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Monday, August 3, 2009

Standing Here

Standing here I see you, my eyes they do delight
My mind it plays a fantasy a fantasy divine,
My imagination does portray how you look beneath
Those clothes that you are wearing, your flesh is what I seek.

To feel your fingers in my hair is for what I long,
To have you in my bed with me, right where you belong,
Hands upon each other, slowly we undress,
I can feel your love, can feel your warm caress.

Hearts beating wildly as our passion rises
together we embrace fulfilling our desires
Our lips they do meet a heated kiss of lust
Our flesh it does press, the beast it says we must

I feel you throb against me, about to burst inside,
A wondrous explosion as with ease you slide inside,
Back and forth we rock, our breathing is uneven
this is our moment a moment to last a season

Our bodies tense, our hearts explode, upon the brink we hang
Together we climb to nirvana, enter with a bang
Our souls content, our bodies happy, the beast it has been fed
Oh how wondrously joyful, to have you in my bed

Standing here I see you, my eyes they do delight,
My mind it plays a fantasy of adventures in the night
Standing here I watch you, imagining you with me
But as I watch you leave, I know it will never be.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

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