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Monday, August 24, 2009

Neophyte's Embrace

I could feel her hand upon me, her soft fingers draping across me gently touching my flesh. I could feel the sensation of the goosebumps raging across my flesh. I had always liked Ellen, ever since the day that she moved in, casting a spell on me. However I had never made a move, I never knew how she would react to my advances, I didn't want to risk losing her.

But here we were, both of us dressed in our pajamas lying on the lounge bathed in the iridescent glow of late night television. I had snuggled up her, my head resting upon her chest, I could hear her faint heartbeat. A rhythmic beat within my ear. My leg on top of hers. My hand resting comfortably on her stomach.

I just lay there, soaking her in. I could feel her energy ebbing through my body. I forgot about the television, my mind being distracted with thoughts of fancy. I could feel the urge rising, the desire building. I tried to distract myself from it but no matter what I did I just could not tear my mind away from the fantasy that was playing in my head. I could feel my pussy resting against her thigh. I could feel myself getting wet.

I took a deep, quiet breath as I noticed that my breathing had quickened. The urge was rising to rapidly, I couldn't fight it anymore. Gently I pressed my pussy against her thigh. It felt so good. She hadn't responded. I felt relieved as I lay there trying to get control of myself, trying to fight back the lustful desire.

I closed my eyes, trying to block out the thoughts, trying to stop the flashes of images, images of our naked bodies entwined as we moaned with passion. I felt Ellen's chest rise and fall as she took a deep breath.

I opened my eyes as I realized that my fingers where slowly tracing circles upon her stomach. I stopped straight away and felt my heart skip a beat, I hadn't meant too, it had just happened. I lay there for a moment, frozen, wondering what her reaction would be, but nothing came. I wondered if perhaps, she hadn't noticed, or perhaps she had enjoyed it and wanted more.

I gently bit upon my lip as I pondered for the briefest of moments. The urge within me making me press myself against her thigh softly once more as I rubbed my palm across her stomach. I heard her breath quiver. I smiled, I wondered if perhaps she had enjoyed the feeling.

I slowly tilted my head, looking up at her. Our eyes met and locked. I gazed into them deeply, searching for an answer. I could swear that I could see a cloud of lust floating upon her sky blue eyes, but I was unsure if I was merely seeing a reflection of my own lustful desires.

My question was soon answered. I felt her hand upon my chin, her finger felt electric, my heart was beating so rapidly as she pulled me towards her waiting lips. The moment seemed to last an eternity, the anticipation building within me, it was becoming overwhelming.

As our lips met it was like a glorious union. I felt a wave of passion wash through my body spreading joy to every fiber of my being. My lips buzzing as I kissed her, tasted her tongue upon mine in a kiss divine. Once more I pressed my pussy against her thigh, harder this time, pleasure rolling through my hips. My hand slipping beneath her shirt. Ellen's hands rubbing along my hip.

I moaned as I gently massaged her breast beneath my hand. She broke away from our kiss, her head falling back, I kissed at her flesh, just beneath her jawline, then once more further down her neck, a shiver ran down her spine and she moaned once more. My lips fell upon the nape of her neck. Her body shuddered with delight as I kissed her flesh. My hand moving down her body as I slowly ground back and forth against her thigh.

I slipped my hand beneath her panties. I could feel her pussy. My fingers resting upon her lips. I heard her breath quiver. I could feel her heat pulsating through my hand. I slid my finger across her clitoris. My heart pounding harder and harder withing my chest as I lifted her shirt with my free hand, exposing her breasts to my lips.

Ellen moaned as my lips pressed against the supple flesh of her breasts. My finger sliding back and forth across her clitoris. My own pussy pressing against her thigh. I shifted my position. Kissing down across her stomach. Her moans getting louder with each kiss as I neared her wet pussy. My own heart beating harder and harder with the thought of tasting her.

I was almost there, I could smell her sweet aroma, I could hear her quickened and uneven breaths, I knew that her heart had to be beating faster than mine was, the though of my lips upon her pussy giving me butterflies.

I stopped for a moment, my lips hovering above her lustful pussy, her scent driving me wild. I leaned down, slowly my lips pressed against hers, her soft flesh pressing against my lips, her pleasured moan ringing in my ears. I felt my hips buzzing as I kissed her, my tongue flicking upon her clitoris as I slid a finger inside of her. I could not believe how wet she was. Her pleasured cries making me wetter.

I slid my finger back and forth within her, pressing against her g spot then releasing, my heart pounding as I sucked upon her, my pussy tingling. I slid my hand beneath my panties. My finger sliding across my lips, finding my clitoris. I moaned as I pleasured myself.

My body caught in rapture, the more the pleasure rose the harder I sucked upon Ellen's clitoris, the more that my tongue flicked, the faster that my fingers moved. Her constant scream of Euphoria ringing in my ears. I could feel myself rushing towards orgasm just like her. My continual moans running through her hips.

I could feel my tightening, my muscles quivering as my flesh began to burn. Harder and harder I pressed against her g spot. My heart beating faster and faster as I screamed. I felt her pussy tighten upon my finger, her muscles spasming as the orgasm overtook her. I myself was in the throes of passion, my body being consumed by an all powerful orgasm. Our bodies embracing sweet release.

I climbed on to her, her chest heaving as she gasped for air. I lay upon her. My body pressed against hers. I could feel my pussy resting against her thigh, my thigh resting against her pussy. I looked into her eyes a twinkle of delight glanced back. I smiled as I leaned in and kissed her. The movement making me grind softly against her thigh. A shiver of after pleasure running through my body.

Ellen rubbed her hands long my back pulling me closer as she rubbed her pussy along my thigh. I moaned. It felt so good. My mouth widening as we both rocked back and forth, sensations of delight racing through our bodies as we once more raced towards the orgasmic bliss that awaited us. My heart was beating faster and faster as I pressed my pussy harder and harder against her thigh. A loud scream escaping my mouth, Ellen screamed too, as once more we came. Divine rapture overtaking us as we plunged into heavenly bliss. The orgasm tearing through our bodies in ways that words could not describe.

I collapsed onto her. My head resting once more upon her heaving chest. I could hear her racing heartbeat. I smiled as I lay there upon her, once more soaking up her presence, contentment flooding my body. Ellen had never been with a woman before, this was her Neophyte's embrace.

© Jessica Carmichael 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Three Times Lucky

She smiled as she looked into his eyes, her hands upon his belt. She saw the twinkle in his eye, it made her smile just that little bit more. As she stepped towards him he stepped back, his belt coming undone his pants falling to the ground. She took one more step forward, he took another back but had no room left to move and fell to the bed.

She climbed on top of him, flashing a seductive smile as she ran her fingernail across his chest, slowly working her way down towards his groin. She gripped his boxers and slid them from his body, revealing his hard, erect cock. She wrapped her hand around his shaft, she felt him throb within her grip.

Slowly she wrapped her lips around his head, her tongue slowly tracing circles. His fingers running through her hair. He let out a long pleasured moan as she swallowed him, taking him deeper and deeper into her throat. Gently fondling his balls with her fingers as she slowly slid her mouth back up his pulsating shaft. A quick flick of her tongue across his knob before plunging back down taking him deeper and deeper.

Up and down her head moved as she sucked upon him, faster and faster, her fingers teasing upon his balls. More and more she sucked. She felt him swell within her mouth, felt the veins throbbing, she felt his balls tighten as they prepared for sweet release. She heard his loud moans, she knew that he was about to come. Then she stopped.

She climbed on top of him, his chest rising and falling with every breath. She closed her eyes and gasped, her mouth widening as she lowered herself onto him, her fingers digging into his chest. An explosion of pleasure rocketing through her body as he filled her up.
'Oh god,' She moaned as her pussy devoured him taking him deeper and deeper inside of her then slowly rising. His hands clutching at her as she slowly slid down upon his cock. She knew that he would not last much longer, she had brought him so close to coming.

Her tight pussy clamped down on his cock as she rose and fell rhythmically upon him. His hands upon her breasts. He lifted his head, his lips kissing upon her breasts, his tongue flicking across her nipples. She could feel her muscles beginning to quiver. Her heart beating harder and harder as she rocked back and forth faster and faster.

Her moans becoming louder and louder as she rose and fell upon him, harder and harder, faster and faster. Her heart pounding within her chest. She felt him inside of her, felt his cock swell, felt his warmth come deep inside of her. The sensation pushing her over the edge. She threw her head back and screamed as her pussy clenched down hard upon his cock as she came upon him.

She collapsed onto the him, she could hear his rapid heartbeat pounding in her ears. A shiver ran of delight running down her spine as her body overflowed with pleasure. She felt him throb within her. Another pulse of pleasure rolling through her hips.

Her lips fell upon his sweaty chest. She teased at his nipple with her tongue, then bit it playfully. She felt him throb once more within her. Her eyes rolled with pleasure. She could feel the desire rising once more as she kissed across his chest, moving towards the nape of his neck with her soft lips.

She could feel him growing within her, stiffening once more. She let out a moan as she slowly rocked back and forth. The pleasure rising suddenly as she found herself arching her back, taking him deeper inside of her. She pulled him up to her, burying his head within her breasts. His lips kissing her flesh, his tongue flicking across her nipples, his hands running over her back as he clutched her to him. Her heart was pounding as she wrapped her legs around him.

He thrust against her. His cock pressing against her goddess spot, explosion after explosion rocking through her hips. Her heart pounding faster and faster as his pleasured moans mixed with hers. Faster and faster he thrust, their bodies pressed tightly against one another.
'Oh fuck!' She screamed as she felt another orgasm building. Her muscles quivering with delight, her flesh burning with desire. The orgasm pounced upon her, tearing through her flesh. She threw her head back and screamed as she came upon his solid cock. The pleasure was too much for him, the feeling of her pussy clamping down upon his cock causing him to blow deep inside of her.

They collapsed onto the bed. Each of them puffing and panting, gasping for much needed oxygen. She snuggled into him, resting her head upon his chest, she could hear his rapid heart beat. As he lay there he gently ran his fingers up and down her back, a shiver of after delight running through her body. She smiled as she arched her back, pressing her body harder against his. Her eyes catching sight of him throbbing back to life. She pressed herself against him once more, grinding against his thigh. A wave of pleasure rolling through her hips.

She moaned as his finger traced across her breast, teasing upon her nipple. She moaned a little louder as she continued to grind her pussy against his thigh. He sat up, he could not take it anymore, his lips fell upon her breasts. She gasped. The desire rising once more.

His lips traveled across her flesh, her muscles quivering as he crossed her stomach, she could feel his mouth getting closer and closer to her tingling pussy, she wanted him. Closer and closer he came, her heart beating harder and harder with every passing moment.

Then he was upon her, he kissed her pussy, his tongue sliding upon her clitoris as his finger slid inside of her. He pressed against her goddess spot, then released, then pressed once more, his movements in unison with his dancing tongue.
'Fuck me,' She gasped as pleasure roared through her body. He climbed on top of her. Her calves resting upon her shoulders. He looked into her eyes. She gasped and then screamed as he thrust himself deep inside of her tight wet pussy. Her heart exploding as he penetrated deeper and deeper.

Her moans turned to screams. He did not take it slow. Instead fucking her harder and harder, faster and faster. His cock delving deeper and deeper. Her pleasured screams ringing throughout the room. Her hands clutched tightly at his shoulders as he fucked her.

More and more the pleasure built. Harder and harder he thrust against her. Their hips colliding as they raced towards sweet release once more. Her flesh tingling, her mind swimming as her body shuddered. The orgasm tearing through her body, overflowing in an almighty scream. Her pussy clamping down upon him as he came deep within her. Together entering Nirvana.
'God your good,' She puffed with a smile as he collapsed beside her, 'I'm three times lucky.'

© Jessica Carmichael 2009