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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Birthday Surprise

His hands where tied, tied above his head to the sturdy exposed wooden beam that lined the roof. His feet only just able to touch the ground. Alora sat and looked at him. Her eyes soaking in his features, eating them up like candy. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter just looking at his naked body standing there, he couldn't see her, he couldn't see anything through the blindfold.

Little did he know the surprise that his girlfriend had in store for him. As she sat there on the chair gazing upon her boyfriend her fingers found their way down to her pussy. She could feel her warm wetness. She sat there for a moment, stroking herself, gliding her finger back and forth upon her clitoris.

The door behind her opened.
'Where are you going?' Her lover questioned, his question prompted a smile in Alora, she turned to see two of her friends quietly enter the room. Sasha and Rae. Each of them gave her a hello smile as they came into the room.
'I'm not going anywhere.' Alora assured her boyfriend as she continued to slide her finger back and forth.

She watched as her two friends circled around him, taking him in, neither of them had seen him naked before. She could tell by the look in their eyes that they were impressed, and just as horny as she was.

Alora gave a silent nod to Rae, she wasn't ready to let her boyfriend in on the surprise just yet. She watched as Rae leaned down, taking his cock onto her mouth. Alora felt a wave of pleasure roll through her body as she watched Rae swallow her lover's cock deeper into her mouth. He moaned with pleasure as her mouth worked up and down his shaft.
'God your good.' He moaned as Rae's tongue flicked back and forth across his flesh. Rae rose from the seat and walked over to her lover.
'I am,' She whispered into his ear as Rae continued to suck his cock.

Alora fought the urge to burst out laughing as she noted the confused look upon his face. Sasha gripped his buttocks in her hand. Suddenly the penny dropped for him and a wide smile crossed his face. Alora removed the blindfold, she watched as his eyes moved from her and down to Rae to see her sucking his cock, then he turned to see Sasha snuggling up behind him, her hands gripping at his buttocks.

Alora smiled, content with the success of her surprise.
'That's enough,' She said simply as she pulled Rae off her boyfriends cock. Standing before him she cupped Rae's chin in her hand and leaned in and kissed her. A passionate kiss, their tongues dancing, their lips buzzing. Sasha reached around from behind him and gripped his cock in her hand and slowly began stroking it back and forth as he watched the two women kissing.

More and more passionate their kiss became, their hands traversing each others bodies. Alora quickly removed Rae's shirt and slipped her pants from her body. Their two naked bodies colliding together as they embraced, enthralled in their passionate kiss. Their pussies tingling.

Back and forth Sasha stroked his throbbing cock as he watched the pair collapse onto the bed, their naked bodies entwined. Rae slid a finger against Alora's clit as Alora slid a finger inside of her. Each of them moaning with pleasure as they teased each other. More and more the intensity rose. Alora could hear her lover moaning with approval as he watched her with her friend.

Alora's heart was pounding as she climbed on top of Rae. She didn't hesitate, her mouth quickly embracing Rae's pussy. Rae reciprocated, her mouth enveloping Alora's pussy. Their hearts pounding as they each kissed the others pussy, each of them tasting the other.

Sasha continued to stroke his penis back and forth, slowly getting faster and faster as they watched the pair kissing each others pussy, their pleasured moans ringing in their ears. Alora could feel her body tightening, she could feel the orgasm rising, her moans vibrating through Rae's pussy, causing her to moan and vibrate through Alora's pussy.

Both of them screamed as an orgasm overtook them, their bodies shuddering as their pussies clenched down hard. Alora heard her lover groan loudly as she came. Sasha stroked back and forth harder and harder, she felt him swell within her hand and then suddenly he shot forth his hot white cream across the floor. All three of them coming in unison.

Alora gasped as she rolled of Rae, she turned and pressed her lips against Rae's, kissing her passionately, she could taste her own come upon Rae's tongue. She shuddered with delight as her pussy met with Rae's, their clit's embracing as they rocked back and forth.

Sasha let get of his penis and headed over to the bed, stopping in front of him to seductively remove her pants. She climbed onto the bed, and kissed Rae. Rae quickly grabbed hold of one of Sasha's legs and positioned her on top of her. Her tongue sliding upon Sasha's clitoris. Alora's pussy grinding against hers, Alora and Sasha kissing as they sat atop Rae.

Alora heard her boyfriend groan as he watched the lesbian threesome unfolding before him. The three of them moaning wildly as they pleasured one another. Alora and Sasha running their hands over each others breasts as they passionately kissed.

All three of them began to moan and groan uncontrollably as the orgasm built up within their bodies. He wished that his hands had not been tied, he wished that he could join in. Still they kept going, their naked bodies entwined in a magical knot of ecstasy. Louder and louder the three of them moaned, until finally all three screamed with delight as another orgasm ripped through their flesh.

Puffing and panting Alora climbed from the bed as Rae and Sasha cuddled up to one another, kissing passionately, their fingers dancing joyfully upon one another's soaking pussy. She walked over to her lover and pressed her lips against his. He could taste the other woman's pussy on his girlfriends tongue, the thought of it made him throb once more.

Alora turned and bent over before her lover, slowly edging backwards. Easing herself onto his hard cock. The feeling of him entering into her was divine, she heard him moan with pleasure. Back and forth she rocked against his cock. Both of them watching Rae and Sasha upon the bed as they fucked.

Her heart was pounding, faster and faster she rocked. His throbbing cock pressing against her goddess spot sending explosion after explosion tearing through her hips. She watched as Rae climbed onto Sasha their pussies embracing their clits dancing together.

Faster and faster she rocked, harder and harder, deeper and deeper. She could feel her pussy tightening, clenching down upon her lovers cock, devouring it as her muscles quivered. Alora screamed loudly as another orgasm tore through her flesh. She felt her boyfriends cock swell and heard him groaning pleasurably as he came within her. Their cries of passion mixing with the orgasmic cries of Rae and Sasha as they came one upon the other.

All four of them where attempting to catch their breath.
'I've got a surprise for you.' Alora cooed, teasing him.
'Another one.' He replied as Alora flopped onto the bed. Sasha walked over and untied the knot that was keeping him in place.
'Come here.' Alora said, beckoning him with her finger. He smiled as he walked over to her and climbed onto the bed.
'Fuck her.' Alora said simply as she nodded to Rae. Rae smiled wantonly as she lay upon the bed, waiting for him.

He didn't need to be told twice, he climbed on top of her. Rae gasped with delight as she felt him slide inside of her tight pussy. Back and forth he thrust within her, his shaft jamming against her goddess spot. Alora watched her boyfriend fucking her friend as she opened a drawer and pulled out a strap on.

She moaned as the rubber cock slid inside of her pussy and nodded to Rae who proceed to climb onto Sasha who immediately began flicking her tongue across Rae's clitoris. Alora watched as he fucked Sasha his head at the perfect height to kiss upon Rae's breasts as she sat there having her pussy kissed upon by Sasha.

Alora climbed onto the bed. Her heart pounding as she aligned herself. Her boyfriend felt the external rubber cock press against his asshole. He didn't pause, he continued to thrust deeper and deeper into Sasha, it felt too good.

Alora thrust and her rubber cock slid into her boyfriends tight ass, pushing the second rubber cock deeper into her pussy jamming against her goddess spot. Her lover moaned as she thrust herself against him, each thrust stimulating her further. Harder and harder she fucked his ass. Deeper and deeper she penetrated. More and more she stimulated her goddess spot.

Rae moaned, Sasha Screamed, Alora groaned, her lover moaned as the four of them stimulated one another in a continuous circle of intense pleasure.
Harder and harder they thrust, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, their hearts pounding, their bodies tensing. Alora screamed as she gripped her lovers hips, thrusting herself harder and harder against his ass. Fucking him deeper and deeper. Sasha screamed as the orgasm ripped through her body her juices squirting everywhere. Rae clenched upon her friends boyfriends shoulders as she came upon Sasha's face. Sasha felt him inside of her, she felt his cock swell and then felt his hot come spray inside of her. Alora dug her fingernails into her lovers buttocks as she came hard upon the rubber cock that was deep inside of her.

The four of them screamed with delight as they came one upon the other, each of them shuddering from the intense climax, each of them rippling with delight as they entered into blissful nirvana.

Alora leaned over her lover, her breasts resting upon his back as she whispered into his ear.
'Happy birthday sweetheart.' She said as she nibbled upon his earlobe.
'You've got us all night long.' Sasha said as she felt him throb within her before Alora added.
'I hope you enjoy your birthday surprise.'

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

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