart pounding as her muscles convulsed. Every fiber of her being engulfed in flames as euphoria rolled throughout her. Her pussy devouring her roommates cock as she came upon him.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

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  1. Wow Jessica, you continue to do it!!!! VERY nice story!!!!

    I just wish I was the lucky (guy) flatmate there! (lol!) Keep up the great work!