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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pleasure Overtook Her

Deep inside her she felt the butterflies swirl. Her skin tingling as goosebumps erupted across her flesh. Her heart fluttering like a hummingbirds wings. Dana lay there naked, her limbs tied to the four elegantly carved bedposts. She was at his mercy. She closed her eyes and they rolled into the back of her head as fingertips slowly moved over her skin. A gentle touch that hovered just above her flesh, teasing it, tickling upon the fine hairs.

Back and forth his fingers moved. Tracing across her body, following the curves, rising over the bumps and falling with the valleys. With every passing second she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. Her pussy tingling with desire. Her flesh beginning to burn. His lips approached her, she felt a slight buzz in the nape of her neck. A shiver of delight racing down her spine as she felt his hot breath upon her skin. His lips moved along her shoulder, hovering tortuously close to her flesh, she wanted nothing more than contact, but it eluded her.

Down across her breast, her breathing quickened in pace as he neared her pert nipple. She felt his breath upon her, a moan escaping her soft lips as his mouth passed across her nipple. Traveling down her breast, slowly moving across her stomach, her muscles quivering with anticipation. She could feel him getting closer and closer to her pussy. Her pussy that was buzzing harder and harder for what was to come.

She groaned as his mouth hovered above her pussy, her body begging for his touch. But still it did not come. He sat there, hovering, teasing, his lips gently brushing upon her hairs sending shivers of pleasure roaring through her pussy. Then he moved on. She groaned as his lips left her, left her hanging, left her wanting more. Slowly he moved down her inner thigh. Her muscles shuddering with delight as he moved further down.

Once he got to the knee, he stopped, his mouth slowly traveling back up her inner thigh. A groan of pleasure uttering forth from within her as the insatiable desire grew to intolerable heights, her heart pounding as once more he neared her pussy. She felt herself tightening as he drew closer. His mouth inching nearer and nearer, her heart beating faster and faster, the anticipation rising as he hovered above her.

Suddenly his mouth enveloped her pussy, her eyes shot open, she clutched at the ropes that bound her as a pleasured scream erupted from within her. His mouth passionately kissing her wet pussy. Her heart exploding as his tongue slid across her clitoris.

He moaned as he kissed her sending delightful vibrations through her hips. She gasped as back and forth his tongue slid. A passionate kiss that she never wanted to end. Then he stopped. He climbed on top of her. She looked into his eyes, then it happened.

He thrust himself deep inside of her in one quick movement. Dana's eyes widened, a scream crossing her lips, her back arching as a tremendous explosion of pleasure tore through her hips.

Slowly he drew back, she could feel his cock within her sliding against her slowly. Then once more he thrust himself hard against her. Once more her eyes widened, once more she screamed as his cock pressed against her goddess spot.
'Fuck,' She screamed as she sunk her teeth into the nape of his neck her body overrun with intense pleasure.

Once more he began to withdraw, his cock slowly sliding out of her pussy. She moaned, her eyes rolling as he withdrew from her tight pussy.
'I can't...'she gasped. 'Fuck me.' She pleaded.

He thrust against her, she screamed as another explosion tore through her hips. His cock ramming deep inside of her.
'Faster,' She yelled. He thrust against her once more, his solid shaft pressed against her spot, another scream, another explosion. Harder and harder her heart beat as he thrust against her faster and faster. His pulsating cock delving deeper and deeper.

Her muscles quivering, her body shuddering as he thrust back and forth. She could feel herself tightening against him, devouring him. She screamed as she teetered upon the brink of orgasm. Her body burning as it came closer and closer.

She felt him throb, felt him swell, as he thrust harder and harder, faster and faster. She screamed as he came within her, she felt his come within her, Still he thrust, harder and harder.

Dana screamed as the orgasm overtook her. Her pussy clenching down upon his cock. Her body shuddering violently as the orgasm rippled through her body. Her heart beating within her chest as it pumped euphoria through her veins, her head swimming as the pleasure overtook her.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

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